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  1. So, I have been caching for about a year but I am fairly new to placing my own. I found a nice trail in the woods and a great place to put a cache. I looked online and found the owner and contacted him about it. This is where I get confused. I explained to him what geocaching was and told him all about CITO and he was totally fine with ,me placing a cache on his property. But then he voiced his concerns about his liability if someone got hurt on the trail and he had given permission for them to be there. So he told me that he doesn't care what we do there, but he just wasn't going to give his "permission" for us to be there. So what I am wondering is, first, is his "permission" legit enough for us to use the land, and second, WOULD he be liable if someone got hurt caching and he gave permission to be there? As a quick side question to this, does the shoulder of the road in front of someone's property count as their's, i.e., do they have any say about for instance, how parks there?
  2. Kavid

    Delorme PN-20

    I caved and bought a refurbished PN-20, but I can't figure out how to go paperless. Help please!
  3. Kavid

    Delorme PN-20

    Can anyone compare it to the Magellan Triton 500? Thanks!
  4. Kavid

    Delorme PN-20

    Can anyone tell me about the Delorme PN-20, reviews, pros, cons? Thanks for your time!!!
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