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  1. Fianally, someone who understands! The main reason i do not have a cat.
  2. I've been looking at a brittany.
  3. I recieved the Oregon400t friday, found over 30 caches this weekend. The Oregon preformed great! Got me from car to cache, and got me almost right on top of everyone of them. So far it's a winner in my book.
  4. Do all of the oregons get the same accuracy readings??
  5. Does anyone heard anything about when pcnation will get the oregon's?? i can't seem to find out.
  6. Thanks,when i said biking, thats the least thing that i do. (order from most time spent to least.) caching,hiking,biking (2-5 a month)
  7. Oh, ok sounds like a good idea,ill try and do that. (anybody else that uses oregon,your oppinions would be great.)
  8. kinda a newd question but ive never used "REI"? so you can try it out and send it back or what? Also, if i cant get to Houston can it be done on the REI website? Thanks
  9. Thanks, has anyone cached with the oregon? If so how good was it as far as accuracy goes? (That is one of my main priorities)
  10. do all the oregon's get the same accuracy readings??
  11. Thanks, ive really been leaning towards the oregon. I Know the 60csx is one of the most popular units beacause it's tried and true, and the oregon's still got some bugs. I just need enough people to tell me the oregon is what i need. (but i will go to bestbuy,gander mtn, and see if they have them to try.)
  12. I'm getting a new gps, and have narrowed it down to the oregon300 or the 60csx. My main uses will be geocaching, hiking, and biking. I want the the touchscreen of the oregon, but am not so sure if it will do so good with caching. If anyone has an oregon can you help me understand how close it will get me to the cache?(under trees, dense canopy,ect) Oh, and can someone tell me if the oregon300,400t,200,ect get the same accuacy or are they different depending on price?? THANKS!!
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