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  1. Thermarest sure know what they are doing. I've graduated from one generation to the next, with great satisfaction. I now use their NeoAir. The noise of it might surprise you but it's not an issue at the end of a long day outdoors... I have found that I tend to inflate my pad too much and back pain crept up. My tip: Once I lay on my pad, I open the valve just a bit to let air out until I feel that my back is supported or my hip dips down enough to straiten my spine. It's garanteed comfort.
  2. My best memories of geocaching were created while using boats! I'm already planning next year's geo-canoe-trips! I own and use 2 boats for my waterbound geocaching hunts: My much-loved but very nervous canoe Swift Keewaydin 16, here waiting for me at GC3C582: My all-weather-sure kayak Current Design Whistler (pre-2011 design), here doing the swamp thing at GC1DF2E:
  3. Bonjour de Montréal! I can do my part to add to maxpro's translation: (any other cache types unique in Quebec?) = the majority should be off the ground (because we like to geocache right through winter) wrought iron fence = clôture en fer, clôture en métal pile of sticks = teepee, tipi (but they are very rare) (others?) = a "fakir" or "pour un fakir" is a container hidden in a needle tree (pine, fir, etc) evil / tricky / devious = difficile, machiavélique SL / signed log = SJ / signé journal de bord TB / travel bug = TB / voyageur DNF / did not find = DNF / pas trouvée Write in your log that you are a geo-tourist and the town/state that you call home. We love that and most of us will greet you in response. And do bring your bike :-) When you do not find the container, a short "Ah zut, pas trouvé" (ah darn, not found) will do just fine and the Traité de Paris will be secure. Have a great time!
  4. Hello Topekan, When exactly are you planning to come? It's winter now and with few more inches of snow, it will be geo-snowshoe time. If you wish to communicate with me through my GC account, we can determine where and when you will be in Montréal and I can set up a great trip for you!
  5. I have been using a Current Design Whistler for 5 years now. It's 15ft long with large dry bulkheads. It has a large entry and stability is maximal. CD has redesigned it shorter in 2011 so getting your hands on a used one would be two-thumbs up!!! I have packed it tight with camping gear on many occasions and I have paddled large waves (ie Georgian Bay) and choppy waters (ie Kiosk) with a great sense of safety. On the down side, when packed full, portages are out of the question, even with a buggy.
  6. I've tried real hard to drown my 2001 Honda Civic going through washed-out road and mud holes on forest trail. It's a good tough little car, easy on the maintenance and the gas. I now drive a Subaru Impreza (which I really like to drive) but I was reminded by close family that it doesn't float either...
  7. I am really satisfied with my MSR Hubba 2-place. Its price It's light, sets up quickly and I can use the parts independantly. There is not extra space when 2 sleep in, but each has a good size covered exit. High quality and trustworthy equipment is important out there.
  8. My regular outdoor trips are 3-4 days canoe-camping trips, to get to a geocache. I bring a 10'x12' ultralight nylon tarp and a 120' rope to set it up. Staying dry in any condition is my luxury. On a another note, I will stretch food to stay out an extra day when the weather is great but I'll backtrack home quickly if toilet paper is running short
  9. Salut! Le sujet n'est plus d'actualité. Le dernier post remonte à 5 ans. Durant cette période, nous sommes passés de 1000 à 15000 géocaches actives. Le Québec est la province qui a le plus de caches actives en ce moment.
  10. Loving it! Perfectly done! This creative log proves we can have fun geocaching whatever the situation And isn't it the purpose! Very well, my friend!
  11. When I started geocaching, the containers I found -and their notepad-size logbooks- were larger. So I would easily fill out a logpage to share my thoughts with the following finders. More recently, I fell frustrated when I have to squeeze my geotag and logdate in a itzi-bitzi printed square. There's not even enough space to write down my swag. I confess, sometimes I rebel against the format and I will use many "squares" to log my find and share my experience On the website, I write my logs for the CO and myself. They are reminders of my treks, who was with me, what region was I visiting, and if possible, what made this find special. Most finds do not stand out. But it's the fact that I took time to look for the geocache that needs to be noted. If a find does stand out (viewpoint, camouflage, group outting, special serie of hdes, etc), I will take the time to share my experience with the CO. This said, I'm -to this date- 363 backlogs late I need to get logging!
  12. Association Géocaching Québec www.geocaching-qc.com La première référence pour l'information en langue francophone sur le géocaching et l'utilisation des GPS! Depuis juin 2006, l'AGQ a pour mission de promouvoir l'activité de géocaching, d'informer les intéressés au jeu et de planifier des occasions de rencontres entre géocacheurs à la grandeur de la province du Québec. Cette mission ne serait qu'un espoir sans la participation dynamique des géocacheurs québécois qui organisent des activités de tous les genres et qui se portent volontaires pour un déroulement extra-ordinaire des rencontres. Myriam Méthot, alias Galaad Présidente - AGQ
  13. Galaad


    I just adore meeting geocachers all over the woods and city all night long! Can't wait for this year's summer version!
  14. I sadly learn the passing of Paragon. He was a great contributor to my adventures in Northern Ontario. The Montreal River Multi-cache is a trophy in my found geocaches collection. My most respectful condolences to his family. Galaad Montréal, Québec
  15. That is exactly why you might find caches on the CEC grounds in Samuel de Champlain They are also very active to promote tourism in their area. As a frequent visitor/driver-through, I only can say "Hourra!"
  16. Si j'avais su, je n'aurais pas commencé un nouveau sujet!
  17. Bump, de bump, et bump!
  18. And we're a happy bunch to geocache with so if you wish a guide, just say so on our forum. If you come this weekend, we are gathering for dinner: Quebec fete ses 5000 geocaches
  19. Bonjour dans la belle province! Any owner would be more than happy to translate his cache description for you. You can also ask everybody's help on our forum, www.geocaching-qc.com. Feel free to post in English, mentioning which geocaches you wish to visit and someone will answer you right back. GC46AB is bilingual and situated near the historical Lachine Rapids Edit for typing errors
  20. Count me in - Strawberry Daiquiri
  21. Alors pour quelque reviseur avec qui tu communiqueras... Considère que tu t'adresses à un géocacheur très expérimenté (en nombre de caches trouvées et placées), qui a relativement voyagé pour trouver des caches, et très dévoué à l'activité pour laquelle il consacre bénévolement le temps qu'il pourrait utiliser pour aller jouer dehors. Presque tous les reviseurs ont commencé à jouer dans l'année de naissance de notre hobby, des pièces de musée, quoi!
  22. Can you post a list of participants to reassure us we have registered properly and to get to know each other? We are going to share a box soon, you know!
  23. I also suggest you speak to Murfster.
  24. I'm also interested. Gold would be a fun color for me.
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