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  1. I would leave it as is and use it as the fair weather street machine. It makes for a good conversation/show with your cache buddies. Don't take a chance on what could happen when the repair tech starts pulling screws and the vitals start falling out
  2. Tritonforum would be the place to find the answers you are looking for, and the best place to ask questions. There are several tutorials with links to the programs needed there as well. You will need to find the resources and programs that work out best for your particular need. There are several ways to go about making the same type of map.
  3. The files saved on your pc that you are importing to Vantage Point should also be able to be imported into whatever program you need for the Garmin. Such as the PQ's or .gpx files.
  4. First off, that is great! I wish they were all like that. But I'm going with "Luck" (you can reference it as "dumb luck") I consider myself new to the sport (hobby) as evident in my profile. I run a PN-40 right along side a Triton 400 or 2000. So far the Tritons win with accuracy and the PN wins with ease of cache use. Geocaching is "as I can fit it in my schedule or route hobby", and not the reason for owning a gps. One of my first finds with the Triton 2000 was actually reading "0", I looked down and was standing on top of the container (under a rock). It was luck that the recorded location was matching with the gps at that moment. I do understand the variation of the recorded location and gps reception. Having the >1' reading while on top of it is a lot of fun and keeps me coming back for more, along with some of the great locations and ideas for hides. I think it's time to place my first.
  5. Here is the routine order of transaction that I always follow and never fails:*Start VP, power on the Triton, "connect to pc" *It shows up, now I can sync any info needed *Use the disconnect button in VP, confirmation pop up, press "esc" on the Triton *Only connect to VP again after powering off the Triton and going through the above sequence again *Never power on and connect to pc before VP is running There are a few instances to "connect to pc" without VP: *Updating the firmware with the direct .exe file *Connecting to another program to transfer files, such as NG TOPO or Mapsend Use the NMEA connection for live tracking with a map program like VP, Google Earth, TOPO, etc. This is using any combination of XP, Home, Pro, SP2, SP3. This has also been the case through all firmware versions of a Triton 400 and 2000, and all versions of VP. Always logged on as administrator. Check in with Tritonforum for other solutions.
  6. You may need to re-install the driver. But before you do that...open vantage point, connect the triton, power on, select connect to pc. Sometimes the order will help recognize it. You may also want to look for some help at tritonforum.
  7. It is a great value just don't expect to download large areas of coverage in a short time. At least for the color aerials that use a lot memory and are very s--l--o--w downloading (depending on the time of day).
  8. I have the 400. Very accurate, many map choices available (+ free ones), good color screen, waterproof, sd card expansion (maps only). Need to use the Vantage Point software to load caches. No road routing. Great unit for the price.
  9. Create a pocket query gpx file. Import this to VP, then into the Triton.
  10. It is best to update without using vantage point. Download the update zip file and follow the instructions inside. The most recent update has resolved the problem communicating with vantage point to load your data.
  11. It does have "Automatic" for the time zone. I wonder if that would do it? That is the setting I am using.
  12. Triton 500 at that price is very good. Problems and complaints have become minimal after the August updates for all Triton models. For more in-depth information from Triton owners you might want to visit Tritonforum
  13. It's easier just to link the pinned topic: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=230083
  14. This one comes to mind: http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....p;ProductID=182
  15. Well done Haitoman. There is an overload of info out there. It is up to you to figure out what to do with it
  16. Here you go. Only venting and opinions here Direct your posts in other threads to the OP, not a responder.
  17. Vantage Point and the Triton do not have sub folders to keep the PQ's seperate. Load one into VP then the Triton. If you need to load in several PQ's from different locations, then just use the "nearest" sort order when in that area. You can only pick and choose to add or delete as single gpx files (geocaches).
  18. As a reminder to bring it back around again, here's the OP. I don't agree with some of it, but then I'm partial to a particular one. Still good effort and a lot of work for the OP. Argue the point, but don't ruin it!
  19. That is a point of view statement. I'm sure you can find "the other side of the story". My point of view shows the largest percentage being fairly happy with whatever brand. Most posts in forums are problems, complaints, and confusion. This number is very small compared to the number of actual owners. Have been using it almost daily for over a year and a half. Number of finds is not relevant in this case.
  20. I have had "good luck" so far. I noticed you had quite an ownership timespan difference from the magellan compared to the garmin. I hope you have "good luck" with the garmin. I'll quote my other response: "Well then I should be considered new to this. I got my first Triton 400 in early 2008 with a couple of complaints and problems at the time. Have since added another 400 and a 2000. I guess I need to add a different "brand" for comparison. I have researched some and found the biggest problem is "deceitful claims in advertising". The other problem is "electronic devices" fail sometimes. You will find this on all reviews and forums of "electronics". Sorry to here of your "bad luck" Alan. I hope I don't run into any." This is quoted from the delorme site: 360° raster rotation sets the PN-40 apart from other common GPS handhelds. With 360° rotation road, building, and other images really are on your left or right as you look at the map and walk, bike or drive Do other gps units not do this? The Triton always has. Does this set it apart. I want a PN for comparison, but these kinds of statements do not sway me. From what I've read...garmin is solid, trusty, backed. But come on, get with the mapping. And this is a big item for me in a gps.
  21. There are those that purchase a handheld gps for its intended purpose. And then purchase a road navigation gps for its intended purpose. The newer devices can handle either one, but only handle one "very good" based on their design.
  22. What operating system are you using? Do you have Vantage Point installed? Have you looked for some help on the tritonforums?
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