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  1. I intentionally placed a guessable ALC answer in the Adventure Lab location that required visitors to passby all the other Adventure Lab locations, entrapment of the cheater who visited only the guessable armchaired location.
  2. ...the very first visitor to my first Adventure Lab.
  3. When checking the Countries/Regions list, I noticed that there are regions of France missing from that list.
  4. Each location has a message. When the user gets to her final location (whichever location that might be), the app goes straight to a celebration of AdLab completion, skipping right over the message relevant to that location. To avoid that consequence, I put the important message in more than one location.
  5. Conditions at the site of one of my AdLab locations changed. Because of the consequences mentioned here so often, rather than remove or relocate, I simply edited the original AdLab location, now providing the answer in the location description.
  6. Already published waymarks are not subject to new requirements, correct?
  7. I can waymark stations from 1970 or earlier (five extra years), minimally include three photos and write three sentences. Did I miss additional improvements to the category?
  8. Are we discussing a real life example, an equestrian statue with a named rider that was published in figurative sculptures category?
  9. As reviewers, we should be identified in all we say and do.
  10. Bien: Iglesia de Santa María la Real Comunidad Autónoma: C.A. Galicia Provincia: Orense / Ourense Municipio: Entrimo Categoría: Monumento Fecha de Incoación: 19-02-1982 Fecha Boletín Incoación: 27-05-1982
  11. It is in the database. https://www.culturaydeporte.gob.es/bienes/buscarDetalleBienesInmuebles.do?brscgi_DOCN=000014590&brscgi_BCSID=3c86b699&language=es&prev_layout=bienesInmuebles&layout=bienesInmuebles
  12. Reading the category description, local waymarkers were quite proud of the granite which came from Dartmoor in England. It was one of the first chances for waymarkers outside of North America to get excited about their own local subjects. Examples from this category might be located anywhere in the world that Dartmoor granite was used to construct something. Expanding the category to entire-planet granite would fail as a category because waymarks would be too common.
  13. I don't think that big boulder was brought from England to Spain.
  14. Looking at the second sample photograph in the category description, could L'HOTEL and HOTEL LE SAINTE-BEAUVE both be waymarks?
  15. Commercial Commemorations people = pioneer engineers
  16. That's done but I don't feel good about it. There should be a better way.
  17. That's awesome. My COVID19 mask is covered in Eeyore.
  18. In that example, only the category leader can edit the category description.
  19. "A respectful photograph of the grave marker or headstone must be provided. If possible, the photograph should clearly identify the deceased by name." Those instructions are in one of my reviewing categories. I'm discouraged by the hundreds of waymarks in the category that include only "a" photograph and no other photograph to help waymarkers find the grave marker. Specifically, what would we do with such a category? Ignore hundreds of precedents but securing them as grandfathered? To explain such changes to waymarkers will significantly add to our workload as reviewers.
  20. So that's the kicker. The bare minimum cannot override specific statements in a category description, correct? All other categories would be subject to an agreed upon bare minimum. Working with a bare minimum, do we decline or simply not approve? This is such a can of worms. But a very interesting can. In my head, I can already hear the ranting. But I'm ready and very willing.
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