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  1. I havent got much response to this?These were all my keeper coins. Most of them were pertty well saught after when I came here every

    day. I have alot more to list but if theres no intrest for these coins anymore will someone let me know and I will have to list them on the eplace. I just figured I give you guys first dibs.

  2. Activated or Unactivated?

    they are all unactivated as far as i know, but i will make sure before i collect any moneys. i dont have a ton of time to spend on this or i would put them on ebay,, because my coins mean alot to me. but i cant afford to collect anymore, i cant spend the time here i would want to. so with the exception of my scavok coins and a few other coins i hold close to my heart, and my daughters coins. they are all going.

  3. HI,EVERYONE. I MISS YOU ALL.. BUT ITS TIME TO LET GO.. I HAVE ALL THESE COINS AND I LOVE ALL YOU HERE,, BUT ITS TIME TO LET THIS GO ,, I AM KEEPING SOME COINS BUT NOT MANY ALL LISTED HERE ARE TRACKABLE. Ive Had to Make some major decision in my life right now and this is one that im letting go of, its heart breaking and warming too .. send me your offers via my profile, and the highest wins. im gonna list them in handfulls at a time. so here goes. hope i can remember the names of all these things. shipping is $2.50 in usa and $4 out of us. all payments made with paypal.


    1.dragon landon ant. gold/ shiny silver or nickel dragon

    2 dragon landon nickle with ant gold dragon

    3 dragon landon nickle with copper dragon

    4 dragon landon copper with silver dragon

    5 the definitive geocoin series 3 coin set

    6 2008 mouse kakat suncatcher gold

    7 Artist edition I love geocoins copper

    8.chiro- cache gold

    9 help for heros 2 tone ant gold/ nickel

    10 man vs cache 2 tone

    11. jap fan winter . wire wrapped into a key chain- black nickle

    12 stargate geocoin ant gold

    13 butterfly with the greatfull dead bears on it wire wrapped nickel or silver

    14 2007 merry christmas coin has signal on the front nickel or silver

    15. project game coin,, just the coin no game...2 tone

    16 2009 opalsns catchin crow satin nickel

    17 geocaching dragon satin gold #417

    18 2008 Lapporten/sloan109

    19 the otokos celtic cross ant nickel

    20 celtic peacock copper

  4. Hi Everyone, I know I havent been around much lately, and I miss this place and you guys and all the shineys. But Ive been focusing on my health and Family & bills, I quit Smoking thanks to an electronic Cig, and my health is on the up and up and the Fam. is doing great.. so great we just had another LIL one.. 2 weeks ago a Boy, and Zariah Loves being a big sis. were actually all going caching today for the first time in a long time, but any way


    Ive had to take off of work to have the baby, and Im gonna put up some of my coins to help offset some of the income from me and Cass not working this month, I will be posting the links here ,, granted thats still ok,, if its not will someone let me know. im not putting all my coins up but a good handfull of them. and most of them are some older coins alot of new ppl cant get ahold of. just thought it might help us if i posted here.. and might help you if your looking for something i have. i will be adding links over the next few days running into next week as i get them up..


    miss all you guys, and hope to return here someday soon!




  5. i recieved # 028 as the last coin for 2010 , very special. ive had some really bad luck this year and am glad to start a new leaf!! happy new year everyone!! and thanks for including me in your project mr Grey!

  6. WOW. are there any stop dates for this as my mom broke her hip over christmas and i havent been home much. if there is,,,, can someone take a quick moment to email me,, all my emails goto my phone so ill know incase i cant make it back in time.

  7. Hey everyone, this holliday has been crazy buzy for us, non stop, sorry I haven't updated. I'm actually typen this from my phone here before I get started up at work.

    All cards were mailed out, and all cards received , our mission is complete. Ill come back when I get a free night and post again. Merry christmas everyone!! Jay

  8. So im a lil late posting this but I hope this gets seen by the right person as i dunno who this person is,, but last year there was a gift card to walmart sent to Zariah signed from your geo-friends...


    Now again this year Zariah recieved A really cool card with a spinning ballerina on the front with a nice lil gift for her inside... Also Signed from your geo-friends...... I dunno Who is doing this for her but shes gets soooo happy when theres mail for her and to do this 2 years in a row almost makes me speachless.... your gifting to my lil one really makes her day and i am lucky to hopefully know you... all i can really say is i hope you see this msg,, and THANK YOU SSSSSSOOOOOOO MUCH!!! you are very thoughtful and it warms me to know zariah so so happy to get mail from you!!!





