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  1. Get A Life, Go Geocaching! by Scook (GCJ7PN)
  2. From what you have said, I do not see any problem. However, I've only read one side of the story; it would help to see what *exactly* the reviewer posted as the reason for denial.
  3. I am religeous. My religion is atheism. It is my belief, and my belief only. That will not, however, stop me from logging finds on Christian, Buddist or Hari Krishnan caches. I also doesn't stop me from volunteering for what I deem worthy causes, like repairing hurricane damage in FL, flood damage locally, or helping Habitat for Humanity. All are or are overseen by Christian religious organizations. My point is that I have my beliefs, everyone else has their own beliefs. They may or may not be the same as mine, but it is not within my right to decide whose beliefs are valid and whose are not. I will accept any religious view (within reason) as long as you accept mine. As for caches: In a perfect world, a religious cache should be fine, as long as believing in a certain religion is not a condition for being able to log a find. In the real world, there are too many people who are intolerant of any belief that is not in line with their own, causing problems for the rest of us. Because of that reason I can understand why any caches with an (obvious) religious agenda are not allowed.
  4. Double check your GPS settings, and make sure it is set to WGS 84. Using the wrong datum can throw you off. None of the three are rated very difficult. Of course, what would be obvious to a seasoned cacher (lamp post micro for example) may stump a new cacher for up to 45 very frustrating minutes my first one lamp post micro). Popular micro containers are 35mm film containers, waterproof match container, Altoids tins and magnetic hide-a-keys. If a cache is listed as a micro, and the type of container is not listed, look for any metal object in the area that a magnet could stick to. Then look at either the backside or bottom of it.
  5. Blue Bomb

    USA Map

    To find a nice template for your state map, Google is your friend. I entered "Map of Ohio Counties" and found this one. I like maps that include the names as well as the boundaries. Then, I just used my photo software to change the un-cached counties to white. Tip: A *cool* and *fast* way to get a county map: Order an "All My Finds" pocket query and open that GPX file in Google Earth. Under the "Layers" menu on the left, select the option to show the County border lines. Then pan around the state. Too bad I can't use Goofle Earth. My main system doesn't run MS products, and the kids' computer runs win 98.
  6. ? Okay, just a question mark is not recognized as a message by the editor.
  7. Blue Bomb

    USA Map

    Lep, any chance you can tell us where you got the Ohio map?
  8. Last Sunday morning I did a series of caches in an area park, over 250 acres in size. If I would have gone in a straight line, cache to cache, it would have definately made the hike longer time wise, and possibly needed climbing gear. As well as the danger factor. Once you fall on a 60 degree muddy slope, or on the edge of a highwall, you will not stop until you hit the bottom. The there were the river crossings. The trails cross at shallow spots where the water didn't go over my boots if I stayed on top of the rocks. Pretty much everywhere else it would have been at least knee deep. When it is 18 degrees out with a sub zero windchill and you're on a 3 hour excursion, wet feet/socks/pants are not a good thing. I stuck to the trail, and am happy I did.
  9. Got a yellow Etrex a little of two years ago. I did buy a data cable for it, but after 359 caches, I see no reason to upgrade. If it ever breaks I might get a GPS with mapping support.
  10. I just came back from Wooster Memorial Park, and noticed you have been there as well. Not quite central Ohio, but when I was there on May 1st two years ago, there were wildflowers blooming all over the place. Maybe just get a book from the library and head on up there in spring?
  11. I just played around with this problem and looked at the page source. The cause of the problem is quotes. The All Cache Finds url is encased in double quotes. That makes the single quote (apostrophy) (sp?) in your name work correctly. The other urls are encased in single quotes, making the single quote in your name mark the end of the url. Either way will cause problems for either people with double quotes in their name, or those with single quotes in their name. The solution would be for the app that creates the pages to check the name for quotes and replace them with "& #39;" and "& quot;" repectively for single and double quotes, but without the space in there. If I enter it without a space or even if I use & amp; without the space, the editor seems to get confused. A possible other solution -on your end- is to change your name to use the codes instead of the actual characters, but I do not know if that will work.
  12. NW 2027.3mi from your home coordinates. That'w why I'm not going to find it.
  13. Blue Bomb


