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  1. Thank you Dr. Neal Here is a link to your auction and thank you for posting one!! Kathy's Coin - LE Gold Geocoin *RC Charity Auction* edit to say: I think Kathy would be very pleased too Thanks again! and thank you for adding the *RC CHARITY AUCTION* to it
  2. 12-16-09 Update on Mike. He got his PET scan done today and they did NOT find cancer anywhere else so this is good. He got a port installed in his chest today. ack. BUT it will help him for chemo, shots, etc and they won't have to poke him everytime. TOMORROW he starts chemo. Please keep praying. ps Remember to check out the auctions for the 3 newest trackable coins too (see 2 posts above). Thanks
  3. We have three new auctions up and running HOODOO UTE 2009 GEOCOIN *RC CHARITY AUCTION* OCEANIA TURTLE TSUN VER. GEOCOIN *RC CHARITY AUCTION* SquareD22 GEOQUAHOG GEOCOIN *RC CHARITY AUCTION* Good luck to all and thank you to the donator for these coins The last two did pretty good.....thanks to those that bought them
  4. I have a story but I can't compete with these stories hehe love your coin though!!
  5. Thanks to all for your responses thus far You guys rock! ps Thanks to the GOOD LUCK AND PROTECTION mystery person....I just talked with Mike on the phone who said he got one!!! He was all happy! That is a coin he needs for sure!! whoohoo!!! Was going to post something else but need to check it out first so I'm editing this for now
  6. Here is the girls info: Sarah, age 20 - breast cancer awareness stuff, dancing, girly stuff (perfume, lotion, etc.), geocoins Rachell, age 8 - tinker bell things, fairy things, pet shop toys, crafts, geocoins Shyann, age 7 - princess things, pet shop toys, crafts, geocoins Putting names on them would make it easier...great idea Will be getting back with a few of you too. thanks!
  7. I have some bad news to share with you all. Not sure who all has heard what is going on with our caching friend River Cacher aka Mike Davis but he has been recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer. He was admitted into the hospital this past weekend for many tests and got started on radiation. Mike just got released from the hospital and is in the process of moving into a motel right by the hospital for treatments 5 days a week while he fights the cancer. His chemo will start immediately after getting one more scan done this coming week. The plan is to use both chemo and radiation at the same time to reduce the large tumor that has developed. Once it has shrunk the doctors will remove it surgically. He has a tough road ahead of him but is starting out with a good strong fighting attitude. We ask that you keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers to help him and them fight this. There is a small group of people circling together to find ways to help Mike and his family out at this time of need. We have many ideas and wanted to share a few of them in this post. We have started a few charity auctions on ebay for Mike's behalf and will continue to post them as time goes by in this thread. If you have the inclination and desire to help please bid them up. The first few ones will be donated by some of our inner circle and if anyone else would like to send coins to us in his behalf they are welcome. Actually what would help even more is if you did your own ebay auction and then sent the proceeds to Mike directly when its done...that would be great. However, we realize that not everyone has an ebay or paypal account to list their own coins so we can help you Again all will be posted here. Here are the first two listed & I will post more as more comes in: BIRKA GOLD GEOCOIN NEPTUNE COMPASS DEEP SEA GEOCOIN Additionally, we have decided to start a holiday basket for Mike's girls for (River Princess, River Tinkerbell, River Dancer). If you want to send something to them in time for Christmas that would be much appreciated since this will be a hard Christmas for them not being able to stay at their normal home and in a motel near the hospital instead. Please send your gifts to my address (email me if you need it) and I will gather all the gifts until a time frame right before Christmas when the others in our small group can accompany me to go visit with Mike and his girls and share the gift of Christmas and friendship. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP....in any type of form be it prayers, good wishes, buying an auction, selling your own....everything will help our friend in his time of need.
  8. Anyone know where I can get the codes for KEEP ON CACHING coins? (shaped as a truck). Thanks for your help!
  9. What is the top right geocoin? Also..I love your new personal kini_ont! I might have to see if I have anything on your seeking list to trade
  10. Congrats on your Guardian Angel Coin....that is neat they gave you one! Hope you had a great day!
  11. I really want to say THANK YOU to the sweetie in Caanan, ME who sent me a coin mysteriously off my seeking list!! ThePetersTrio Coin!!! I it!! I had posted on my FB page but figured I'd better do it here too. THANK YOU TO WHOMEVER SENT MY SURPRISE!!
  12. 1. Participating: Jonah of THE CACHE-A-TEERS 2. Received Name: yes 3. Mission Complete: YES 12/2/09 4. Package Received!: YES (I am making him wait to open!! and he is SOOOOO excited!!) 1. Participating: Jacob of THE CACHE-A-TEERS 2. Received Name: yes 3. Mission Complete: YES 12/1/09 4. Package Received!: YES (I am making him wait to open!! He is excited too!) 1. Participating: LORIDARLIN 2. Received Name: yes 3. Mission Complete: yes 12/2/09 4. Package Received!: not yet Merry Christmas everyone
  13. ok seriously...I did learn a few lessons.... 1 - Take Toojin with you when traveling...she brings EVERYTHING you wouldn't think of! 2 - Take time to eat (I think we had one meal there the entire time) 3 - Save your money sooner to buy more coins cuz your money will run out fast 4 - Practising poker might be helpful 5 - Offer to help/volunteer with the event...its a great way to meet people I had a blast Thanks to the committe for putting it on. My mind is just now getting back to reality and not at GCF anymore Thanks everyone for the fun memories
  14. She is very short compared to her husband. Then her kids are going to be flying apast her soon. I was so glad to see we had tall enough ceilings there :P:P:P:P:P:P:P .... to all 3 of you!! LOL ps - You know how when you graduate they pick things people will do in their lifetime after graduating? I was honored by my class yep I was. Their vision for me wasn't to be an astronaut or rocket scientist or something cool....I was voted that I will come back to change the high school gym lights without a ladder...wow now there's something to live up too huh?!!
  15. I also was fortunate enough to have an encounter by the Dark Knight at GCF A highlight of my trip for sure!! I received lucky number #150 oh dark knight with the most wonderful voice...it was a pleasure running into you!! Too bad it was so dark in there so maybe I would know who you were...all I remember is the VOICE THANK YOU!!!
  16. edit: <double post> probably cuz I am so excited lol
  17. woohoo!!! I won one of these beauties in the silent auction at GCF yeehaw!!! Thank you so much for donating to it!! You are most awesome!!! (Thanks also to my friends who knew I was wanting to bid on one and gave me the tip to get in there and bid on the last remaining one before it was too late..I was helping at the registration table and would have missed it!) Yep my life is complete now
  18. 1. Participating: email sent 10/19 for LORIDARLIN 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating: email sent 10/19 for THE CACHE-A-TEERS (Jacob 12 yrs) 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating: email sent 10/19 for THE CACHE-A-Teers (Jonah 10 yrs) 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Thanks for taking this on Dave
  19. Woohoo!!! I didn't realize I won until opalsns emailed me lol yeehaw!!!! I will enjoy this FAKE geocoin alot Thanks RK!!! - A Redneck Spud in Idaho who LOVES FAKE geocoins!!
  20. You can't reason with some people DJ so give up lol If he can't read the first sentence in tha paragraph for what it is, then there is no point going further. That just leaves more FAKE geocoins for us lol Besides, ignorance is bliss didn't ya know
  21. WooT...good point FH (in your sweet way)....but a person who considers non trackables FAKE would not be interested in a valuable non trackable FAKE mystery coin lol...ok i must quit and go eat dinner LOL...I'm getting lightheaded from the conversation
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