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  1. nice a-- joe friday--- coin hit the forums. ive knowen him science my first event i went to. good guy i must say!
  2. I think there is a jeep 4x4 challenge, there is a grave site series , but over all where ever you go there's sure to be plenty of caches! Enjoy your trip out here!
  3. any word on the new edition?
  4. Zariah- 3yrs Email Sent: October 30th Name Received: Nov 7 Card Sent: Card Received: Jay- dad Email Sent: October 30th Name Received: Nov 7 Card Sent: Card Received:
  5. if anyone would like to order an extra few of these and trade with me that would be great! plz contact me for my trade list...saLE ENDS TOMARROW NIGHT SO IF ANYONE COULD DO THAT I WOULD BE VERY GREATFUL! OPPS ON THE CAPS
  6. bump... i would like a estimate of how much this coin raised thus far...when you have time of course...we attended a fundraiser tonight for a lady fighting .. the event was called ...... momma needs a new pair of boo boos. hahaha she raised 1600 bucks and only had a room full of about 30 ppl. wow!!!
  7. welcome, this is a great place to start. this community knows tons about coins and you can learn just about anything you need to know about any coin just by asking. as far as advice goes... ..ummm......have fun! pick a theme or how you want to collect, buy coins and collect the ones you want to keep, send out a few to watch travel and join missions and cointests for extra added fun!
  8. i just saw a show about the jersey devil and the ppl on the show might have been the first to actually catch the thing on a special camera in the woods! awesome story!
  9. hope everything come good with you and your family............... to you and your puppy too... i saw her stiches,, outch!!!
  10. me and zariah cant join this year due to our $$ problems,, but were thinking of all you out there as we LOVE being part of the missions! we LOVE to gift to others, but this year we haven a hard time,,, soon to be over tho.. we have a good plan and hopefully it will work out and we can join in ALL the missions next year! i will be watching you guys in envy! enjoy your missions everyone!!
  11. i wish we coulda afforded this mission but times are tough for us. i hope someone does this one next year so we can join! we will be watching this thread closely! enjoy your advent boxes evry 1
  12. me and zariah cant afford the big mission, so we will do this one. Zariah- 3yrs Email Sent: October 30th Name Received: Card Sent: Card Received: Jay- dad Email Sent: October 30th Name Received: Card Sent: Card Received:
  13. ive had some decient luck finding a few of these,, thanks traders!!! still looking for the last 2 i need, plz contact me for an updated lists
  14. i think youll sell out of this design very fast! great job
  15. incase you dident see the mail, something is on its way back to you!!!
  16. AHAHAHA thats funny,, you want to call him dad........GATOULIS GRAY...HUMMM sounds kinda good,, i think it means the gray cat,, are you an alien gat.?
  17. IM still looking for a few 2.125 tengwars if anyone can help out... heres what i still need..... ant. bronze ant. silver purple on gold shiny nickel error coin my trade list in my sig. is very outta date so plz contact me for an updated list. thanks
  18. i think its awesome and congrats on pushing the geocoin industry even further,, ppl flipped out when the fear no cache was made,, then again on the moga pistol,, then again and again,, i think youll have no problem selling these once a few are out there ,i dont think youll have made enuff!. if i could.... id buy one,, but if i cant then it WILL be on my trading seeking list!!! gr8 job!
  19. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! im still tring to catch up on the tengwars!!! ok,ok,ok,,,,,woooooo,,,saaaaaaa....... trades needed fer these.
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