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  1. Each of my boys have one..thanks to tsun and they love them!
  2. If Serial Finder is still on there...can we also add Groundspeak Project coins?? There is a round one and a square one.
  3. There is also a Merry Christmas 2006 Geocoin
  4. how about the Project Fred geocoins?? are they a mystery??
  5. I'm just impressed all your coins are alphabetized
  6. oh my goodness~~ I get to be the first to post that I received a UR#1 Geocoin!!!! whoohoo!!!! It totally made my day I knew he was planning on running this thread but when I checked it wasn't online and then I didn't have to to check back. So when he handed me this envelope last night at the event I was confused until he told me I was one of the lucky people to be nominated. Thank you for the nominations you wonderful friends!! These coins are wonderful and made by a great person and good friend! I love the reason behind the coin and am honored many of you listed me. Thank you River Cacher and my fellow geocoiners!! I shall return later...to add to the list with a long list of my own recommendations!!! Thank you again
  7. In California at one of Kealia and Hula Bum's caches .... getting one of their uber kewl coins...you lucky guy!!! Happy Birthday from Idaho
  8. Great job on your coins Mike!!! They are sooo cute!! How exciting!!! I can't wait to get some!! I can visualize wrapping a present and sticking a ribbon thru the coin and using it with curling ribbon on a gift. That would be CUTE!! Can't wait for you to sell all these because I'm already waiting for the next color to come out in the series. Have you ordered it yet? well have you?? hhmmm are you sure you like my encouragement?
  9. I don't think Serial Finder is a mystery coin giver either Are you also going to do a list for the mystery coins givers without profiles?? It is interesting see how they've grown over the years. Good work!
  10. ooohhh my friend....I am sorry to hear what happened...I hope they catch the thieves who did the damage to your car and took your stuff. I'm very thankful also that they did not take your coins and i'm curious about that 'other' good stuff...off to contact you by email hehehe
  11. I like the way you are doing it now. I love shopping cart systems. Yes i know none of them are perfect but I like them better than reservations. Whether you limit them or not makes no difference to me. Keep up the good work tsun
  12. May coiners be flocking at your emailbox my friend!!
  13. Yes Mike I just completed a transaction with Jarod. Their coin came very fast to me (maybe it was because they spent 6.80 to get it to me) my coin took forever it seems for their post office to deliver it to them. I was glad I used confirmation so we could both track it. ps I doubt they know that capital letters is yelling so I wouldn't take offense
  14. Whoohoo!!!!! oh my gosh I am so excited to share my news lol check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you click on this cache you can read all about it http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...96-4c54ac0f8172 THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR GREAT STATE (AND OUR CACHE) OH GEO SASQUATCH!!! WE LOVE YA!!!! PS - Congratulations to all the other finders too!!! oh happy day!!!!
  15. Hey Everyone ~ The sample pics have arrived! They aren't the best pics but they give you a good idea of what's coming! They will be available to order in a few weeks at HogWildStuff.org They will have Polished Silver and Polished Gold for you to choose from. Yes Eartha they are trackable and will have a unique icon They will not be presold either whoopie!! I will post the details and change the subtitle when they are open for sales....just keeping you all updated 'tis all. Peace to all
  16. I've seen these samples in person and they are great!!! Can't wait to order mine!! Love the choices of coins and I appreciate the people behind it who helped make it happen....RiverCacher, Dorkfish and YemonYime....kudos!!! ps We know you are an honest & quality minter Karma Go Dorkfishcoins!!!
  17. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w315/lavalk9/santa2.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w315/lavalk9/santa1.jpg awwww......i love it!!! I want one too!!! who did it???
  18. awww I'm glad you guys like it!! And yes Mama Cache is good at proding me along but also has a good idea or two to compliment the prodding...so it works
  19. Who wants a sneek peek at the 2008 Peace on Earth Coinament to be for sale at Hogwildstuff soon?? You all do??? Well ok....Here you go!! I had fun designing it and working with Mama Cache to make it a reality. We hope you all enjoy it We will post sample mint pics by Nov. 21st and will supply the rest of the details at that time. Hogwild is expecting the coins to be in hand by Dec. 15th to order or sooner. For now just know its Trackable, Will have a special Icon, its 2" and a suncatcher to hang on your tree or in your window!! Peace to ALL ~~~~~~
  20. Very awesome coin! I like it congrats to you for finding it!!
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