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  1. Look at my avatar...think along those lines
  2. I have actually given you two hints if you look closely at my posts!!
  3. Sorry Fairyhoney but you already won...you are eliminated from this round no one has got it right yet..... some pretty funny answers though
  4. Name initial hints this time...but instead...a different kind of hint.... He is named after my all time favorite actor
  5. ok, for the last gold AE set of the Easter Bunny Express....name our 3rd Rooster One guess per minute this time TWO WORDS And here he is...our banty chicken...he is on the right. His body is small cuz he's a banty...but his voice is sure STRONG AND DEEP...
  6. oops i said opalsns because i saw her post before fairyhoney's....but fairyhoney's was first...my appologies but fairyhoney wins it! congrats FAIRYHONEY!! Send me your addy!! STAY TUNED: I will give you that haven't won one another chance in about 15 minutes...IF i can find him to take his pic...here i go
  7. OK OK I CAN'T STAND IT...I need to do one more...stay tuned...i have to go take a picture and upload it. We have THREE roosters lol
  8. oh my gosh FAIRYHONEY just got it!!! ROOSTER COGBURN!!! YIPPEE!!! CONGRATS!! Please send me your addy and I'll get it send right out!
  9. Briarpatch you are killing me again....horrible henry died in a tragic death last year...after he kept attacking our customers. One of the employees killed him and ate him for dinner lol
  10. Someone has said one of the names...though maybe or maybe not in the right order hehe
  11. this rooster has two words opalsns
  12. I am giving the Initial of the first word only....but you still have to get both words right to win the set First word starts with an "R" well of course it does lol
  13. He is the big one on the left BriarPatch you crack me up!! I think every member in our family has been called that lol but nope!! dardevle is pretty fun also
  15. ok - this is too much fun...i'm running a second one now lol Still at one post every 5 minutes Name the rooster that got kicked from the coop lol His name has TWO WORDS.... Here he is back in his good 'ole carousing days lol edit to change picture so you can see it lol
  16. ladyb4tee got it!! congrats to you I'll look to see if I still have your addy
  17. hmmmm its more a sentimental name I suppose...he was named after my husband's high school mascot lol
  18. ok....here is a hint....starts with a V
  19. It is a one word name for this rooster...sorry i should have said that. You can post again in this 5 minutes because I failed to say that
  20. ok, cointest now in place. ps for those wondering about the icon...both coins will share an icon. Happy Easter
  21. ok, so I've thought about this alot...and have come up with this cointest for a gold AE set of the EASTER BUNNY EXPRESS. This picture is of our now dominant Rooster. He has kicked our other rooster out of his circle of girls and that one now hangs out on the other side of our property. Poor guy. This rooster is King of our domain now lol Can you figure out his name?? One post every 5 minutes. First one to guess it right gets the gold AE set.
  22. Thanks for the comments I am thinking of a cointest to run for the AE too..just trying to find the right one lol
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