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  1. Nice cointest....one of them picked one of my fav's....DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU....
  2. I was wondering that too!! I figured 'good luck' & 'prospertity' but I don't know
  3. A cool postcard from a very good geocoin friend that was traveling about A brand new mystery geocoin that brings good luck & prosperity to geocachers!! What a great day!! whoopie!!!!
  4. It truly did work...if the tree had fallen on our property it would have landed right on Ron and I's bedroom lol Our friends were teasing us we would have to sleep in the camper tonight....so this geocoin WORKS!!! we are proof
  5. Is it a mystery coin?? It came mysteriously!! lol
  6. Hey everyone... I 'think' there's a new mystery coin in our midst! Yesterday I went to the mailbox and found an envelope from myself to myself...I thought "hey hey this must be a mystery coin!!" I quickly walked back to the house in anticipation thinking about which one it might be...I opened it up fast!! lol I was so surprised that it was one I have not seen before!! This is a uber kewl mystery geocoin and is going to bring good luck to us!!! ohh yippee I need lots of good luck - we all do right?!! yep yep yep!! It says THIS COIN OFFERS LUCK & PROSPERITY TO GEOCACHERS. Heck now I have prosperity and we REALLY need that right now with this economy.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE KIND HEARTED PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO ME. I totally LOVE it!! The 3D parts are really cool and you totally made my day!!!!! In fact it already worked!! The neighbor felled a tree on his side of the fence just now and we were worried it would hit our house and knock a hole thru it...but your coin protected us I am sure THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Here is a peek at my number 79 wonderful new mystery. I suppose if I am mistaken then this thread will be merged with another one, but I'm thinking that I am safe in starting a new thread for more people to get excited about!! I am excited for sure!!! lol Here's your sneak peek!!! and thank you again mystery giver!! Good luck to others too!! oh darn it...my internet is being weird...I am going to post this side and reboot....stay tuned for the other side...sorry for all my ramblings in my excitement here. If my internet will stop being weird I will soon post the other side of it. Maybe its just my fumbling fingers hehe
  7. These turned out really CUTE I love the pins too!! My ocean collection is growing by leaps and bounds Great job again you two!!
  8. Cute coins can't wait to see them in person!!
  9. email sent- yes name received- yes mission sent- 5/18 mission received- not yet
  10. ooohhhh Miss Montana ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I opened my package today and boy everyone is right....they are HUGE and they are beeutiful too I love them!!!
  11. see i told ya...we love them ps - I'll trade for a white one
  12. I for one LOVE the green and magenta colored grips!!
  13. How do chickens dance? Chick to chick!
  14. why did the chicken run across the road? to get to the other side faster <yoke yoke> 11:59 pm MST lol This egg looks like my personal coin!!! SWEET!!! i love it!!!!
  15. Only for YOU do I get up EARLY on a Sat. morning Miss Montana You are going to be so burnt out after you get all these beauties shipped off lol do you have blisters yet?? I'll bet you are in bed already too lol Thanks for all your efforts to keep everyone informed. I'm still feeling bad for you that you have to go this route but appreciative that you are doing it this way instead of making us wait....the torture of waiting for your coins is hard to bear lol I've wanted to contact you but have stayed away cuz i know you are so busy.... Hope to see you in time tomorrow morning
  16. Pablo Turtle...how dare you be such a tease lol I can't wait to see them!!
  17. Hmmmmmm, it is a woman I wander if it begins with. L or T or neither because it could be with a D, B, 4 or ? HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM I know it wasn't me. I'm too old and slow. Besides I type like a turtle. Must of been Idaho's own Action Shooter. yeehaw!!! hehe....still looking for some white pistol gripped guns over here need two in fact for my gun belt...and have one of each turtle to offer lol
  18. Cute coin Very good job!!!
  19. I'm so happy for you Naomi and so deserving too!! YASS YOU ARE SPLENDIDLY SPECIAL YOU ARE SUPER SWEET YOU ARE SUPER SPECIAL YOU ARE SILLY SWEET YOU ARE SUPER SEXY (LOL) maybe the mystery giver is a guy ya know lol YOU A SECRET SISTER YIME AS SECRET AGENT WHATEVER IT IS.....Congrats sis!!!
  20. Looking for: 5th Anniversary Compass Rose Geocoin Black Nickel LE MOGA white pistol grip (2) Have either of the 2009 Earth Turtles to offer Have a 2008 blue Earth Turtle Also have my trading list below if you don't need turtles lol Thanks
  21. Maybe what you were going to say and forgot was: to add your CACHING NAME??? Email sent: 4/30/09 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received: Thanks Karin
  22. Very cute coin I'm kinda partial to snowmen myself so I'll have to get one
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