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  1. I'll add the 60csx to the mix because there are still times when I go looking for that unit. When I go out here's roughly how it breaks out. OR: 70%. For most of my geocaching where I can live with the accuracy of the OR (which isn't great), just about all of my hiking, all of my biking and all of my driving I use the OR because the touch screen makes it so easy to use -- especially for geocaching, biking and driving. After living with it for several weeks and with some optimization on the Main Menu I can get around very fast and I'm really starting to take advantage of the text entry in the field. Also on the bike the OR is much easier to use. I've learned to live with the dim screen by turning off the relief shading when it is bright outside (I have a "Bright Sun" profile). CO: 20%. I still take the CO with me geocaching sometimes and almost always have it as a backup. If it isn't having a drift event its accuracy is better than the OR. Screen brightness is better but not enough that I would take it over the OR in most cases. This might change during the winter months depending on the performance of the touch screen with gloves, snow, ice, etc. I can see the CO being my foul weather GPS, but the OR has been good enough in the rain that I haven't had to use the CO yet. 60csx: 10% There are still cases like yesterday when I was hunting multiple locations in dense forest that I just brought out the 60csx because of its location stability, while the CO was off on one of its drifts and the OR was wondering around the 60csx was solid. If Garmin can fix the CO drift issue I can see getting rid of the need for the 60csx because much of the time the CO works just as well, I just can't trust it yet. I'm worried about the OR ever getting to this level of stability, but I'm hopeful. Same here, I was on a wide open lake and I saw an accuracy of 14 feet and I was shocked. At least around here I'm surprised whenever I see accuracy in the teens and low twenties. How did you get hold of a 300 already? It was available in Europe this week or last. Some shots from Poland: http://www.garniak.pl/viewtopic.php?t=3687 GO$Rs I read in a Norwegian forum that a guy had bought it in a shop in Oslo called Malfix. I made the ten minute drive, walked into the tiny shop, and asked the only person who worked there if he had the Oregon 300. "Of course!", he said. "I have had it for about two weeks..!" I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I had preordered it from tigergps, but was able to cancel without any problems. In a way this makes sense, because Europeans have no use for the pre-installed North American maps on the 400-models, and in order to protect European retailers from American competition, it's probably a good idea to give those selling these type of products a head start, especially because of the weak dollar, and the fact that European and American 300-models are identical with all languages and a world base map available.
  2. Left my Oregon 300 on with 100% BL. It took six and a half hours before the batteries were empty. (2700 mAh NiMH rechargeable)
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    Left my Oregon 300 on with 100% BL. It took six and a half hours before the batteries were empty. (2700 mAh NiMH rechargeable)
  4. Now, GPSCity is displaying expected date as August 11th. I have had the Oregon 300 for a few days now. Originally I ordered it from Tigergps, but then I found it in a shop in Oslo, where I happen to live, and then my waiting days were over. Generally, without going into too many details, I’m very happy with it. It’s my fourth Garmin, and I rate them as follows: 1: Oregon 300, 2: 60CSX, 3: Colorado 300 4: 60CS. I was pretty disappointed by the Colorado, and I’ve missed my 60CSX ever since I sold it. However, after having purchased the OR, I’m content and happy, and the Colorado now looks a lot like something Doc Emmet Brown might have built in 1985 after having returned from 2008 were he had seen people with Oregons.
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