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  1. Salve, vorrei sapere indicativamente le tempistiche per la pubblicazione di una cache, quindi dopo quanto tempo un Reviewer l'approva; è la prima volta che ne nascondo una..

    Indicativamente secondo Groundspeak entro un paio di settimane ma i reviewer italiani sono molto celeri e spesso dopo pochi giorni il cache viene preso in carico e pubblicato.

  2. Ciao, io prossima settimana vado a Cincinnati per lavoro e rimango per circa 16 giorni.

    Se vuoi puoi spedirmi il TB in hotel, penso arrivi in tempo prima che io riparta per l'Italia

  3. Cool, it seems you're from Cleveland area.

    I'm pretty often in the Cincinnati area for business :)


    You can get a cache large enough adding some filters on your research.

    For example type Rome and click "change filters" then chose Small, Regular, Large as size.


    Hope I could help

  4. the query makes a AND amongst the attributes instead of a OR as I expected

    Yes, you are correct - and no, I don't believe there's any way to alter that logic.

    I was afraid to get such an answer :(


    So you'd probably do best to design this as a several different queries.


    as Mystery with Flashlight attribute and as Mystery with Nightcache attribute

    as Multi with Flashlight attribute and as Multi with Nightcache attribute

    Thanks for the advice :D
  5. Hi,

    I was trying to build a PQ for night caches in my region.

    So I added the following 4 attributes: recommended at night, flashlight required, UV lamp required, night cache.

    It seems the query makes a AND amongst the attributes instead of a OR as I expected.

    I mean, the PQ contains only caches with all those 4 attributes instead I'd like to have a PQ for caches with at least one of them.

    Is there a way to do it?


    Thanks in advance


  6. What else can I do?


    Just wait, not everybody is quick to do their logging or read their email. They may be confused what to do since it's out to an unknown location.


    Give them another week. Then send them a polite email letting them know they can Grab the bug into their possession.

    They logged in my TB as Grab just this morning.


    What a nice Xmas present to see again my TB along its journey :laughing:

  7. I had lost a TB, at least it seemed so, marking it as missing when yesterday someone discovered it in cache.

    He was so king to post a note as well to let me know in wich cache he discovered my TB.

    Reading logs of that cache now i know another geocacher immediately after took out my TB but he hasn't log it yet.

    I sent him an email asking to log as grabbed bau no replies till now...

    What else can I do?

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