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  1. 11 minutes ago, Harry Dolphin said:

    Yes.  I enjoyed Locationless Caches.  They had you find something.  Anywhere in the world.  "Find a statue of a lion."  "Find a street sign with your name on it".  (Tough for my friend, Jesus.  Not a lot of street signs with that name on it.  We had to go to an old religious camp sixty miles away.  "Jesus' Gospel Way".)  And, yes.  Only one person could find any location.

    So.  No.  We are not talking about Locationless Caches here.    OP is incorrect in his hypothesis.


    Amen. :D

  2. 50 minutes ago, Doc_musketeers said:

    i guess I'm hoping for more of a "how" discussion rather than just "what." 


    Log your DNF's and post NM's and NA's accordingly. It's all a player can do. I have really got discouraged because the game has changed so much.

  3. 1 hour ago, pokeycat9 said:

    I'm a little new. I created a gadget series about 10 weeks ago. One gadget in particular has almost 60 bugs! And what is more confusing is that this gadget cache is the furthest out and hardest to get to (but not really difficult).

    What is the reasoning that makes this cache have so many bugs?



    You really should correct the inventory. 

  4. Looks like the days of a community volunteer  doing a clean sweep of their review area are long gone. What a joke the health score is if it's not used. :(

    I'm seeing abandoned caches flagged with NA being ignored by the volunteers, things have really got bad. I know geocaching is in a decline, but what can players do?

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  5. 1 hour ago, thebruce0 said:

    >> Load a PQ with these caches into GSAK ...

    > That only works for those that use GSAK

    Clearly... ;P

    Sorry, just got a chuckle from that response.

    31BMSG, just to cover your bases, you probably should have prefixed your paragraph with "If you use GSAK...". Also, "If you run Windows...". And, "...running on a desktop or a laptop..." And "If you're a Premium Member..." And...

    :ph34r: *runsaway*


    I did not intend for it to be funny, and GSAK  is NOT part of Groundspeak. If the company offered a filter by cache owner and made it a Premium feature, I would renew my PM today. Give me something I can use and support this site, not a 3rd party service.

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  6. 1 hour ago, 31BMSG said:

    Load a PQ with these caches into GSAK and filter by the CO name. Delete all caches in the filter, when you do this GSAK has an option to not import these in the future and adds those caches to the GSAK ignore list. Run the macro MaintainIgnoreList and it will synchronize the GSAK ignore list with your GC.com ignore list and you will not see these caches again.


    That only works for those that use GSAK. ;)

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  7. 8 hours ago, colleda said:

    In case you're wondering I believe the CO deleted my log, without notice, because I mentioned that the cache breached buried/digging hole guidelines.


    I would post a NA and alert the reviewer while I wait on GS to reinstate my log. B) Normally in my experience they take about 3 days. Do you have proof that you signed the log?

  8. 14 minutes ago, fabisa11 said:

    No the drone would not be used to log a cache but only used to make a finding on the paths or access possible to arrive safely on foot during climbing for example on rocky peaks or other


    I use Google Earth. :)

  9. 34 minutes ago, nebrevod said:

    Should some of these be archived and how should it be communicated. Sadly a large portion of them have the same parking coordinates which has a no trespassing sign. Would seem that Groundspeak could do a database search to figure this out.





    Sorry, I misunderstood your question. :( I do agree that a ignore caches by owner would be a great feature, and often requested here. :)

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  10. 11 minutes ago, briansnat said:

    Jeremy Irish made a very early offer to letterboxing community bring the letterboxing listings onto the  geocaching webiste and was told to take a hike.  They wanted nothing to do with geocaching. So letterboxing plodded along in relative obscurity while geocaching took off like a rocket.


    I believe that most of us that are also letterboxers like to keep these two hobbies apart. It really isn't about the numbers to a few of us, and geocachers would want a letterboxing powertrail like we have with the birdhouse event passport caches. ;) I'm guessing it already exists here as geoart. :D

  11. 52 minutes ago, gasbottle said:


    On the minus side, NAs can go weeks or months before a response; there are at least a couple of caches within 10 miles that have been disabled by a reviewer with a deadline but remained some months later; nobody seems to be monitoring disabled caches (there are three I know of that have been disabled for over a year, and several more disabled for several months).



