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  1. Congrats River Cacher and all the other latest posse member!!! whoohoo!!
  2. 1. Participating- Yes 2. Received Name- Yes 3. Mission Complete- Yes (2/9/09) 4. Cupid Arrived!- not yet
  3. Congrats to the winners!! I loved reading all of them even though I didn't participate (saw it too late) Thanks for your cointest
  4. This weekend I finally made it to our post office box that is in a different town....and guess what I found in it??? whoo hoo I AM A WINNER!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN ALL WEEKEND!!!!! THANKS MISS MONTANA PS ~ I have never been so happy to get a lump of coal in my life!!
  5. CONGRATS LADYBEE4T!!!!! WHOOHOO!!! You SOOOOO deserve it too!!
  6. 1. Participating - yep 2. Received Name: yep 3. Mission Complete: not yet (still doing research and waiting for stuff that i hope gets here in time lol) 4. Cupid Arrived! not yet ps - To whomever gets me...I know I have a ton of coins but i'm not picky and will be happy with anything! Thanks fluttershy for doing this mission
  7. Awhile back (see top of thread) I donated to Lone Sapper for an event. Last weekend I just donated for the Iraq event thru River Cacher who was collecting for it. Is this the same event I donated to again or is it a different one?? I was thinking they were different but now am thinking its the same one. I'm confused
  8. Very nice coin Great job!!
  9. What Fluttershy is doing another mission?? ooohhh i must join in the fun )
  10. For all you sweeties the CACHING HEARTS are in and available HERE: Coin Stats Size: 2.00 inches Tall X 4.0 mm Finish: Black Nickel & Gold Tracking: www.geocaching.com Icon: Unique Price: $8.35 hmmm my sweet tooth is speaking to me right now lol
  11. You've done a great job heading up the box for our area River Cacher ~ Thanks for all your help!
  12. HELP! I need to find where to activate the GEOCACHERS SERENITY GEOCOIN.... any help is appreciated never mind....mama cache told me hogwild produced it ... tks Mama Cache!
  13. I *think* they are being shipped next week, so they will be available soon
  14. My husband did the same thing to me a year ago and I felt the same way as you (first reaction and second reaction!) She is definately a part of the family and now I can't imagine life without her!! I've always been told its good to name a dog with two syllables, so that being said I'd pick: G + EO = GEO First trick I'd teach him is to SIT. We have two dogs. One knows how and one doesn't. Trust me, its easier when they will sit when commanded to. Have fun with your puppy regardless what you name him!!
  15. Big Ron and Lori Darlin Love Story A high school friend of mine was coming to town (where we both used to live and I still live nearby) so I gathered up a bunch of friends that still live over there to have a girls night out and celebrate her being in town. We all arrived at the very busy bar/saloon and went inside. Several people were dancing to the music of a great band and it was packed. All my friends sat down except me and one other girl. I stood nearby and my friend asked me why I wouldn't sit down. I told her because this way when a guy comes up to ask me to dance he will already know how tall I am and no one will have to be embarrassed. No sooner had I said that when there was a 'tap tap tap' on my shoulder. I turned around and looked into someone's CHEST and then looked up at the suitor!!! He was a tall cute blonde He asked if he could have this dance and I shakily said 'ok!' and away we went. At the end of the dance, he picked me OFF the floor and twirled me around. It was love right there and then that night. At that time (before we shrank) I was 6'2 and he was 7 feet tall. No one had EVER lifted me up before lol He tried to get my phone number from my friend and she wouldn't give it to him and so then he asked me for it. When we were leaving the parking lot, I gave him my phone number and my friend was yelling out the window that I gave him the wrong phone number and he looked scared and I kept laughing and told him it was right. He called me a few days later (happy that I answered) and asked me out and we have been best friends since. On April 3rd it will be 16 years In August we will have been married 14 years. Happy Valentines Day to everyone and thank you for this SWEET cointest!!
  16. Very cool coins I am very partial to them, especially since we own a tree & plant nursery. Can't wait to see them done!
  17. Congrats to all the latest finders!!!
  18. Introducing ~ CACHING HEARTS Coming your way in time for Valentine's Day Trackable Special Icon More Details when sample pics arrive (any day) They will be available here HERE yep yep yep lots of conversation hearts coming your way soon!
  19. whoohoo!! THE CACHE REAPER VISITED IDAHO!!! YIPPEE!!! And as Lorca says....waauuvie!!!! We are starting the New Year off with style!! Thank you Cache Reaper!! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...77-d667d5dfe5cc
  20. This is a nice cointest and I am enjoying reading others responses I am going to post only about our latest newest added tradtion....but I want to tell you a short story first. Two years ago our son was involved in a dodgeball accident at school and had to have head/brain surgery because of it. He had to spend two different weeks in the hospital to include the week of Christmas. It was the hardest time ever. On Christmas eve, a family came in with their two young kids and dropped off two gifts. They decided the nurses could pick who was most worthy of them. They had one girl gift and one boy gift. Our son, was the lucky recipient of that box of legos for a boy! When the nurse came in and brought it in and told me the story (Jacob was asleep at the time) it brought tears to my eyes - the generosity of these kind people in our trying time. It still brings tears to this day. It's amazing what a small but wonderful jesture can do to a heart that is troubled. Jacob couldn't play with it for a matter of days because it was too hard on his brain. He did not feel good enough, but by the time he went home it was built and it brought him happiness to build it when he was tired of being stuck in bed not feeling good. For the rest of our lives, we will now carry on that families kindness....paying it forward....we look forward to our trip to the hospital to drop off our gifts on Christmas eve after attending Mass....we hope they will touch someone's heart like Jacob's gift did...and we are grateful that our son is still doing well. Merry Christmas to everyone
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