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  1. Thanks everyone, I feel far more confident to free my TBs now I did my first cache tonight. I am off to Devon next week and see there are a lot of caches with TBs in there, I plan to drop off my TB there, and perhaps take another one on a journey north east for any that want it.
  2. Sorry I wanted a UK perspective hence posting it here. I wanted a view on what the culture and attitude of TBs is like here. THanks for comments all.
  3. So before I even have found my first cache I have ordered some TBs, they arrived the next day . So what should I consider for releasing my first one? The forums are full of horror stories and tales of TB woe. I assume that a busy cache is a better choice, that a remote cache also may be better? If I put an item on it, should I make sure its not too interesting? Are people more likely to keep it if the item the tag is on is cool? Any advice please? Edit: I am interested specifically on a UK perspective on this.
  4. Glad it went well, I really wanted to pop over, but the wedding was a early one (5am) so I wasnt human on Sunday until about lunch time Hope to make the next one.
  5. Thanks, I would be very interested, and it would be good to have someone to show me the ropes.
  6. LOL sadly that doesnt work, unless the electricity is very close to the person peeing I.e. 10cm or less.I havent tried though, I saw it on mythbusters haha.
  7. It is indeed the iphone 3g, the new one. I am in summerbridge at present recovering from a great wedding. Sadly I don't have my own transport here so I won't make it today, sorry.
  8. My gps on the iphone has proved pretty accurate so far, I have found it accurate to a couple metres. I will be honest geopher is harder to use than just using the website and google maps function through the link direct from the cache page. Geopher has a great deal of promise but I feel at present its not ready for proper use and certainly dont think its ready for sale either, although it is very cheap.
  9. Very good point Prime Suspect, perhaps then it would need to be more carrot than stick? Helping achieve a goal? The owner could award a score, each time perhaps a bug moves west or goes to a new cache, whatever the goal was? It does seem to me from what I have read, many of the hoarders of bugs, seem to see it as some kind of "win" to hold onto them. If they saw it as more of a win to move them on through some kind of points, the problem might reduce. Then again they may just keep them because they are mean heh. Again I'm very new, I find it all intriguing and dont fully understand the intricacies yet, so sorry if Im going over old ground.
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind welcome kbootb the iphone has google maps, very good web browser and an app called Geopher. Geopher is actually worse than using geocache.com and the website but is underdevelopment so may get better with time. I haven't tried it yet but you can click the map link on the webpage and it will automatically add the coordinates to google maps and open them up. You can then use directions and even look at the satellite view. As I have never done geocaching before, I dont know how "in the spirit" that is. Bizarrely I am up in Harrogate tomorrow for a wedding.
  11. THe geocaching website will export straight to the garmin with the plug in installed from the cache page. I also use EasyGPS.
  12. Well I am new to this, the whole thing was triggered by the purchase of my iphone. I discovered it could be used for it and curious, I checked what it was. Next I found there were lots near my home, and lastly i discovered my Forerunner 305 could be used too. I figured I would give it a go, and it would give many good excuses for a day out on the motorbike. In a couple weeks Im down in Devon (croyde) and I see there are lots there too, so I look forward to finding out what all the fuss is about. I have also bought a travel bug which I hope to release once it arrives
  13. You know I am a newbie, I am yet to even go to my first cache (sunday I hope), but I already know a huge amount of the do's and don'ts of geocaching after just a day or two of reading a few sites, mostly this one. I dont really understand how someone could use the site, be able to log their finds and caches and yet not understand or at least have to initiative to work out how to log a tb in and out. I think it just comes down to the fact some people are jerks, and keep them out of selfishness. A few keep them due to other circumstances, but someone who has 20 and is logging caches a lot is not playing the game.
  14. Why not some kind of "scoring" or karma rating that ticks up the faster you move a tb but keep it more than say a month and it ticks down quite quickly? People who hoarded would fast get a bad score which may encourage them.
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