  9. Zariah- 3yrs

    Email Sent: October 30th

    Name Received: Nov 7

    Card Sent:---very soon

    Card Received:


    Jay- dad

    Email Sent: October 30th

    Name Received: Nov 7

    Card Sent:---very soon

    Card Received: 12-2 pics to come soon


    weve been sick this last week so im a lil late posting this and a lil late sending,, sorry!;) were starting to get some energy back. im also 7 days in on being tobacco free :laughing: , and have joined a support group to help get me thru this :) its very tough after 13 yrs of smoking.. but im dooing good and feel free.


    The Blorenges sent me a really cool card with a electric penguin personal and their personal geojelly 1 of 20

    they also sent a butterfly necklace for zariah. shes very excited as she loves necklaces. thanks lucilla for going over and beyond the call of this mission.

  10. i havent placed any caches,, the area i live is packed full of caches almost to the point where its hard to find a spot to put one. because of the rule of how far apart they have to be....


    but i have a tb that was altered from a goofy cacher to a space ship and scence has stopped travels. and i have quite a few coins out there..not tons but i think theres 1 left moving around. i will not release any more coins.. i go for tbs if i want a traveler.


    last year i asked for swag for caches for christmas... i took bag fulls of swag to empty caches and refilled them as i found them.. and i still do that but i use my daughters toys that she dosent use or play with and its great..not only am i getting rid of the tons of trinkets she dosent play with but also making a empty or junk cache a cool cache to find again. she takes 1 maybe 2 swag items and we leave a handful quite often! i hope this has made a small difference in caches but its more aimed for the kids. the adults get happy just finding the cache,, at least thats what the game is susposto be about.


    i do NOT go out looking for coins to move anymore..i used to do that but it took the fun away when it was empty and the travelers were gone. some ppl are rude and not considerate in this game but i think thats everywhere,and so i feel like really theres nothing we can really do to controll others actions...so i choose to keep the game fun as best i can by not seeking coins or tbs. im happy if i find one and if theres none there no big deal.


    but the sad thing is .. all it would take is 1 really crappy person to ruin a hole area of caches. i think weve been lucky up to this point to still have caches left around to find things in.. because a ton of nanos wouldent be very fun for my 3 yr old.


    I swore to myself that I was NOT going to become a collector, that every coin I bought would go on a mission, but I changed my mind after getting this one and the big steampunk one Friday! :-)



    yep thats how it starts,, "oh ill only have just a few" then the next thing you know their covering your computer desk... then they take over your walls,, and then your shelfs and then your house becomes one big geocoin collection...lol your done son,,your done... hahahaha welcome to the addiction

  12. i think it will be a small artifact from mr. gray's home planet. it will resemble the pearlescent paper the letter was sent on and will have alien technology embedded in it to allow us to contact mr. gray if we are ever in trouble and need him.


    i have seen the Ancient Ones petroglyphs/rock art drawings and believe the People were visited by Mr. Gray's kindred and left their stone carvings to show us the way.



    rsg i just took some photos of some we found on a trip to AZ.




  13. i have been very fortunate and very thankful to recieve many mystery coins. I dont choose one over the other but the most memorable, is the luck coin ,, it came to me during a very very hard time in my life. The past year has been brutal on us emotionally, and a few times i thought i was at wits end. i havent gotten much coin mail this past year and when i recieved the luck coin not only did i need the luck but it also let me know someone was thinking about us, and i just really needed that at that exact time.


    i have kept all of the mystery coins i have ever got, except my first 2, the bug and the bandit. but at that point i was still so new i didnt know any better , and it wasent that i dident appreciate them. i just did not understand what it took to mint a coin and send it out to every one... now i know, how much time, money and thought goes into a mystery coin, and i miss my bug coin!, anyway , i traded those for tengwars i woulda never got so i am happy about it and i love love love my tengwar collection. so thank you all mystery coin senders.



  14. yes i like your idea.. one of the coins in your cat. is mine.... Eye of the Tribal Flower.. there are actually 9 different coins (editions) plz visit my website in my sig line for more info and a description for you cat. :laughing: contact me if you need... also there is another coin i am artist of and you will find that on my site too. feel free to use the info that you want from my site. :)

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