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  1. Hi pantadeusz I've got you four Caches which I will recommend you in Zurich. The two Mystery-Caches will be a good Stoll through the old Town on both side of the Limmat River. The virtual Cache will brings you to a not very well known secret of history and the Letterbox is a really cool Cache with a big final. https://coord.info/GC1K0FM --> Mystery, but the Listing is only in German https://coord.info/GCQJWE --> Mystery https://coord.info/GC7B68Y --> Virtual https://coord.info/GC6E459 --> Letterbox Greetings from the Zurich Highlands:)
  2. Good Morning to everyone here We're going to Portugal in about two weeks. We're staying two nights in Lissabon, two nights in Porto and then three nights in Douro Valley. During this week, we just wanted to have a Sneakpeak into Lissabon and Porto --> if we like the cities, we'll surely come back again:) Can you supply us with some of the must-do-Caches in this region? Greetings from Switzerland
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