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  1. The Easter bunny hatched some Easter geocoins and the train station is boarding just in time for the occasion lol.... take a ride on the EASTER BUNNY EXPRESS Two different trackable coins.... They can hook together if you have a key chain.... CHECK IT OUT HERE
  2. That is a great mystery coin!!! Very funny and very kewl too Congrats to the finders!!
  3. HELP...WHERE ARE THE WYOMING 2006 ACTIVATION CODES AT?? Thanks for any help
  4. You are awesome NOSNOW!!!! THank you
  5. I have been trying to get ahold of www.trackabletreasures.com to get an activation code for the 2007 New Mexico coin. It gives me an error and I cannot get thru. Is everyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how to directly get ahold of this coin store to get the codes using another method or email? Thank you for your help ~
  6. Anyone know what's up with WWW.TRACKABLETREASURERS.COM ??? I need to get an activation code for the New Mexico coin....HELP!!! Today I tried to activate it through the website www.trackabletreasures.com and was unable to even get to the site. I get a message the "campaign has expired" and it directs me to another website that claims it can't service my country. Anyone else having issues with them?? what is their caching name??
  7. I agree it will never mean as much when you have to buy it (that goes for ANY coin) BUT actually, I'm for it My boys will LOVE it!! Finally they will get their own Groundspeak coin! So many people aren't able to get to the headquarters and/or who don't know a lackey would never be able to get one otherwise. I have been fortunate to have been gifted all the previous ones and they will hold high honor in my collection...but its now time for me to think of others who this is their only way of getting one. I do like bigD's idea of giving the lackey's their own metals though...and that way it would keep everyone happy.
  8. The whole reason I got involved in geocoins was because Idaho made their first state coin and I bought several and started trading them for other state coins. It was a goal to get one of every state. I'd like something like this that I can use to put my already purchased coins in but they won't work with this map at such a small space for each coin. Can you make a bigger map that could hang on the wall instead?? Then those of us who have already bought some can use our own and perhaps purchase some from you for states we do not have yet. Again, my best advice is make the map big and let us hang it on the wall
  9. First I have to say that is a beautiful cat BriarPatch lol I have a funny picture so I'm submitting it. It's not me in it but its my husband Big Ron, our two friends who introduced us to Geocaching and our cat Daphne (may she rest in peace). Daphne was a long haired cat and if I didn't brush her DAILY her hair got matted with these big fur balls. Every now and then when our friends Doc (with the wild look in his eyes and scissors in his hands) and Hanna (the animal whisperer) would come over...they would help poor Daphne out if her hair got too bad. She's now in hairball free heaven but every now and then I still think I hear her meow to me. Thanks for another cointest. I need to find something clever to run. I always enjoy reading the posts and seeing the pics on yours lol
  10. I belong to 3 coins clubs and if TSUN does one then it will be four lol I joined all three the week they came out. Geocoinclub, Geoswag coins and pins and the oldest still current coin club out there called ICE - which is our local coin club. We have a small amount of members but are still kicking! The first two clubs mentioned I like because they come and I don't have to worry about missing them. I like them both equally and I like being surprised by both of them. Its like getting a mystery package every month, only in this case two! The local club called ICE (Idaho Coin Enthusiasts) is nice because we have our coordinator who keeps his eyes open and orders for us. We send a lump of money to the treasurer every now and then and she uses it until we run out and have to send more lol She pays for them and then they are sent to the distributor who packages them up and then they get distributed to the members. Some faster than others, depending upon where you live. What's nice about this method is that we can pick how many we want and don't have to worry about missing any state or country coin (which is now all we buy). I'm anxious to get signed up for Tsun's now (do it gf, do it!!)....and yet a different type of club. All coin club's are great in my eyes
  11. wowie!!!! congrats to the latest finders
  12. LoriDarlin

    Two Faced

    Hi DrNeal, Here's another you will like then that came to mind. Our Idaho's top cacher in stats made it awhile back. One side is for the parents (side with tracking) and one side is for the children. ps - I took your post to mean two totally different sides...and this fits so if i'm reading this right...there are others. If you meant icon wise then I have no clue but i think I read your post correctly. edit to say: i just viewed this and don't see my images so just look up on cointracking: BEENTHEREFOUNDIT and you will see it has two totally different sides and one side you will love!!
  13. here is the EXACT one... http://www.oakcoins.com/activate/unnum.html
  14. I just tried one of mine. It does work. Try the link i gave you.
  15. Nope...cuz you don't have the right one lol Try this one: http://www.oakcoins.com/activate/
  16. Never heard of it...though Idaho IS a great place Looks like 508 miles from us, if its at Harrison Lake in Bonners Ferry Idaho? ps We have a Harrison street in Boise hehehe
  17. whoohoo for all the latest possee members!!!
  18. You are doing a marvelous job on your site Miss Montana!!! Quality as always Keep up the great work!!
  19. Thank you for your help opalns!! Silver pictures never turn out good but there is a black nickel and there is a silver. They both have translucent green in the shamrocks so they will look slightly different. The size was chosen by the mint but I still hope you will like them! Here is the real sample picture. The one on the left is my AE which was done in all hard enamels. The one on the bottom is the black nickel and the one on the right is the silver. Thanks for the comments! and thanks for the chuckle (again) lorca.nl edit to say: Yes the little circle in the first photo in the very top right is the icon and all coins will have a different tracking number (not sure I understood the tracking question?? lol)
  20. A new geocoin to celebrate both St. Patrick's day and good luck in general (for anytime of year)!! Size: 1.25"(42mm) x 3.0mm Black nickel with green translucent Nickel with green translucent Trackable with custom icon Go HERE to get your Shamrock Circles now
  21. no wonder walter has problems...you gave HER a boys name?? ROFLMAO! She's rebelling! I'm glad you took my ribbing in stride considering all you are going thru. I do truly feel bad for you and know its hardon you seeing the coins you are ebaying now and last week. Its tough to see it. Its not even me and I'm kringing at some of the things you are selling. May your ebay sales bring you enough to take care of poor walter. I might have to bid on a few of them too! Take care RSG.
  22. ahem...you need to ditch walter my friend hehehe j/k well kinda
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