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  1. Concerning the many comments accompanying the negative votes, is there a Waymarking regulation which states that a waymark must be permanent? Similarly, is there a Waymarking regulation which states that a waymark can be visited by a waymarker at any time? The race courses that we wish to waymark are permanent. The start and finish co-ordinates do not vary from event to event. In fact, many of these courses have permanent features that exist between the running of the races. As examples, the 15k Boilermaker in Utica NY has permanent mile-markers on display. The blue lines that mark marathon courses such as the New York City marathon are visible all year long. However, Waymarking only those race courses which have permanent features is too small as a group to be global. Waymarking any permanent courses during the race events allows for global Waymarking.
  2. Peer review is not going well. Should we be discouraged? FYI, if the category included 5k events and events with less than 100 runners, my city alone would include over 100 potential waymarks in the category.
  3. In the history of running races, standard race distances have sometimes used miles and sometimes used kilometres. For example, ten-mile races still exist, sixteen-kilometre races never have.
  4. Perhaps the wording could be something like...mass participation (of greater than ??? participants) running events (not cross-country or trail running) of a distance of 10k or longer... Point-to-point events could have two waymarks: start and finish areas.
  5. Run for the Cure (and similar) events are typically 5k in length. Even so, I do like limiting the race distance (of this Waymarking category) to 10k and longer.
  6. Canadian waymarkers could also create a kazillion of these sites.
  7. I participated in peer reviews more than a year before I even realized the forums were here. Even though we have the forum button atop every page and even though many peer review comments refer to forum use, I suspect many waymarkers never visit the forums. I now see the great value in forums. Their use, and existence, should be promoted.
  8. Could the plaque or memorial (or permanent distance markers) be waymarked outside of the event dates? Could the category include similar events which are not 42.2k such as the Boilermaker 15k race in Utica, New York, with 14000 runners? Are iron-distance triathlons included since the final portion is a marathon run?
  9. Though I have an iPad and not an iPhone I can still search the App Store but did not find your app under ngs or findmarkers.
  10. The benchmarks have already increased traffic to other waymark categories in Denmark.
  11. I do wonder if our Waymarking is now threatened. Challenges are gone; what's next?
  12. Aside from contacting the waymark poster, is there something else we should do when we encounter such errors?
  13. That's an interesting suggestion. In genealogy, my true hobby, this category is a very significant one which we call strays.
  14. Does the waymark category European Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks include modern benchmarks from the twenty-first and late twentieth century? At a glace, I see no modern examples.
  15. I was contacting the waymark owner to let him know that his posted co-ordinates were off. I accidentally pressed the edit button. Until then, I did not know that anyone could edit a waymark. I then got curious: should we be able to edit waymarks posted by others?
  16. What is the etiquette for editing someone else's waymark?
  17. elyob


    Thank you for the reply. My fears are confirmed. There is no fix: I just won't be able to cache from the public terminals.
  18. elyob


    Is it safe for me to assume that the new and improved geocaching.com web site (beyond the welcome page) will no longer work on the public terminals I use that still run on InternetExplorer6? Thankfully, I can still access the Groundspeak forums.
  19. The link to the .gpx is stale.
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