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  2. CacheMaine i see your name right above the wing of the bottom flying envelope with wings
  3. Just sent my payment...sorry for the delay
  4. Cute coin! I want one!! Are they for sale or trade??
  5. That is sooooo cute!!! lol Great job fluttershy and tadpole!!
  6. oh my gosh... i am sooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats naomi!!!!
  7. It's not me either....though i love the wild west, i wear my hair in a ponytail, I do wear star earrings (see my v2 coin) boy I could go on and on and make myself look guilty....but....I assure you its not me either (I've already been questioned) ...so on that note....I'll just pine away for it from over here!! I really, really, REALLY LOVE YOUR COIN!!!! CoNgRaTs to all the recipients!!! yippeetieyay!!
  8. i wanna see too!!!! Congrats to The Amigos
  9. Cute design Looking forward to it coming out!
  10. I just wanted to share my excitement in what I received in the mail a few days ago!! woohoo! Geo.Error you totally made my day I LOVE STARS!!!! I love sig items as much as geocoins You obviously have been reading these posts since I received another cool star from lorca!! lol The surprise element (since we have never traded) was as great as your gift! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
  11. Awesome news....its about time some good news rolled your way!!!
  12. I never heard any mention of one or heard anyone screaming with delight...so it will be fun to see who got one!! I'm pretty sure if Avroair or TMA had gotten one....they'd have been more than happy to show me but not let me touch it
  13. I just saw a posting on the georendezvous event page....check out the profile...I looked and looked but I did not see you!!! Here is the profile for another new mystery coin http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=a9...ae-8fe3fff74302
  14. Karma!!!!!!!!!!! I read your thread too late!!!!!!!!! Good thing Fluttershy mentioned she got a few and off I went to order some LOL These are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! You guys did a great job!!!
  15. awww I love my new little buffalo that you sent me also!! I have a stampede with all the different colors running thru my office Thank you so much for your generosity tsun!! I also received a nice email awhile back from my receipient thanking me. He is also doing an event himself right now to help his military friends so i'm going to send off a few things to him for his event. That is neat that they geocache in Iraq and it helps them get thru the hard times. Who woulda thought when geocaching first came out....how many people it would affect for the better. Tsun....thanks again for being a sweetie....me and my buffalo thank you!!
  16. They are beautiful tsun ps I want to know the names dorkfish gave them...come on.....tell us!!! on second thought....knowing Karma....you were wise to keep it to yourself
  17. whoohoo!!! they are beautiful!!! I love them!!! Nice design Naomi thanks for ending the torcher you guys!! Got me a few coming yippee!!
  18. ooohhhhhh I love it!!!!!!!!!! do it, do it, DO IT!! We will come and buy them up!!! LOL
  19. ok I'm dying to get some already LOL
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