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  1. So recently our Publisher came out of the geocaching closet as a geocacher in the area. I have talked to other folks in other areas and they have stated that there is no way a Publisher is supposed to go after FTF seeing as they published the cache that they were going for. This publisher had gotten a FTF on one of my caches before I knew that they were the publisher. So recently I saw they got another FTF but with a group. I called him out because I believe that regardless of being in a group they should not be going for a FTF. Then he sent me a message... telling me to shove it.... I am thinking a publisher should be able to bite their tongue.. I mean that a publisher that takes what he knows prior to publishing has the advantage. I was just curious about what the geocaching community feels about it. I was told not to take this game personally but I just want to know what you think. Anyway good luck to all and have a great 2017 Eyeash
  2. Hi there fellow cachers, So I am looking for a Cache that was hid in July 2000. I have every other one in my sights and on my watch list except for a July 2000 cache. If anyone has any or can send me a link that would be great. Thanks in advance. Eyeash
  3. Ok I did a refresh on the screen and now I have 1146 found so I am glad that there are no problems. Thanks for the quick reply. You can remove this post now.
  4. So I may have answered my own question but I added my squares and i am short 20 from my founds. So maybe there is a delay. I will check back in an hour and make sure that they show up or else there is something wrong. Eyeash
  5. So today I found a cache, GC18W3Z I Like Magnets Version #3 in Carlsbad CA. So the Difficulty is a 5 and the terrain is a 2. So if I look at my stats I do not have a 1 in there. It is still empty. How do I resolve this. I should have a 1 in there. Now I am worried that my Stats might not be right. Any Help would be great Eyeash
  6. That's an awful puzzle and GIMP and similar tools will not help. I've seen one in my area. It's really, really, really a bad puzzle. Requires specific hardware (not specified in the description) and requires you to open yourself to dangerous behavior on the Internet. So here is another puzzle cache, will gimp work for this one? http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC20NPG_cimsagro4s-golden-mystery Just curious Eyeash
  7. Not necessarily hints just a way of thinking about these puzzles. If you couldn't ask the CO what would be one way people would try and solve this. What state must you be in to solve it. That is all I meant. I don't need to solve this one I was just curious the mindset. Eyeash
  8. So I have a Puzzle cache that is wordy and I think the info I need is in the text. I tried clicking on the pics and everything and the numbers in the text don't necessarily match coordinates in my area. Any advice from the master Puzzlers Thanks in advance. Here is the link http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC36MF0_climb-the-new-high-mountain
  9. Sorry, no help with GIMP but I'd like to try the puzzle for myself... link? So I am having a similar pic puzzle here is my link....http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC51W6N_fizzy any help with this puzzle?
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