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  1. Thanks everyone! Dogs have been found/made their way home to their owners. Apparently as its now part of a police investigation thats all the detail that anyone is giving!! Sarah
  2. Hi all, Unorthodox place to put this, but if you find yourself in the area near Kettering in Northamptonshire, please please keep your eyes peeled for these unlucky chaps... Spotted 30/Dec/2011... "2 x greyhounds, covered in blood, one possibly only 3 legs, tied together and dumped from back of a van. A14/A43 area Kettering. Ran off into countryside. One thought to be blue, other tan (3 legs) Police/dog rescue search on-going. Any help appreciated." There is both a facebook group and a forum set up to help look for these poor things, but if you find yourself in the area or have been in the area since, please please let someone know! Thank you, Sarah, of YardleyCrew.
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