    I'm seeing the same from one reviewer. Are the caches in your area old with lots of FP's and a HUGE inventory of trackables that the the owner abandoned?

    Over all the six or seven reviewers I have had dealings with were professional except for one. The held a large area open for a "buddie" that was working on an "epic" cache that never happened. I felt he was power tripping, and still do. After I complained to HQ another reviewer was assigned me it seems.

    I'm not so sure that they have a secret set of guidelines, but it seems GS will support them right or wrong from where I'm watching.

    I remember when a reviewer would at least correct the TB inventory, but what I seen recently was the reviewer re enabled several listings that the CO had disabled and then deleted his note. Months later the same issue returns and the throwdowns begin. 

    I enjoy geocaching much less than I did a few years ago because of how the game became all about the numbers and cache quality plummeted.

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  12. 3 hours ago, fi67 said:


    Too restrictive officers will damage Waymarking, but those guys I was refering to don't do Waymarking a favour neither.



    So when it comes right down to the facts of this matter it is just internal bickering against a few, maybe three waymarkers that are playing Waymarking as a numbers game and not a grid game?

  13. 10 hours ago, gasbottle said:


    Reviewers that don't attend promptly to NA logs

    Reviewers that disable abandoned caches but never return to archive them...

    Bad maintenance all round.

    I know that people quit the game, and that maintenance can be time consuming. I understand that COs and reviewers have lives outside caching. None of that alters the fact that abandoned and missing caches are a detriment to the game and they need to be dealt with. It can take months to get a bad cache removed here. It's depressing :(


    It's sad to hear that this is happening in other places as well. It really gripes me as well that the same reviewers have held me accountable for my geocache listings and ignore others. Did something official change? Can abandoned caches just be temporary disabled and never archived? It's confusing to me too.:(

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  14. 58 minutes ago, NanCycle said:

    NEVER MIND.  I FOUND IT.  The answer is "Click on the parcel."

    How does this show who owns the property?  I have created an account and have zoomed in on the map to see the parcel boundaries.  There is one parcel that has a person's name in it, but all the others don't show anything.


    10 free checks per month. 1 per parcel. You can purchase unlimited requests. I just started using the app about 45 days ago for hunting, but as a past geocache hider I saw it's usefulness. :)

  15. 49 minutes ago, scheck1 said:

    I have a unique question. While deer hunting I took coordinates off my iphone to send to a friend. 


    Here is an app that I find interesting for deer hunting and geocaching. Not only can I use it to take coordinates, I can use it to view who owns the parcel of property. It comes in handy for asking permission to hunt or geocache.

    Hunt Stand 

  16. 5 hours ago, lumbricus said:

    Today I got a message that my way to review Waymarks is not the right way. I should spend more time to review Waymarks. I should do more denials if something is not 100 % right. Over the years my perspective changed.

    Every single Waymark submitted to a category was created by a Waymarker. The Waymarker spend time to go out and discover new things out there which have not beend documented yet. If it comes up to write a listing the people have very different backgrounds or things they like. Not all are Dr.s or people which like doing researches for ours. Some Waymarkers like that, others like to discover things and give them a voice online.

    If I review a new Waymark I try to be as positive and friendly as I can be. If a very active Waymarker choose a category I assume he did right. I still check it, but normally he/she did right. Even if the long description is poor we win with every Waymark. We have an edit function, all Waymarkers with high quality standards are welcome to edit Waymarks and add some informations. The quality of our Waymarks at the moment is high!

    We should not forget that Waymarking has to be fun in some way for all players. I can assure you if we scare away average quality waymarkers with forcing them to 1,000 % standars we will kill Waymarking by ourselfs.



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  17. 8 hours ago, elyob said:

    Thank you for your suggestion which will help me track waymarks that are not yet archived.  I do wonder how to seek waymarks that are already archived.

    cron was not a prolific waymarker but many of his waymarks were rare finds.




    Do you think they were removed because of this challenge cache or what? Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point.

  18. 25 minutes ago, fi67 said:

    There is the same bitter fight for the reputation of the worst waymarker on the whole planet, this fight has been going on for years now and it is still between the same few people as always. I do not get it. The effort to always find the lowest acceptable level must be much higher than the one to create average quality waymarks.


    I was totally unaware of this, but it is equally as silly as those here that pleasure themselves as being the world's best waymarkers. It's just a silly side game to geocaching. B)

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