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  1. I let my PM expire and will not renew it and archived my listings. Now I'm selling off my geocoin collection.
  2. I'm seeing too many neglected caches where the owner is still active finding caches, but not placing new ones. I'm speaking about cachers that own 300-500 and more listings.
  3. Sounds like a really cheap way to cheat to fill a grid to me if I'm understanding this correctly. That ISS WM is difficult to obtain and took me three years of trying.
  4. I believe that to be normal protocol for my area as well. I've just got tired of seeing the stacks of DNF's and red wrenches that tell the quality of the local geocaches. I wish cache owners would be more responsible, it keeps the game enjoyable.
  5. I normally get no response without logging a NA, but logging NM does not alert a reviewer that I am aware of. We just don't have many players locally and the game has stalled out.
  6. I recall a few years ago that one of my listings was temp disabled by the local reviewer because it had no finds in two years after a DNF was logged. Today I was looking at some listings in the area that have no finds in three years and several DNF's logged on them. So now I'm confused, or wonder if the CHS is even used anymore to clean up abandoned and neglected listings.
  7. It would be a bit more of a challenge for those of us that only seek traditionals, and those with 10 or more FP's are rare in my area. I see it as a good way to promote those other cache types. Locally there is just no interest in puzzle caches or multis. I'm just a casual geocacher and won't be taking part.
  8. Seen it before too, just like the Scout merit badge caches.
  9. Check out this glass jar cache with a blue lid that I found a few months ago from 2010. The contents were still dry.
  10. In Waymarking, one photo can be listed in as many categories that will accept it. That way you can have 10 or more Waymarks at the same location with the same photo. There may be a few hundred Waymarkers left, but only a small handful compared to geocachers. It's mostly just about sharing vacation photos.
  11. It's been a while, but I thought clearly marking the container to make it identifiable as a geocache was part of the guidelines? I gotta agree with the part about picking it up and bringing it to the police, but what is worse it was deemed news worthy.
  12. I buy used ammo cans for $5 and $8 dollars each, and have no idea how much a micro chip would cost and if it could be easily removed, but surely noticed in an empty ammo can. I have a PVC tube cache that I constructed tethered with a lock and chain in a high muggle area in a State Park, making it difficult to find by non-geocachers seems to be helping.
  13. Whatever happen to marking a container to make it clearly identifiable as a geocache with those official green stickers that include the CO's contact information?
  14. Don't some of the API apps have the "send to" feature as well?
  15. Learning to navigate using a GPS unit is a handy skill. That makes more sense to me than a merit badge for hiding a geocache.
  16. Ain't that enough? I just don't like to play that way when logging a DNF, NM, or NA results in the CO being negative about it on the cache page.
  17. Sadly, I have to agree. When I was active hiding caches in places I wanted to take people to I wrote up the history of the area and why I was bringing you there.
  18. When I took part in the review process on another geocache listing service it was common for a student pretending to be an educator asking to publish geocaches on school property. I just seen it so much that all are suspect now. I'd just ask for a contact number so we could discuss it.
  19. I hope Groundspeak has guidelines to keep geocaches and the people they attract off of school property. And I say that as a parent and 10 year veteran geocacher. You have no idea what you are asking for. Edit to add: I really need to check profiles before commenting. Joined yesterday, 0 finds.
  20. Agreed, but I think sometimes it's best handled privately in a PM to the reviewer.
  21. I'm honestly afraid of one person known to carry a handgun and just bypass their listings after the rants they post on the cache page after my son and I posted NM and NA on a stinking film pot cache.
  22. Same here, but truthfully. Has logging accordingly ever caused you animosity from other members? I has me, but has not stopped me from logging accordingly.
  23. Because it creates too much animosity and many players have quit logging DNF, NM, and NA.
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