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  1. 4 hours ago, justintim1999 said:

    I see the Cache Health Score as an attempt to do just that.   Let's face it,  how much control dose GS really have?  They rely on each and every cache owner to do what they're suppose to do.   The world is a big place.  Even if they had some physical way to check up on caches I don't think it would be 100% bulletproof.  All they can do is try to develop ways to identify abandoned caches and negligent cache owners and somehow get them to maintain their caches or archive them.   It's a tall task which is made even more difficult when experienced cachers decide to either push back against the effort or leave the game entirely. 

    I believe Groundspeak can't do it without us.

    I'm not trying to sound altruistic here but I'll be dammed if I'll let a few fly-by-night cachers ruin what I consider a great activity.   I may not be able to directly stop them but I can sure as hell try to balance the scale.              


    Playing the game accordingly and posting DNF, NM, and NA's has caused me all kinds of backlash from cache owners. Maybe that is why I'm seeing those found the location, but no cache present in finders logs, and the CO's let those stand. Most every time I've deleted a found it but didn't sign it log from my listings it's followed by a nasty email, and now my response is only to ask that they remove the didn't sign it part of their fake armchair log just to avoid confrontation.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a fly by night cacher, but locally it's the veteran cachers that have left the game or can no longer maintain their caches and a few that own 500+ listings that they will no longer even visit the cache page when concerns are posted. 

    It seems that the event hosting group cachers are the best CO's locally, but I'm not into that style of copy/paste for the numbers runs. It's kinda dwindled down to one small group of friends that created a geocaching club and a FB page that are only finding each others caches. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, justintim1999 said:

    Good cache owners are our only chance of turning this thing around.


    We can't do it without Groundspeak. When a company fails to listen to their customers there is no hope for improvement and geocaching is not attracting new customers/players to keep the game interesting.

    When there are active players still out finding caches but not keeping up their own listing and depending on the community to replace them and not addressing NM's and just allowing the reviewers to archive them that is a problem. A good reviewer could help, but they depend on the community to flag caches, but the community has changed and few will even log a DNF anymore. 

    So I don't see any chance of improvement for geocaching without better management.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, justintim1999 said:

    If you care about the game than removing your quality caches from the game isn't going to help.   


    I once cared about this game enough that I supported it with quality hides and a premium membership, but the game declined in my area and I moved on to other interests.

    My only point was I'm not leaving my listings to rot, and I'm archiving them and removing the litter. But I'm sure you can twist that into something else.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Davros Von Skaro said:

    I am actually considering quitting the game and orphaning my own caches.


    I too am disgusted with geocaching because of the poor quality of tossed out and left for the community to maintain caches. Thankfully you only have 4 to leave when you quit.

    I'm archiving and removing mine because I always cared about the quality of the game. We used to have good reviewers that enforced guidelines and did a clean up of low health score caches in our area, but the game is mostly limited to just a handful of cachers that own thousands of caches that they won't maintain.

    If anyone is to blame for the decline in geocaching it is Groundspeak for allowing CO's to keep tossing out junk and not maintain what they already have. Whoever created the local power trails along busy four lane highways tossed out about 1000 caches and has not signed back into the account in a few years. The game used to be about getting out and being active, which is why I took up this hobby. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Touchstone said:

    Hmmm...5 Star Terrain.  Let me guess, you were granted an exception back in 2008 due to the terrain rating, back when exceptions were granted for things like rivers and cliffs between physical caches (oh, and one I remember in a tunnel).  And this is relevant to our current conversation in what way?  Seems about as non sequitur as bringing up Moving Caches in the middle of the conversation.


    I'm sorry if my comment was not relevant in your opinion, I was just joining the conversation about caches less than 528 feet. But what happened back in 2008 and why my cache was published I don't really recall. I had a brain injury a few years ago, but I can ignore you and your hateful comment.:(

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  6. 1 hour ago, Caitandjay23 said:

    Another comment that came up in a podcast I was listening to was that the possessions like a geocoin could become my responsibility if it goes missing from my cache,  is this a concern or did I misunderstand it.


    You misunderstood. :)

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  7. 1 hour ago, AeroMechAZ said:

    Curiosity question:
    When someone on Police/Fire departments passes away (or gets killed), they call it their "Last Call".  When an Amateur Radio operator passes, they call it "Silent Key" ("SK").  If someone in the Navy's Submarine Service passes, it's "Forever On Patrol".

    What could we in Geocaching call it (being respectful, of course, no joking) when a Geocacher passes away? 


    Geocachers cache out. B)

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  8. 26 minutes ago, The Leprechauns said:

    I've had serious discussions with my daughter about my tombstone featuring an image of the "orange traffic cone" icon for Archive logs, with the following text:

    [My Name]

    Published:  [My Date of Birth]

    Archived:  [My Date of Death]

    "Now I'm a Virtual"


    How interesting. Sounds like something I would Waymark. :D

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  9. 13 minutes ago, thebruce0 said:

    GC33 is the Hilltop cache that appears to have been adopted out without knowledge/permission of the original CO, and was subsequently archived at the original CO's request.


