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  1. How about for Australia just found it TAG (Tulsa Area Geocachers) Canine Cachers v3
  2. How about for: Australia Canine Cacher v3 Tulsa Area Geocachers (i've emailed this person and he has ignored me) or should i take my own activation questions to the other thread?
  3. Great news on Tank!!! whoohoo!!!! Thanks for sharing Also, good news on your other children and also great news on your granddaughter too!! WOW! How about: Tot Tiny's Tot Tiny Tot TnT Tot Tot Tot Goodness Totter
  4. I received your coins in the mail today Naomi and they are oh sooooo cute You did a great job with the design....they are sweet....just like you are #1 Mousekakat Fan Club Member
  5. Your coins in hand are very nice. I like the chain going thru it too!!! Good job
  6. These are totally adorable GREAT DESIGN!!! Please add me to the reserve list for 3 black nickels (for my sons and I) Thank you and I'll send an email to you as well
  7. I just recently noticed that I received a message saying the coins had been shipped and it also listed me as one of the winners!!! whoohoo!!! Thank you!!! I cannot wait to see them this was so nice of you!! I shall post again when they come in. ps My oldest son told me yesterday that he just completed the super mario brothers nintendo game and was quite proud of himslef!! Just wait till he sees one of these coin I got for him and his brother....hmmm do I give them to them now?? or make 'em wait until Christmas hehehe ps Lemon Fresh Dog....ummm why don't you go play another game of Donkey Kong?
  8. ok lets compromise....the bird is cute and the words COINTEST WINNER is super COOL and thank you for holding the cointest that fingers crossed was nice enough to send me. You are both SUPERCOOL
  9. I don't know if this is the right thread to post in or not because i know you've had several cointests....but I just want to say thank you to FINGERS CROSSED for sending me your winnings!!! talk about a surprise!! and also to WRITE SHOP ROBERT who held the cointest!! It's a cute coin!! thanks so much
  10. I received a really cute COINTEST WINNER coin in the mail which was a huge shock considering I had NOT played in this cointest lol The coin is one of the birds of a feather coins and says 'cointest winner' on it and is red. It is so cute!!! It also came with a nice postcard from Write Shop Robert that says its from FINGERS CROSSED who won the cointest and had the coin sent to me instead!!! awwww That was so nice of you!!!! Thanks a million Fingers Crossed!!!
  11. They are BEAUTIFUL Lenore....I'd really love to trade you....
  12. oh oh i have to decline my post to win. I have gold mario brothers (sqauare) coins that i am waiting on. Not these halloween coins. so sorry!! ps - Thanks for the chuckle LFD
  13. They are beautiful!!! I will always treasure the ones that I have
  14. LadyBee4T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL too funny!!
  15. Hooray to all the latest posse members!!!! yippeetieyay!!!! Geo_Bandit...you are AWESOME
  16. I'm waiting patiently so perhaps you'll let allow me to post my SON'S favorite video game. BATTLEFIELD. He is a 5 star general on there and its like being in the army. Its a very good bargaining tool for getting homework done and chores lol ps thanks for the notice on the coins
  17. A local cacher named greenbark. I think he has about 5 coins, all from the Pittsburgh local caching group TRIGO or PA state coins. He came just for the fun of playing the game and ended up winning. Congrats GREENBARK That should be enough to get him addicted like we are!! lol Thanks PGH
  18. I showed them to you Saturday night after your 5th drink. Look whos talkin! Are you sure you were not showing to one of the wedding guest? I was only drinking tea. uh huh...yeah right Mama Cache I want to see one too Mark
  19. So who won the poker tournament?? I want to see more pics!! Bring 'em on!!! Congrats to all that were able to make it there
  20. Very cute!! My favorite starts at the top (black nickel) and works its way down. Hope to be able to get one either thru trade or purchase Great job! oohhhh Toojin ~~~~ you have to see these!!!
  21. You finally got the coin you've been pinning for!!! How spooktacular!! CONGRATS
  22. Will it have the words CELTIC TREE OF LIFE on it anywhere?? Looking nice so far!
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