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  1. well done GS keep on the "good" work and you gonna lose all your premium members change it back like before you did this "upgrade" i said it then and i say it again THE UPDATES SUCK BIG TIME
  2. hey guys just found this topic bonzaiboomke is the name living and caching in belgium hopefully i can expand soon to other countries and continents caching since juli this year
  3. It's not and has never been premium. (Found it in 2012 and have original listing in GSAK). my bad i just checked you are right guys
  4. well just did a small test with the account of a friend that doesnt have premium on it and guess i can log the cache My link and this is a premium only cache ground speak come on guys stop acting like a ostrish pull your head out of the dirt get behind your desks and fix the problems you caused this month
  5. I think this refers to my comment, and I would like to add that something is lost in translation. I have no doubt that the GC crew have the best of intentions, it's just that the result in this case is irritating. For eyes and otherwise. Groundspeak had never been known for caring about the visually handicapped. This is the modern world where youngsters rule. Or maybe: That's the modern way to do things. We need to do that too. To be modern! Shrink the fonts! Nobody uses that size anymore. Less contrast! No black Groundspeak. Please reconsider this change for the sake of change, and: It's modern. We should do it! on white. Let's use the modern dark grey on light grey. Move the tabs to the top of the page. No one uses them on the side of the page anymore. These have all made using GC.com tougher for me. I may be an extreme example. Before cataract surgery, I was 20/1200. Now, I'm at 20/30, but my eyes do not focus. My glasses are set for 24" for reading, and 48" for distance. I cannot read the top of the page without bending my head back. And that does not work with my arthritis. I complained when GS moved the tabs to the top of the page. And got no sympathy. The modern computer world discriminates agains the visually handicapped. That's the modern world. But change for the sake of change (and that's the modern world!) is seldom a good idea. Let's made the website look like the app! (Better to make the app look like the website! Nah.) This time, Groundspeak has managed to annoy 8% of the male geocachers who are color blind. Whoops! That was not a bright idea? The question is whether Groundspeak cares? Change for the sake of change. This is modern! We must do it! Personally, I think the new icons are stupid, and much more difficult to use (at least, for us visually handicapped who have been here over ten years.) Each release makes things tougher and tougher for us senior cachers with visual handicaps. Hey! It's the modern world. Who cares about us? For once I agree with Harry Dolphin, even though I haven't the vision problems. The new map icons suck and one wonders why there was any change at all! All good comments, but do any of you really think anyone ever listens? Traditionally, it seems to me, that with every change, TPTB give lip service to "looking into it" but when has anything ever been changed back, or "fixed" to reflect how the majority feel? And there is no concern given for what the majority might want. We all have to just take whatever changes are implemented, and either get used to it, or go away. I'm sure we'll all get used to the new map icons eventually, but that doesn't mean the change has been for the better, but rather probably for some boardroom reasons that none of us are aware of. Maybe, in some way, to facilitate Groundspeak's bent toward the smartphone generation and the really awful "official App"! Must be more revenue than they're getting from more traditional website users. so in short you guys say suck it up and move on well no we have the right to speak or mind good or bad and alot of people now including me are all saying the same the update SUCKS and changing the website so it would look like the app isnt a solution best and only thing they can do is turning back and realise this whole update is a EPIC FAIL
  6. Who cares? well i care the map looks like a clown trew up confettie
  7. okay who did this this map is in one word HORIBLE old map was way better then this color wise even icons due of different shapes you knew what was a pmo cache or not icons way better then they are now they hurt my eyes and thats in the meaning of the word its hard to click on them you have to click on that white edge they blind in to much with the whole background of the map also when i go caching on my own i dont really care whats a pmo or not but also go caching in groups what should i do use a new account or someone elses to figure out what are basic member caches and pmo? if you vall this a upgrade well sorry guys but this is a GIGANTIC downgrade severly doubting if i gonna keep geocaching with this or even sell my gear and call it quits i like to geocaching so for the other members for me please take those new upgrades offline and give us back the old map it works so why change something that works perfectly for most people for basic members colour blind people pmo's idea why not the old map with the old icons and maybe a different colour for archived and disabled caches
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