    Awesome! That is interesting. Seems the guy that hijacked GC33 archived his geocache listings back in 2003? The site started off bumpy, but looks like Jeremy took care of business in favor of the original cache owner. 

  10. 19 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:

    Found it.  :)    So there may be a bunch on the subject, just header wording throwing searches off.


    I bet you won't see Waymarking tossed out there this go around. :D I don't think we will ever get a history cache type here for reasons that have already been presented by moderator Keystone. They would require a third party to review them, and they likely want paid for their services. ;)

  11. I recall discussing this subject before, which is well covered in the first two posts of this thread. I still find the subject interesting although I have lost interest in geocaching in general because of poor cache quality. I would still be interested in seeking a new cache type with new attributes.

    As for these caches working on Waymarking? I feel the site has declined too much to be useful now and was not a substitute for geocachers. Waymarkers are different.

    I'd like to see GS come up with a History type cache that requires active ownership.

  12. 6 hours ago, TommyGator said:

    I received one of these (from a previous DNF) too.

    Is GC offering a FREE "Found it" as a Valentine's gift?

    The email contains a link marked "FIND ME" that links to the cache web page, presumably so I can log the find.

    As I'm not the only one who has DNFd the cache, I have no intention of actually re-visiting the GZ until the CO (who hasn't logged-on or shown any signs of activity  since December of last year) verifies that the cache is there.  On the other hand, if the email allows a FREE FIND ..............


    That is exactly how I used mine. :D

  13. 1 hour ago, GPS-Hermit said:

    As I see it the allowance of an abandon caches to be adopted would be the guideline rather than the exception. This proposal MIGHT be heavy in the beginning but settle down rather quickly. I have adopted several caches over time and cared for several abandoned ones! The decisions were just minutes to adopt or not!  The worthyness of a cache would mostly be taken on by the adopter giving his reasons. I assume no one would to adopt a cache that bores them. Only a small percentage of abandon caches would be deemed worthy enough by anyone to take on the task. When I see folks having a great time - I just naturally want to see a good thing continue. So far I have never had the owner of an abandon cache respond at all to any response! No response to cache logs, emails, reviewer inquiries, just nothing! He could  always get it back if needed and good reason are given such as:Job change, Military duty, Prolonged illness or injury, relocation, Jail, renewed interest in GEOCaching!  There don't need to be any stoppers. Just good people finding a way to keep a good thing going! Cache ON! 


    As fun as as this hijacking abandoned caches sounds, I don't think the company will allow it. I agreed to maintain my caches when I asked that they be published on this geocache listing service, but I understand that none of my caches are special. 

    Maybe the best way to keep these old special caches going is to educate noobies not to post DNF's, NM's, and NA's or just make those features really hard to use on the app.:D

  14. 9 hours ago, Réd said:

    KonaJake has done the honorable thing and allowed the aggrieved to relog their caches.

    Tip of the hat! Awesome Move!

    Now, let's encourage him to enable the cache, he disabled due to the frasques, and, in KonaJake's words . . . .Cache on :-)

    This iconic webcam cache from 2004 with over 100 favs needs to be available to the community.

    For my part, I apologize if I caused a ruckus. Not my intention to have the cache archived.

    And I'll meet the co halfway, I promise to read instructions more carefully in the future!

    Fair enough?











    Sorry, but how is it doing the honorable thing by being bullied into accepting just whatever from those that don't take the time to meet logging requirements?

    I would archive that cache and be done with it if you caused me that much grief about it already. But you get to keep your find, even if you don't meet the logging criteria.

    The honorable thing would be to meet the CO's logging requirements and not cause a ruckus until you get your way. :(

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  15. 3 hours ago, arisoft said:

    You are not the only one who can not understand. DNF logs appears after the cache owner has verified that the cache is missing and disabled it. Can you explain this behaviour?


    Oh, okay. No, I have never encountered such a thing. I'm seeing people logging found it on piles of dumped out geolitter, but no DNF's on these listings where the CO seems to have taken a break from maintaining their listings. 

  16. 20 minutes ago, arisoft said:

    My opinion is that the game need more DNFs. Some players post DNF only after the cache is disabled, not before, because they were not sure whether they found the cache or not.


    Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean. They found it or not? 

  17. 1 hour ago, L0ne.R said:

    Yes, otherwise the game loses it's integrity and becomes distasteful game of leaving litter and finding litter.

    Or in the case of caches that are missing and languish in disabled mode, the database fills with caches that are not there-- which reminds me of the letterboxing site LBNA; the acronym eventually became known as LetterBox Not Available, and has had a hard time getting people to come back even after a sweep a few years later. 


    Exactly how I see it as well. LBNA, Terra Caching, Navi cache, GPS games, Garmin's OpenCaching. They all failed because of management, the sites can't run themselves powered only by the players.

    I used to really enjoy geocaching here when the standards were higher and we had reviewer sweeps to clean up all the junk. The game needs more reviewer intervention to enforce health scores and address the flagged NM caches in their area. 

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