    I will second that. I missed out on FTF once because I got to the site a few hours before the cache was placed. When I finally had time to go back 3 people had already found it.
  14. I try to use the Blue Bomb whenever possible. It is a gas sucking 1972/1974/1979 (depending on what part you go by) F100 with a built 302: It has actually been white since I painted it a year and a half ago, though... When 4wd is required I use my gas sucking 1994 Suburban K1500. It actually gets better gas mileage than the Bomb, but still lousy.
  15. When my ISP decided to put a spam blocker on my acount without telling me for 3 months I spend many, many hours trying to figure out how come no email from Canada was making it through. Spam was getting through just fine, though. Once they decided to tell me I called tech support and yelled at them until they disabled it for me (there is now an option to do it yourself). In the meanwhile I have installed Bogofilter, which works pretty good now that it's been trained for over a year. I see maybe 1 spam per month, and as far as I know it has never labelled legitimate mail as spam yet. The other 40 or 50 spams per day bypass my inbox and go straight to a spam folder.
  16. Last April I found 26 caches out of 29 attempts. I had planned more, but got started 5 hours later than planned and ran out of daylight. However, last Sunday I found 9 caches, of which 6 totalled about 10 miles of hiking. (The other ones were conveniently placed on the way from one to the next, or promised a good sight). Again, I had one more planned, but ran out of daylight and I was not equipped for a night hike. That was a much more enjoyable day, even though I still have a muscle ache in my calves two days later.
  17. Thanks to everyone for their response, but since we are drifting off topic, I'm closing this thread.
  18. Today I came across a cache in an Ohio State Wildlife Area. Caches are not allowed in those, so I got three options: 1) Let it go 2) Email the owner 3) point it out to the local approver What should I do? I would really like some input from Leprechauns, but anybody's opinion would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Not always. I'm a single father with a 9 year old daughter. Try to imagine what happened when I parked the car along the road and we were spotted disappearing into the wood out in the country...
  20. I have one dog because my (now ex) wife gave in when my daughter wanted one. He's a very playful black lab who goes caching with me on the rare occasions I feel like fighting him the whole way down the trail. I also have 2 rabbits. One started out as a 4H project for my oldest daughter. It will probably die of old age before winter is over, although there are no signs of it slowing down yet (will be 6 years old this spring) and a 4 month old one that belongs to my youngest daughter, to replace one that got mauled by a neighbors loose dog while she was taking it on a walk. Since that incident, the rabbits are not going on a leash anymore. I've had a number of fish, but my ex kept overfeeding them to death.
  21. My now 9 year daughter has been caching with me on and off since I started. A few months back she got her own ID and I went back and logged the caches she had done with me. As od December 5th, 2004, she doesn't enjoy caching as much as she used to, due to my vehicle sinking to the axles into clay while on a 45 minute hike, about a mile in on a 4X4 only accessable CLOSED road with no hope of a tow truck even being able to get to us. She does still cache with me occasionally, though, especially when I assure her there are paved parking lots. Currently she has 61 finds to my 300 and some (and was quite excited about hitting 60). Turns out she remember how many finds she has and what find # each cache will be when we go out, and looks forward to hitting new "milestones" every 10 caches. She also likes to go if I can take my nephew along (they are the same age), if I'm willing to take one or more of her friends along, or in Canada, if my brother (her favorite uncle) goes along. And there's the lure of finding new toys in the caches...
  22. Trying for a FTF (First To Find) on a new cache in my area recently, I went caching at 7pm, in the dark, in a city park. When I got to the cache area I looked around and noticed a police officer watching me; he must have followed me from the parking lot. I approached him and explained geocaching to him. He thought I was out of my mind looking for a camo tape covered baby food jar in a city park in the dark, but let me continue anyway. Earlier this year I was surprised by a police officer who came up behind me and said: "Don't worry, I know what you're doing." Turns out he's a geocacher also, and saw my GPS. Those are the only two encounters I can remember.
  23. In my area in Ohio, the entire Tuscazoar series by Rocky Ridge Runner is very good. Indy-Md also has a few good ones.
  24. Blue Bomb


    Without the search feature, I do not know if this has been discussed yet, so here it goes: Playing around on the geocaching.com maps to print out 25 or so caches around my destination in Canada this winter (as well as a few on the way to stretch our legs) I was happy to find out that the area is not as starved for caches as it once was, and there are quite a few new ones. Yesterday I ran a pocket query for the 100 closest cahes to my destination so I could use GCSAK to upload the ooordinates to my GPS, and I noticed an earthcache in the list. GCKTD9, Rocks that Grew Earthcache. I went to the earthcache page and realized it should have been included in my pile of print outs, so I went to the geocaching.com maps to see where it was among the other caches I picked out. Geocaching.com put cross hairs on the map where it was centered and the the cache did not show up. I zoomed out a few times, and hit identify, which gave me a list of 15 or so caches in the area, but no earthcache. Is this by design, or did Groundspeak forget the include the earthcaches on the maps when that category got started?
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