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  1. The team went out for 4 caches yesterday*, and we didn't find any! It hurt to log our first 4 DNF's! And all on the same day! We are going to go after the same four next week. It's the principle of the thing! * Couldn't log them until today because Internet connection was down. Thanks Comcast!
  2. If it's kid-friendly, we'd do it! Steve
  3. OMG, you are one lucky guy! You must have someone watching over you! Good luck and heal fast! P.S.: It's a shame about your Jeep, but better that it gave up the ghost, instead of you!
  4. See if you can "guide" our friend home! Move mouse left and right to steady him... My best so far: 118 Meters... http://www.wagenschenke.ch/ Steve
  5. That is an awesome quote! Replaced no! But I couldn't believe how "right" it felt to have another dog in the house. Plus, it really helped my girls through the grieving process... As far as forgotten goes: I agree there also, they are never forgotten... Steve Edit: misquote
  6. Sorry for your loss. We lost our best friend last year, it really sucks. I waited a while (I didn't want to get another dog at all, as it was too painful to say goodbye) but in the end I had to go out and adopt another dog (the house was too quiet). You have our sympathy...
  7. How long before this YJTB is grabbed again??? And no, I'm not going to grab it... Although it is tempting! Steve Edit: spelling
  8. Happy Fathers Day! What a beautiful day, I couldn't think of a better way to spend part of it: out in the woods with my children! The weather was perfect, the caching was perfect, the company was perfect... It doesn't get any better than this! Enjoy the rest of your day, Dads! Steve
  9. Yes, I found that in my quest for YJTB's, I subscribed twice. All I did was to unsubscribe from one of the emails... Steve
  10. Not sure about the issues and background surrounding the cache (to be honest, the threads that dealt with these/your issues in the past are just plain painful to read). That being said, on the forums that I moderate, private messages/emails posted in a public forum are a real no-no (regardless of how "justified" you feel in doing it)! Just my .02! Steve
  11. We do as well! I try to take my team out before lunch so that we can hit one or two caches and then have lunch at one of the parks. After lunch they play at the playground and I relax and watch... We don't do many caches this way, but we have fun! Steve
  12. Heh, just bought that and read it to my kids (also, at the same time grabbed another of my childhood favorites: "Five Boys In A Cave") Anyway... 41 Married Love the Indiana Jones Movies! Jeeper (at heart, sold my CJ! But looking to win a new one! ) Never played D&D Geek, and also work in IT I was a Boy Scout, and learned to love the outdoors because of it!
  13. Our swag bag is filled with the WM Hotwheels! Whenever we hit a cache we will use them for trade! (unless I forget the bag in the car! ) The kids love to trade them and I'm sure other kids love to find them!
  14. I'm not sure about that! I really, really, hate ticks! I would rather take them off with tweezers NOW that wait 30 minutes for them to finally "pull out" (AFAIK, a process that usually requires some regurgitation on the part of the tick)... YMMV! Steve BTW, I wish I lived in GB as well! Did I mention that I really hate ticks!
  15. Hey, The use of heat and vaseline is definitely not reccomended for tick removal! The distressed critter is more likely to infect the host when this method is used... Most agree the best method is: http://kaweahoaks.com/html/ticks.htm Fire up your favorite search engine and look for "Ticks Vaseline" Steve Edit: spelling
  16. I never really thought about putting "Goldens" in a cache for a trade. The more I think about it, the more I think it is a great idea! I went with the kids to grab a cache last week, only to find we had left our "Swag Bag" in the car. I still had my bag with GPS, camera, compass, etc - but no swag. I 'll have to remember to put a bunch of "goldens" in my bag JIC it happens again!
  17. U.S. Army, E-5 1981 to 1992. Shoulda' never left! Oh well... Steve
  18. I live right down the road from you (near the Turnpike entrance at Lansdale) and they haven't made an appearance near me! Yet...
  19. I recently did a multi that required a compass. I had such a hard time with the built in, I had to go home and grab my Silva. It is now a permanent part of my kit while caching! Steve
  20. I try to give subtle reminders here and there about natures little TB's
  21. I enjoy reading the forums during breaks at work! Although lately, I seem to be "breaking" more than I am working!
  22. Like I said before, I have nothing against hard caches. I cache with two youngsters so I won't be going after them. My only problem with this is that until someone goes and does the cache, these TB's are all trapped. It just goes against the whole TB concept. Let's face it, this guy doesn't care about where these TB's are coming from, or where they are going, he's just stopping them. That, to me, is lame. Every TB that gets placed within a reasonable distance from this guy, he's going to grab. If I were anywhere near him and I found a TB, I would email the owner and tell him/her that I would rather hold the TB for an extra week and release it in a safe cache than run the risk of releasing it where this guy can get it... Again, just my .02 Steve Edit: spelling
  23. I personally think the idea of a travel bug prison is kinda' lame. These bugs were meant to travel. I hope that anyone that visits this "prison cache" makes sure they remove all of the travel bugs when they leave. I have nothing against hard caches, but to go out and deliberately grab TB's and dump them in a 4/5 cache is rediculous... Just my .02 Steve
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