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  1. You are a great artist at many things RSG
  2. Anyone want to trade me? Edited to say that I am seeking one! I don't have any myself but thanks earthrooster
  3. oh come'on RSG you can't get out of it that easy now lol
  4. Congrats on your mystery coin!!! yeehaw~~~
  5. K ~ RSG ~ you have to post a picture of YOURSELF with it
  6. Congrats to all the other posse members!!! yeehaw!!!
  7. Me too and i was feeling sad until the Geo_Bandit visited me!
  8. I second that emotion LoriDarlin has got to be one of the most deserving of this coin! I agree all the way with this and i will post for my first time on this thread for my heart desire for Lori Darlin to Receive a geo bandit coin. One more to that list!!A most excellent heart's desire!! Our darlin' Spud girl and pistol queen definitely truly deserves, and would value beyond price, a GeoBandit Coin. For sure and certain!!!! THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR NICE WORDS AND GOOD WISHES!!! YOUR WISH (AND MY SECRET ONE) WAS GRANTED TODAY!!! CHECK OUT THE THREAD FOR IT!!! YIPPEETIEYAY!!! LD IS VERY VERY HAPPY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping good things for you guys as well with this most awesome mystery coin!!!! yeehaw!!!!!
  9. another double post....i am too giddy!!! did i say thank you yet?? THANK YOU GEO_BANDIT!!!!
  10. OMG....OMG....OMG.....THE GEO_BANDIT CAME TO IDAHO!!!!! YIPPEETIEYAY!!! TODAY IS THE BEST DAY!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much this coin means to me though if you look at my post in the thread for it you might have a teeny bit of a clue!!! lol THANK YOU A ZILLION TIMES OVER!!!! PS ~ I see some of my wonderful geocoin friends were rooting for me too i love you all (and the geo_Bandit ) and just think....within 12 hours I got one!!! You guys are all AWESOME!!! and I hope the geo_bandit visits you all as well ooooh i am in love with a geocoin This really was my secret's hearts desire
  11. Triple post....maybe cuz i was so excited hehehe
  12. Oops double post maybe cuz I am toooooooooo HAPPY!!!!
  13. OMG I GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!! YIPPETIEYAY!!!!!!!!! I AM IN HEAVEN I TELL YA!!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!! I can't believe my eyes!!! I received #170!!!! Front side Back side Geo_Bandit coin at home in Idaho with my well worn shoes!! Geo_Bandit Mystery Geocoin on my hatband ok I told RSG that I would post a picture of myself if I was lucky enough to receive one...YIPPEETIEYAY! Thank You Geo_Bandit Mystery Geocoin person!! Western Friends Say "Much Obliged Partner" Can you tell how EXCITED I am to have received this coin?? My friend called today and called me 'giddy' and I had to finally SHUT UP because I couldn't stop lol oh THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER....This mystery coin is soooooooo cool and you TOTALLY made my life....hehehe I'M HAPPY TO BE A MEMBER OF YOUR POSSE GEO_BANDIT!!!!!!!!!!!! yippeetieyay!!!!! HAPPY TRAILS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS ~ I loved your packaging and stamp too....omg I am so HAPPY
  14. We have a cold storm coming thru too Tsun....still hope you are able to go though!! Sending good thoughts your way for a good time!!
  15. Yep i should have known you would figure out a way to get rid of all that candy....BY STOCKING MY KIDS UP ON IT TONIGHT AT THE EVENT.....mean mean mean....pay back time i tell ya!!
  16. Dave, I have the address because he contacted me too and i've already sent off my package to him. I'll see if I can find that email now and forward it on to you!
  17. You are going to get sick from all that candy Mike The coin keeps looking better and better
  18. thank you!!! I'm really liking it!!
  19. ummm....well I need another sneak peek
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