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    I'll chime in as well! Here is a pic of my 2 team mates at our first cache (6 1/2 and 4 at the time. Yes the little one does have hands, she was just cold! :( ). They love trading and take turns at each cache (unless there is really something both of them want in the same cache) We also try to do caches at parks where there will be playgrounds as they love to hit the slide after a good cache! Enjoy!!!

  2. When I started looking at caching, I was amazed at how the whole game was arranged. The core, of course, was the web site. After finding our first cache, we immidiately became premium members! Groundspeak will never be able to keep up with the number of hits the site gets without financial support. If you support Groundspeak, you have a right to complain (and MOST don't), if you are not, just keep it to yourself and come back later (or NOT)...

  3. Thanks for the help!


    Edit: I just logged my PTB on all of the caches we found, I hope no cache owners (and the people that were watching the caches) don't get pissed!



  4. Didn't mean to bring back the dead (well, I guess I did :D ) I have a question about PTB's: it looks as if there is no way to go back and edit logs to drop off and grab bugs, is this practice no longer acceptable? (well, is it something that can still be done) I just wanted to track the family's miles as we played the game...



  5. I just bought a tag with the express purpose of keeping it attached to my hiking staff. I would like to use it as a way to log my miles! :D First, is this an O.K. thing to do? Second, is it permissible to go back to the caches I have done and post a note so I can drop off and grab the bug?


    *Obligatory comment: I searched and found nothing about this, if Markwell you must, be nice! :D

  6. I Just recieved an E-Mail that my YJTB has been shipped!!! It should be in my mail shortly! There is still hope for you Riddlers. If you do not hear anything soon, then send another E-Mail in to ask again.


    Thank you Nate!! :(:D

    I just recieved my email as well! Since I put in my request very late, this should mean that there are YJTB's still out there for the asking!

  7. We are going to get the same four again tomorrow (heck, if we wind up with DNF's we'll just go back again). For me, it's really not that bad to "miss" some caches - I enjoy being out with the team and playing around in the local parks!!!


    But the two members of my team that I usually chache with, well, they are definitely there for the prize at the end of the hunt(6 1/2 and 4)! I'll let ya' know how we make out! Have some great hunts this weekend!

  8. Just checked the cache pages of my 4 DNF's and it turns out that one of the caches went missing. Feel bad for the owner, but at least we really only missed 3 (and one of them had the wrong coordinates on the cache page - I needed the logs to find the correct coords)...


    So really, it was only 2 DNF's :unsure:


    Yes, I know, I'm being pathetic! :)

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