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  1. There is a multicache (old and new Philly) that starts in Philadelphia, PA and ends in New Philadelphia, OH. That's close to a 400 mile drive, but the hider allows people local to each location to work together as a team, where someone in PA finds the first stage, and emails the coords for the final to someone in OH.


    I have found the final, and have plans to some day hopefully actually visit the first part, but with what gas costs nowadays...

  2. There is a really good and informative area on here for people just getting started. The best advice I got on a GPS was "buy the best thing you can afford starting out" I would definitely get a new one that has the upgraded satelite reception, the micro expansion card, the cable to hook to the computer, and a directional touchpad. Those are all very critical. In my short time at this I've found those items are nonnegotiable. Whatever you do, get something and get out there! It's too fun not to!


    I think that is good advice. Many people, myself included, look for the cheapest way out then find themselves looking to upgrade in a few months. If you bought the better unit in the first place you actually would have saved money.


    That is one way to look at it. Then again, I bought a Yellow Etrex for $90 new, cable off Ebay for $11 and have been perfectly happy with that. I have since added a Palm III ex and a laptop for the longer trips.


    The way I look at it is go cheap. If you lose it or break it your wallet won't hurt as much. That way also if you get it just for geocaching and after a few months decide it's not for you, you didn't shell out $300 for something that ends up collecting dust.


    You can always upgrade later and give your old one to your kids/siblings/parents/significant others who cache with you.

  3. 98.7 mph in my 1994 Suburban. That's when the governor kicked in and I about ate the windshield (I was leaning forward over the wheel so I could keep my eyes on the road, and look at the GPS screen at the same time). When it happened I thought I'd blown the engine.


    I hit it once more overtaking 4 cars and a semi truck on a downhill passing zone, but since I knew about the governor now, I was ready for it.


    Max speed reads 138mph now. Since I know the Suburban can't reach that, and I think the Prizm can't either, that must have been a glitch.

  4. Santa got me a pair of FRS/GMRS rechargeable radios. Gotta go to bed, though, as I need to get up in 5 hours to get ready to leave for my annual winter trip to Canada in 6 hours (4am).


    Got the laptop, GPS and Palm Pilot all ready to go, will be trying out the radios when I get there (unless my daughter and her friend drain the batteries playing with them on the way).


    Good night and a happy new year to all!

  5. Customizing the email may take a while but it's a great idea. I expect I'll add all kinds of options as checkboxes so you can decide whether to get events, caches, waymark categories, etc.


    The tip idea is good too. We'll be setting up the email so we can plan out announcements and have them run automatically instead of the more handcoded way we do it now.


    I have already updated the distance of events to 200 miles. So I should show mega events regardless of location? I suppose since there aren't so many that would be ok.


    I have noticed that the newest nearby caches can also get pretty long. My thought is to either show the 20 closest or the nearest under 100 miles, whatever is less.


    I also added a table of contents so you know what the email contains, like:


    In this email:


    1. Upcoming Events (8 total)

    2. Recently Published Geocaches (78 total)


    We're sticking with text for now so we can get the new email bot online. However we do plan to do html based emails in the future.


    Also, keep in mind this is not meant to be a replacement for Pocket Queries. If you really want GPX files of caches you can do that already through a Pocket Query.


    Events within 200 miles and Mega events regardless of distance are a good idea, as is the 20 closest caches under 100 miles.

    I'm not really that interested in Waymarking, so check boxes to enable/disable parts of the message would be cool, and I echo the request for a list of caches (within 50 miles or 100 miles or so) that have been archived.

  6. I also use the blue and yellow Dollar General alkalines. $5 for a 24 pack of AA. In my yellow Etrex they last about as long a Duracell or Energizer alkalines. Just bought a 24 pack of AAA (also $5) to power my Palm III xe.


    I also bought a PC/GPS/lighter cable for $11 on Ebay, and use it to power the GPS when in the car (and hook it up to the lap top at the same time). I bought it to hook it up to the lap top, but the lighter socket part more than paid back the money it cost in saved batteries in a matter of months.

  7. I have a cache on my front porch. How it came to be there as opposed to be in the woods is a different story. It is better stocked than most caches. And for some reason one of few caches where almost everybody trades up. Sometimes WAY up.


