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  1. I have to say that I found it interesting enough that I took a close look because I first thought it was place to list those "epic" caches like lonely mountain top hides and the oldest caches in a State. But are you more interested in me blogging about planning a vacation cache run to find one of those type caches and riding a Mule and fighting a bear to the cache site? Another issue I see is that you limited your site to only caches listed here. You excluded a few epic geocachers by doing so. I'm guessing that you are the only site admin, so it's YOUR blog site. It will be what YOU make it. I wish you the best. Keep up the good work.
  2. I remember the very first ever Virtual geocaching event here that was hosted by the Dirtbag Geocaching Society. It was fun before someone complained and GS stepped and deleted logs and archived the event if I remember correctly. But keeping up with technology for a older generation of geocachers that are aging,.... it may be fun in 10 years to watch a virtual geocaching event as a spectator. They could be a new cache type with it's own icon. I would find it interesting enough to addend another one.
  3. I'm sorry, but I just don't make the connection or your point. Have a nice day.
  4. Too bad for your site. I don't list my epic caches here. I did look over your site again, and I enjoy the old caches list, but it is a bit too much of a "look what I did" blog site and I just don't enjoy that aspect other than reading logs posted to caches. I did notice some members of your site that have attempted a few of my epic caches. Maybe they will blog about some of them there.
  5. But geocaching is and always has been a game played on a computer.
  6. I'm sorry that things like that happen in Waymarking, and becoming even more inactive concerns me. There are a few of us that created categories and would now like to exit Waymarking, but look at what just happened as an example. These people are core members, and I don't like what happened either. So maybe you could think more on the subject of allowing category creators to lock the category to prevent a future office to delete or change things?
  7. Exactly correct, and why we need Virtual events as a new cache type with it's own icon.
  8. I think Virtual events would be a great new cache type. They could even have their own icon. But to make them official they can only be hosted through GS for a small fee of $10 per attendee that posts.
  9. Are epic caches from other geocache listing services considered, or is your site limited to geocaching.com listings?
  10. I will have to take a better look because I thought it was just another "look at what I achieved" blog site for uber cachers.
  11. Are you attempting a 5 and your reviewer disagrees? I have experience with that, but may be misunderstanding somewhat.
  12. I would be fair enough to allow you to explain more if you feel it will help me understand your site better. From my point, I already have access in most caches to the oldest caches by state from bookmarks. No, I really don't enjoy reading about other peoples epic adventures. If I do, I read cache pages, not a blogger site. Spectator, I guess I saw just one YouTube video of a blogger, ..... and I... no comment. Just too silly for me. But others be fair and let me offer my opinion because it was asked. Thank you.
  13. Stand at a POI and take your picture with your GPS unit.
  14. I'm not against PMO caches because I recently just set mine back from PMO status. The reason? I'm afraid that in my local community that all we were offering is PMO caches and it had a drastic effect on the decline of geocaching locally. I have seen an improvement, a very small one, but my caches are getting more finds now after removing PMO status.
  15. It's just a marketing tool, and those of us that know, know better. It's the location and the number of finders that pull in actual FP's.
  16. And now it's common to see the D/T rating lowered to include basic member app users.
  17. Those are interesting, but there are already several existing bookmarks for the oldest cache by State, which normally spells ownerless community maintained caches. Sorry to disrespect your blog site, but geocaching is not a YouTube spectator sport, and if you have seen one, you have seen them all.
  18. Okay, so it's a new blog site where people brag about their epic geocaching adventures. No thanks.
  19. Darn. And I get stressed for just logging DNF.
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