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  1. I recall when I started this game 10 years ago we had reviewers that would do a clean up of listings with DNF's, but now it's common to see found the location but not the cache, or log was wet so we replaced it. Not much a reviewer can do when people quit logging DNF and such to alert them.
  2. I just picked that line up from the Facebook geocachers.
  3. Truthfully, one of the few times I complained about a post resulted in me getting a time out. You can't even report in private here without fear.
  4. If it makes you feel better, I do have most of the other regulars here on my ignore list. I'm sure the waymarkers are glad to be rid of me telling them the flaws I see in their game, but that's just because I no longer care about Waymarking.
  5. I could not agree with with you more. But if you were to ask anyone that has ever contacted me asking for help, they would tell you that I was one of the best cache owners that would go out of my way to help you. Here in the forums, I'm abrasive like a possum.
  6. And if I play different than you, then I'm doing it wrong? I just use the cache page and play the game accordingly. But I do admit, from what I see you post here in the forums, I too have formed an opinion of you that has nothing to do with your style of geocaching.
  7. I keep it simple and to the point. Not many ways to sugar coat a DNF, but needs cache owners or needs reviewers attention is my normal NM or NA log, if you consider that calling out another geocacher then I'm guilty. I actually try not to upset other geocachers, but even posting corrected coordinates and pictures (non spoiler) of the logs I sign has upset some. But I see your point, once you have made one cacher angry by playing the game then the rest of their friends take the side against you so dare not attend events because you are not welcome in their group of friends. And yes, posting logs accordingly got me on the short list. No reason to lie about it. Most of the locals, like this topic, own too many caches that they won't maintain unless someone like me comes along and a reviewer gets involved. So that makes me a bad geocacher?
  8. I've been filtering them out for years, and locally there is just no interest in seeking them unless you are in one of the coordinates sharing groups.
  9. It seems I have a bad day every time I post logs accordingly here locally. I posted NM on one cache with no finds in four years, which most likely was one of those little nano tubes pushed into the ground, the result was the owner posted: Archived!. Another listing with DNF's piling up over two years I posted NM, the result was the CO posted armchair maintenance that they would check it. These are experienced geocachers that own 300 + listings. Many of the logs on some of the hiking caches which are micros in the woods have those canned copy/paste logs from group cachers that replace the missing ones along the trail as needed. Another geocachers listing I flagged responded by archiving the caches and posted that they are physically unable to maintain their caches. I understand what having a bad day is. If the reviewer had communicated to me and asked what's going on with the cache you posted NA on, I could have explained in detail, but they chose to ask on the cache page then got upset when I responded there. I was already having a bad day because I posted logs accordingly and did not give in to following the pattern of add a log or container. I feel it's my fault as a veteran geocacher that placed and maintained high quality History caches that when this game degraded into PT's or so called geoart that it's just not the same game that attracted me 10 years ago. It's time that I move on and not let it bother me, it's just a game and it changed into something I don't enjoy anymore because I'm a solo cacher that don't play it for the numbers. This game can't function properly without reviewers and players that will post DNF, NM, and NA accordingly. And truthfully, I don't see the same pattern in other areas. I see reviewers temp disable listings with several DNF's, but maybe players contact them by PM with the GC code to avoid what I encounter by posting NM or NA.
  10. When I first got into this game researching local history and writing it up on the cache page then hiding a cache in the historic location was what motivated me, but I don't think the players today are interested in reading a cache page anymore.
  11. Let's be logical. If I had slammed a volunteer reviewer as I was accused in a public forum or by PM I would be a locked member now.
  12. I ride a vintage 1977 Murrary 5 speed with reduced gear ratio and fat tires that is equipped to haul my fishing poles and gear. It's got that "mug the next guy" look about it when I ride the greenbelts.
  13. Sorry, but they are on my ignore list and I won't respond to them, but did now that you mention it go back and take a look. They are wrong about my canned response via the app. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC3GJH0_m-e-c-c-2
  14. I don't understand it myself, but because I flagged the cache NM a few months ago and corrected the coordinates for other players that posted problems with it being waterlogged in their logs that the reviewer note was addressed to me after posting NA so I responded to it there on the cache page . I'll send you a PM of the GC code if you would like.
  15. I posted NM and better coordinates on that listing a few months ago, and I'm just not willing to maintain it for a player that is no longer active. I fail to see where I'm wrong in doing so.
  16. They asked by posting a reviewer note on a cache page that I posted NA on what the problem was and I responded there to the reviewer note that it was holding water and we needed help from a reviewer on flagged listings and less players that only add paper to the pile of mush. The reviewer said I was slamming him in a public forum. I don't see it that way.
  17. Now that spring is here I have been active geocaching and dared posting NA and NM on a few caches that the owners are not caring for which resulted in a PM to me from the local reviewer scolding me. I've came to expect this from cache owners that respond to nothing but an NA posted to their listings, but the local reviewer? I'm just tired of seeing stacks of DNF's and NM on caches in my area that need a clean up. Most of the community here will just add a log or container and post that in their found log. So good luck with your venture, I'll be interested in reading your report.
  18. I really enjoy my Baofeng GT-3TP. I bought two for $29.95.
  19. I welcome you to look at my recent NM and NA logs. They tell me different.
  20. Locally it's set em' and forget em' and let the community maintain em'. I believe Groundspeak has made their volunteers aware that this is acceptable from what I'm seeing.
  21. With the major decline in Geocaching, I'd say Waymarking and Wherigo are in their final death throws.
  22. Sorry, but after visiting Logan and riding the Rock House Trail for the oldest cache in the State and Bear Wallow, all the caches in the area there ARE "Abandoned Property". I picked up the litter and replaced what I could with new containers for the next seekers. I do believe that about the same time my home State of Virginia deemed geocaches on National Forest property to be abandoned property as well, and no new cache placements are allowed without a special use permit for $60 per year per geocache. I hate to say it, but I agree with the Wildlife Management people in your State because of poor cache ownership.
  23. I've accidently found two before publish.I just signed and dated them.
  24. It's more like our reviewer is a slacker or there is no such thing as a health score. Stacks of DNF's piling up over a span of two years. I believe that better management on the reviewer level would help. I've recently flagged NM and NA on a few listings but the reviewer must be too busy to be bothered.
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