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  1. If you are realy that horribly concerned, do one of two things, 1 take it to a grinder and grind down the tip, or two the tip is simply screwed in, un screw it. in my personal opinion its no big deal pencils can be easily sharper than that arrow tip. someone is more likely to get poison oak caching than to get hurt by that vicious lil travel bug :laughing:

  2. Greetings...


    I am looking for an XL travel bug tag. I am talking 1 foot by 2 feet or larger.


    Does someone make these or is this some thing that I will need to make myself?


    Thanks for the info


    I dont know of any place that is currently making them, if you are serious about it, email me at thepaintballministry@yahoo.com and I have a couple connections that could fabricate them for you

  3. I am very sensitive to poison oak. I hated spending the money on technu! rediculously over priced. This stuff is inexpensive and WORKS!!! even after you have it it will help it go away way faster. being that is is made in my home town I had to try it. come to find out the military is now buying it, greyback forestry uses it, and tons of other contractors that are in contaminants every day buy it in bulk. I know it works and its CHEAP!!! Marie's Poison Oak Soap

  4. Well if any of the horders out there decide they want to release them, I have not placed my first cache yet. I would love to have people send me some random trackables and I will place them in a brand new location here in grants pass, OR thepaintballministry@yahoo.com

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