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  1. Hello! We had a great time in Scotland doing much more caches than we had planned. As so often we discovered a lot of interesting places by searching for them, that we wouldn't have visited as "normal" tourists. So, thanks to all Scottish geocachers, who placed caches that we found during our vacation. I liked "Waterfall and Ruins" very much, which was recommended, because the scenery looked as I expected Scotland to look like. The "Highland Cache" was great for taking some incredible pictures in the morning sun. Nice and easy, but what a panorama at the loch!!! At the beach of "Rum & Egg" we had great weather a wonderful view and the impression of being in Southern Europe. At "what's the Point of all this" we've seen a many dolphins, which was incredible. The "Notorious Thieves Raid Mansion" was a really well-done multi-cache with a nice story, what I like very much. And "Slightly Off Piste", Edinburgh Orienteerins Series: Hillend" and "A Capital View" altogether were a great walk at a wonderful day with beutiful views of Edinburgh and its surrounding. You see, I could continue quite a while. So, thank you all for the support! Jana / Team KRHake
  2. Thank you very much for you answers! We keep your suggestions in mind, when traveling through scotland. We'll start in Prestwick and plan to go northbound along the westcoast til the Isle of Skye and thereafter eastbound via Inverness to Aberdeen. Finally to Edingburgh and then back to Germany! So much for the rough plan! Hopefully the wheather will be fine, so that we can really do some camping and not only B&B... Team KRHake
  3. Hello everybody! We are going to visit scotland in the second half of august. And we want to do a lot of caching, while driving and hiking through the country. But which one is really a MUST DO CACHE in scotland? It would be nice if we could have maybe a bookmark list of 10-20 really nice caches... Thanks for your help, Team KRHake from Karlsruhe/Germany
  4. Hello! Thanks to everybody for the nice answers... We are already back to Germany, but we enjoyed our stay and geocaching in Canada very much. We found some interesting caches and met many nice people during our journey. We discovered some beautiful spots, we would not have visitedwirhout geocaching. Bye, juliet querbeet and Tobiwan
  5. Hi! Many thanks for your answers. I already found the Buxley Page, but hoped to get a more detailled map. Anyway, now we have a long list of caches to visit and I hope we will enjoy geocaching in Canada as much as here in Europe. Greeting, juliet querbeet
  6. Hello! I'm going to visit Toronto next week and thereafter I'm going to travel east to Halifax. My question: Do you know a website, where I can find an actual map of Eastern Canada showing the caches in this area? That would simplify my search for caches along my planned routing. Thank you, juliet querbeet
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