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  1. If you would allow me to respond and not answer for me, there is the ignore users feature here in this forums and there is an option to block users from communicating in the message center.
  2. Another example of entitlement is the person I have blocked here keeps quoting me to tell me that I am mistaking, and what I really mean is bla, bla, bla. That is self entitlement.
  3. I would say being one of and still connected to some of the old players in the area that once had the best of the best caches, and many are still active. I'm no longer interested in geocache ownership. I'm just a casual player. It is these old caches that still interest me, and I don't mind doing community maintenance.
  4. It's in care of our local prolific hider that has more red wrenches than I care to count, and their own caches fall to the wayside and get archived. But I still trust them to keep up this old one better than their own.
  5. Now just hold on a minute, the oldest cache in my home State deserves entitlement too.
  6. To whom should these old relics be transferred to? Seems the oldest cache in my home State has been adopted by a prolific hider that is slacking heavy on their own 700 hides.
  7. Then the reward for poor cache ownership is entitlement?
  8. However your post starts with "I am aware that in order to adopt a cache the original CO is required to be 'around' to get the process started as it is they who click on to the adopt section of the site."
  9. So This really sounds like the Waymarking site where those left want to be in control by hijacking abandoned categories.
  10. The simple solution is to not allow caches from inactive owners. If we don't check in to our accounts in 12 months, start the process to remove them from the data base.
  11. So the main concern of allowing geocaches to be ownerless is the fear of armchair logging?
  12. Waymarking could not exist without geocachers supporting it. There are not that many Waymarkers, and many of those are not premium members.
  13. It's really not about the numbers to me, it's all the adventure. So when I planned a weekend getaway ATV ride I checked out all of the caches that I could likely fit into my adventure to find the oldest cache in West Virginia. These were all lonely caches in remote places and the owners are much less than active geocachers. So I packed up some nice clearly marked geocaches to replace old wet ones, and it's good that I did. All but one, which is a community maintained cache because it's the oldest one in the State was nothing more than trash that needed picked up. I don't see no harm or foul in propping up an old cache where the owner is no longer active and I'm not returning to baby sit it. And what kind of stink head would post a NM or NA on a cache like that from back in 2002? It's easier to just bring a nice replacement that YOU would enjoy finding to leave for the next geocachers.
  14. Why would you assume that? That is not how community maintenance works. I just hauled out some busted old containers and left new lock n locks and a few ammo cans stocked with about $10 geocaching SWAG and log books. I have no intention of ever revisiting any of them. That is up to the next community cache maintainer.
  15. I have reused the area and recreated a new geocache, but it just don't appeal to the community to do so it seems.
  16. I likely would, kinda like back up support for my information. Their site has improved in recent months.
  17. One of my main interests in Waymarking was old cemeteries, so the find a grave site appealed to me and I have been listing my photos there. As a user from both sites, I do like seeing a link to find a grave on waymarks, but I would not enjoy seeing a waymark linked to a memorial on find a grave.
  18. I unofficially adopted and replaced several caches for absent owners without their permission while geocaching in your State while on vacation.
  19. No, not sentimental. I was thinking about a recent archival where a noob posted NA on a community cache from 2002 and slowly it was archived due to no response from a inactive CO. I would have hated to have been that noob because of some comments on the cache page and social media. That's all I meant by not wanting to be THAT cacher that upsets the local geocaching community by causin' the death of an oldie.
  20. I'd feel worse being the cacher that posted an NA on one of these old community caches. Imagine if we as cache owners had to check in once a year or our hides would be set in motion for archival due to inactivity. I love these old community caches too, but maybe a shelf life on cache placements would make the game more interesting and create more active members.
  21. I have visited a few EarthCaches at dunes, which seems to be what you are suggesting as a Waymarking category. I don't quite understand how to waymark a sand dune either, so you will have to explain how to waymark a sand dune in your category.
  22. Rouge leadership is the term used for what is happening. I don't believe there are any stops in place that protect our ideas and the categories that we created. When we leave it's open season on our categories, and I am finished supporting a few members here that want to continue playing Waymarking.
  23. Similar to some of my photos where I include my reflection, but not worthy of it's own category.
  24. After 10 years of geocaching and seeing what it has became, I removed those TB's from my vehicle and pretend not to know anything geocaching.
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