    It also seems to be a popular exchange for TBs, although I think there aren't any in there now, mostly because of easy access and close proximity to two major highways.


    BUT a few months back someone left an unactivated trackable coin. I have no clue who left it, because nobody mentioned (in paper log or online) thet they left a coin. That actually seems to happen quite a bit with expensive or popular trade item that appear in my cache.


    Every once in a while, I open up the cache to read the log book. Yesterday I noticed the coin is gone. Nobody mentioned taking it or trading for it!


    I hear of coin theft often, but never thought it would strike this close to home. And as the owner of the cache, I feel somewhat responsible.


    Now I just wish I had written down the coin number, so when it does get activated I will know who has it.

  8. And how about all of us people who run a non microsoft OS? Will that VB script work for them?


    If you HAVE to have some sort of program, it might be better to either use Javascript, or better yet, Java, so at least most cachers will be able to look for the cache.

  9. I used to use a Palm III and cachemate. Black and white screen is more readable in sunlight than color. Uses standard AAA batteries instead of custom non replacable rechargables that go bad, and it was cheap. $8 on Ebay for the Palm III, another $8 I believe for cachemate.


    A few weeks ago I fell and slipped with it in my back pocket. Busted the touch screen, but no big deal, as it only cost me $8.


    It's been replaced with a Palm III xe, also off Ebay. Same as the old one, but a newer version of the OS, and 4 times the memory. I downloaded a bunch of games for it and it still has room for a few 1000 cache listings.


    My brother on the other hand has a PPC running Linux, mainly used as an expensive MP3 player. But whenever we get out of the car to look for a cache, he locks it in the glove box. Too expensive to chance losing or breaking it.


    There may be cheaper PPCs, there are more expensive Palms, but for caching, go with something inexpensive that can run Cachemate. Then get GSAK, and a premium gc.com membership (pocket queries!) , and you have all the tools you need.



  10. Trippy, you know what I'm volunteering for!!!! And I'm happy to do it!!!


    I had hoped to volunteer for that too, but alas, it seems my 10 year old daughter will be joining me this year.


    I do plan to get a pair of two way radios and teach her how to use one (while I keep the other one) so I can attend while she is asleep.





  11. A non-angst post about a planned caching trip? Sure.


    Sunday I'm planning to drive 45 minutes to an hour to a state park to fill in a one county island on my "counties of Ohio" map. Hopefully I'll be able to park the car in one spot and hike all caches in the park.


    I do plan on taking my dog with me. He will be really excited about going somewhere in the car, and going for a hike. After the first 4 miles hiking his tail will stop wagging; after we get home he will cower in his house every time he sees me carry his leash for two weeks afterwards.


    Wish me luck. I'm guessing before the day is over I'll be carrying the dog (80 lb black lab)...


    Things I'm personally looking for as far as venue are:


    - An exclusive venue like the 2006 venue

    - Preferably camping on site, preferably managed by said venue

    - Preferably easy access to highways to ease travel

    - Preferably closer to the middle area of the Midwest to make it more accessible to more Midwest cachers.

    - Preferably with ample hotels and other facilities nearby for food, ice, etc.

    - Preferably with water feature to cool off in on site or very close by

    - MUST have indoor facilities onsite or available very close by

    - MUST offer some kind of concessions

    - Preferably provide all facilities if they have camping (i.e. toilets, showers, etc.)

    With all that, I'm thinking that the Elkhart County Campgrounds is an excellent possibility.

    They do offer rental of the entire grounds by a group, lots of camping, close to the interstate...


    They're near Shipshewana, and hence have lots of "tourist area" experience - I've seen hotels and a variety of restaurants available in and around Elkhart.

    I don't know about the indoor facilities, though. On their "site map" they do have a couple of exhibition halls - probably at least one of them in enclosed; plus there's the Elkhart Community Center.


    Oooo, and an enormous stage area, if that'd help.


    And they also have WiFi (for a fee) and Free DSL hookup. :laughing:


    This place has my vote if it is affordable (are we taking votes?) And if there's free DSL, we can try to provide wifi ourselves again. Just need a better quality router than my netgear piece of junk.

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