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  1. Nice Coin Facedances I'd trade you for my alias etched brand new Idaho geocoin if you are interested...
  2. Anyone want to trade an Idaho geocoin for the PA coin I need???
  3. Hi Ibycus ... Can you please change it from 5 coins to 7 coins? Thanks so much!! Check will be in tomorrow's mail
  4. Hi Ibycus It still sounds like I have time....thank goodness...so please put me down for 5 and I will put a check in tomorrow's mail to you....thank you so very much!!! Good job on the coin and all your hard work!!
  5. Please put LoriDarlin down for 4 and thank you
  6. VDS ~ I will trade you an Idaho one for a 2004 Washington one.... LoriDarlin
  7. Never mind...its working now...sorry!!
  8. ...this thread makes me laugh...and makes me feel better...thanks I am obsessed with planting it seems...coming up on 100 soon and no plans to quit soon either Let's just suffice it to say that when I go to the grocery store and the bag boy follows me out to the car to put my groceries in the back of the mini van...well...I have to lead him around to the side of the mini van....its crazy What's even funnier is that while my mother was out Valentine's Day shopping for her grandchildren, she saw a heart tin and thought of me so that I could use it for a cache!!! ISN'T SHE A SWEETIE!!!!
  9. I am both geocacher and letterboxer. I have made 3 of my 18 letterboxes a letterbox hybrid on gc.com. I have posted the clues on letterboxing.org AND gc.com. The letterboxers get the letterbox type clues (as they don't own a gps) and the geocachers get the usual information. Once you find my letterbox hybrid, you will find a handmade carved stamp, log book that works for everyone, and also trading items too for the cachers. I just label the stamp with DO NOT TAKE signs and what not so they don't get confused if seeing it before looking at the cache listing. Only one time have I had someone take my letterbox (it was a cool stamp) since then I just don't put out my *best* stamps. There have even been some cachers who have gotten their own stamp after finding a few of mine
  10. Greetings from Idaho While I like the new look of gc.com I cannot find where to upload new images. Can anyone help? Thanks So much!!
  11. Here's another Kudo from 'lil ol' Idaho.....GREAT WORK TEAM!!!!! It is faster and works better and gosh....even my (some call it flunky but I like it) AOL server works with it Thanks again
  12. I also have AOL and discovered last night using IE helped me to FINALLY get a cache listing put through for approval. Am I supposed to call AOL and tell them you changed servers and that they need to change something now to accomodate your new servers so that I don't have to use IE anytime it involves geocaching.com??? Thanks for any input. !@#$ AOL anyway
  13. Thursday AM ... still cannot submit a new cache ...
  14. OH NO....your getting in too deep for my little sized brain
  15. LOL....good one Hemlock!! You know ~ its not as hard waiting if you have a time frame to go by, thanks for letting us know it will be another day...I appreciate it
  16. Patience is not a better virtue of mine...though I am trying because I can appreciate computer problems. Thank you Jeremy for letting us know that as of Wednesday all will be good again on geocaching.com and I can finally enter my two new caches...like I don't have enough already
  17. PhishyChick ~ So sorry to hear about your missing stamp. I can relate. I am both letterboxer and geocacher too. I have had a tiger I carved go missing as well. It was in a combined letterbox/geocache hybrid. However, I think it was muggles (non cachers or LB'ers) that took it. I have another one that has done just fine close by our home. I have written on the Box LETTERBOX & GEOCACHE and on the back of the stamp it says PLEASE DO NOT TAKE and that seems to work just fine. Everyone comes and goes thru it and its fine. Best of luck retrieving what would seems like a tedious stamp to carve. ~ Lori Darlin in both worlds
  18. Testing for pic...thank goodness for Planet's advise...hope I followed it ok!!
  19. Thanks for your help everyone...I'll keep on planting...for awhile. That was amazing about King Boreas...414 hides...mind boggling!!! That is definately too much for me!! -- Thanks for sharing.
  20. Hi ~ This is my first post I've been a member since Nov. 2003. I seem to be in a planting mode right now as I've already planted 25 My question: Is there a limit as to how many a person can plant? I don't want to make people mad Any help is appreciated LoriDarlin
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