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  1. In Groundspeak's world, archived means "set a status indicator", not deletion. Apparently your profile/challenges page doesn't filter out based on that status indicator. Again, a silly bug.
  2. I'm confused by your statement above. My stats were regenerated overnight and I don't see any impact from the Geocaching Challenges. Did you mean to say your "find count"? If not, which stats did you see impacted by logging the Geocaching Challenge?
  3. I think it's reasonable. The problem I see is that we already have CO's that don't check their logs for signatures and don't verify that their Virtuals, Earthcaches, Mystery/Challenge Caches are being logged properly. Giving them another thing to "not check" doesn't seem like time well spent. Just my 2 galactic credits.
  4. This data is readily available: Suggestion 1. View your profile. The challenge counts are separate from your "find" counts. Suggestion 2. View your public profile. The challenge counts are separate from your "find" counts. In the case of CITOs and other things you don't believe count as finds, go to your public profile, click the "Geocaches" tab, subtract anything out you don't want to count. Easy.
  5. I have 3 myself. As far as I can tell you can't remove them. That's a pretty big bug and I'm a bit horrified that it was missed in testing. Quality Assurance? System Testing? What's that?
  6. Actually I wasn't. If I said "shut up" then I'd be telling someone to shut up. Please don't interpret my words for me. You'd make a lousy universal translator.
  7. A simpler universal concept: If you don't like something, speak up and try to change it! Please don't tell people to shut up. If you don't like it, ignore it. I said that? That is some serious anagram work you're doing there, sparky. I was referring to the "Boycott" OP. Nothing more. Constructive feedback is always welcome. Calls for boycott and other nonsense is just silly.
  8. A simple universal concept: If you don't like to do something, don't do it.
  9. Allright, I'll bite. I've tried about 3 challenges so far... They don't add into my profile page count or on my public profile page count (the main page). The only place (so far anyway) that I've seen it added is when you click on someone's "geocache" tab in their public profile. UPDATE: Ah, I see it's in the log entries as well... So I guess my questions are: 1. If people are so concerned about other people's find counts, why don't they just view the breakout count on the main summary view of that person's public profile page? Besides, if someone wants to claim they have 20,000 finds only have someone view their profile and find 19,000 are geocaching challenges, that's going to be their embarrassment problem, right? 2. We've had armchair loggers for years with CO's not verifying logs. Now suddenly people are outraged with their inability to verify logs and being held to their honor and those logs being added to counts? Confused. DISCLAIMER: I am not saying there aren't silly challenges and the whole thing doesn't need to improve dramatically (not being able to delete archived "accepted challenges" from my profile, REALLY?) I'm just curious about the particular outrage on the count stuff.
  10. Creativity in one or more forms: Description, container/camo, location, puzzle (if applicable)... An occasional nearby muggle to abduct into my spaceship...
  11. So they went and found something that they previously didn't find but said that they did. Or it could have been one person signing them in as a team. Every signature that was there (and there weren't that many because the cache was still fairly new and slightly off the beaten path) had a corresponding electronic entry. There were no team sigs. Some of the cachers I'm familiar with and they use stamps. No stamps either. No blurred ink. Nothing. Regardless, even if I HAD missed something, I would expect an e-mail... Not cache theft.
  12. Keep in mind that even if you play by the rules, others may not...The other day I had to check on a cache and saw 6 or so signatures NOT on the paper log, so I deleted them. 2-3 days later, the cache conveniently disappeared. I suppose it could have been a muggling, but I have my doubts.
  13. I've hosted several events which resulted in caches being found. I guess it's all in how you word things. Typically, I speak about the gathering of friends, the quality schmoozing, the stuffing of faces, then I toss in a quick mention of maybe hunting caches afterward. Meanwhile the title of the event can be "So and so CACHE MACHINE" and that's perfectly acceptable... as long as the DESCRIPTION doesn't talk about organized caching.
  14. I'm not sure, but my older sister now seems to be disappearing from my family photos. (That's not a deal-breaker btw)
  15. Truly there is no accounting for the stupidity of some. That said, I can imagine all sorts of sports that might receive "black eyes" if this person participated in them. I wouldn't blame the sport itself for that person's actions, however (unless the sport encouraged the behavior.) "Oh, You mean I wasn't suppose to skeet shoot on the P.E. field at the Elementary school?"
  16. What? People are actually going to have to walk 50+ feet? What kind of power trail is that? Hopefully people will be able to drive right up to them somehow. They will when Groundspeak releases their new caching vans. All terrain, no doors, fits 6 cachers, has quick detach seat belts and is only 4.5 feet wide.
  17. Turns out NDOT got a bit of flack from the locals for the decision. Seems the locals wanted the ET trail to return. The CO's were approached about reestablishing the trail. If I had to guess, the agreement probably looks similar to what was worked out before the supposed snowplow incident. I'd estimate they'll not place some of the caches in the mountains that had the narrower shoulders and short-visibility curves. They probably will alps have to place caches off the road a bit and not place them at the base of markers. I doubt we will here details before the trail goes public. Per their info page: "The NEW ET Highway MEGA trail!!!: We have talked to many parties about the ET Highway PT, to include County Commissioners, NDOT & Groundspeak. We have gotten guidelines from NDOT and what they feel meets their safety concerns and have repopulated the area with caches. These caches won’t be along the mile markers like before but a safe 50+ feet off the highway, in areas where there is plenty of room to pull completely off the road. NO chance of meeting up with a snow plow!!! With all parties now on the same page...perhaps this trail will have some staying power!" Additional info here: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1b8VhcV3yki54pXTMynpnoQPYPFawZjmyD4wj_zZ7bz0
  18. I ran into that the other day. Seems like a simple coding fix would solve the problem. It doesn't work reliably on the iPad either. Sometimes the caches don't appear.
  19. I can start with this one. It's not amazing, but certainly better than your average nano or key holder with a strip of coordinates. This one was made out of sculpy and magnetically attaches along the "spine" (top area in image) inside a steel fence post. The image printed on the "base" is then pointed upward so it can be seen by a flashlight peering down. (The letter is used for an offset calculation).
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