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  1. one more thing... I fill the coordinates and switch DecDeg -> DMS -> DecDeg just before I do the save
  2. I find this quite helpful workaround ... I always fill the coordinates in DecDeg format after filling (without saving) I switch DecDeg to DMS and immediately back to DecDeg the note: after switching to DMS the coordinates are almost always set to 0, after switching to DecDeg the values are restored only then will I save it almost always works for me
  3. Sunday 16:39 or 21:10 Central European Time (CET) Eforia is gone :-( again, there are delays during browsing Waymarking.com
  4. It is very good that you have come to the cause of the overload. Even today, the server response is very fast. Thank you Bootron.
  5. I am also satisfied for this time, HW has changed?
  6. I'm really frustrated... I'm not able to select correct combination of Country and State / Province when I setting new waymark for Czech Republic country State / Province box offers no choice or allows to select US State / Province !!!
  7. Hmmm, probably another good example of poor functionality of Waymarking.com see also ->
  8. Hmmm, I don't want to rely on 'Fingers crossed that this lasts' :-) Most of us is Premium Member - we should be more demanding in terms of reliability and speed of Waymarking.com. We should ask for a clear answer if and when someone will deal with it.
  9. I agree that the problem arised in waves, but probably more often than 3-4 per day. Currently the server response is very good :-) Thanks for your message bootron.
  10. I'm using Chrome. I estimate that about 40% of my requests on Waymarking.com are delayed. I notice delays at certain recurring intervals. I would understand the delay in some search of waymarks or uploading photos, but there is also delay in displaying an empty form for photo upload when I post a new waymark. This is a very simple page with minimal graphics.
  11. The combo box for State / Provinces works for me now :-) Edit 19.1.2020: the problem has improved, but sometimes it still happens
  12. This issue is still going on with me as well. I haven't had this problem yet. I'm using Chrome v.79. Same issue on two different PC with Chrome v.79. Erasing the cache and cookies didn't help. IE v.11.535 shows 'State / Province' combox OK. Third PC, IE and Chrome same version as the previous two pc. 'State / Province' combox is empty in both browsers.
  13. Thank you bootron for your info. Happy New Year to you :-)
  14. I agree, I'm using the latest version of Chrome, everything works for me, but post new waymark, upload photos takes about 2-3 times more than about a month ago :-( Don't you see it too?
  15. That's a big bad news. I didn't know him personally, but even at a distance I felt he was the right guy.
  16. this was only a 'work category' ... joke :-)
  17. I'd like you ask you too... I found the sign of The end of the world http://www.Waymarking.com/wm/add_finalize.aspx?f=1&guid=501a08a4-282f-4535-a209-f80b385e39d0&wft=2&wst=8&uid=64d291de-ca28-4f4b-ab83-228a8e08e242&st=4 Do you have a category for it?
  18. 'An Error Has Occurred' for category search is an ever-recurring problem workaround with Full Category List it solves only partially it would be much better to have a complete Expanded Description for all categories eg. in one simple text file then I guess would not need any more online category search on Waymarking.com
  19. Hi Tante.Hossi perfectly written. Do you think it makes sense to encourage your second request by my own email/request to Groundspeak support?
  20. same problem for me no e-mail notification for today
  21. yes, the usual situation on Waymarking.com ... no one knows why it started to work
  22. hmm, so today I do not see any map at any posted WM I see only message in status bar of my browser: waiting for maptiles.geocaching.com... <_<
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