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  1. Thanks for the update, just resubmitted mine again and now points are updated. Sadly the CO's are going to get duplicate "find" emails
  2. Just wondering if there is an issue with the Reach the Peak Leaderboard/stats? I posted a find yesterday which would have put my points over the top for the latest peak souvenir but they have not been updated and I haven't been awarded the latest souvenir either. Just wondering if this is maybe an issue with the site or not?
  3. How do I find out the oldest caches in my region. I have already sorted via "placed" date but that only gives me a certain radius from my home location. How do I expand my search for caches within my entire province, or in other words expand my search area from the default? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm not quite getting the whole idea of not being able to host events at multiple ports of call on a Cruise vacation. If the idea of an event is to meet new cachers then why not host one and hopefully draw in some local cachers? I get the fact that in some cases the only attendee could be the host, that's the chance you take, or if that was the intent then that's on the host for pulling that one off. It's certainly isn't my intent. I would have liked to meet a local cacher or 2 and possibly get a few tips on the caches that I would like to seek out while visiting for the day. I for one would have like the opportunity to meet other cacher but sadly I was only permitted to host one event for the trip so i had to make a choice. Afterwards I did a bit of looking around and it seems that a couple of cachers found a work around for this rule. They took turns hosting events in different ports of call. A little sneaky but not against the rules. Since I am the only cacher in our couple, I can't readily pull that one off. So hopefully there are other cachers on the same cruise ship that will host an event in another one of the ports....fingers crossed.
  5. Issue solved, thanks to Atlas Cached. Had to move the firmware back from Version 5.1 back to version 5.0. This seemed to fix the issue of new waypoints not getting referenced off the NULL Island point. It didn't fix any waypoints that were already messed up but that's ok, I deleted them and redid them with a new name and they seem to be ok. I also tested this with a couple new waypoints today while out for a hike and things seem to be back to normal again, everything worked fine. So from this I can only assume that there is a glitch in the version 5.10 firmware. Any old waypoints (before I upgraded the firmware) are acting normal, and the new waypoints (after I rolled back the firmware) are acting normally. The ones in between that were set up with the version 5.1 firmware didn't (and still don't) work correctly. Even when I edited them they were still incorrect. Only when I deleted them and set them up with a new name did they operate properly. Once again, Thanks to Atlas Cached for all the help.
  6. No luck by changing to DEMO MODE to fix the issue. When I switched back, issues was still there.
  7. My 64st is running version 5.10. That is the latest version according to the website
  8. Not sure what you mean when you refer to Basecamp?
  9. I use the same method I have always used when setting up a waypoint. I use the "Mark" button to bring up my current location and then edit the coordinates for the location I need. This has always worked flawlessly in the past for all my waypoints. I have tried your ideas of exiting back to the main screen, and rebooting the unit, neither of which have worked. I have an existing waypoint for my Home location which is dead on perfect. Just yesterday I created another one for Home, it shows perfectly on the list of waypoints but when I select it, it shows that I am over 7000km away from home, obviously it is referencing NULL Island as where I am starting from.
  10. Thanks, but this seems to be referring to the Direct Routing setting as well (unless I missread it). My GPS is already set on that. Update, tried all the setting adjustments suggested in that post "On the device the routing settings are: calculation method: minizmize distance, lock on road: no (it's also the same, if I set this to yes), off route recalculataion: off, only ferries set to avoid (it's also the same, if I select nothing to avoid)." Still no luck
  11. It already is set to Direct Routing. So that's not it.. It's really odd because when I set up the waypoint everything is perfect. When I select the waypoint from the list to navigate to it the map shows that I am over 7000 km away, and it looks like from the Null Island location noted by Atlas Cached. This is frustrating because it pretty much renders my GPS useless for waypoint navigation.
  12. Just wondering if this is something that someone has seen before? I set up a "new" waypoint in my 64st (same as I have done hundreds of times before). When I select the waypoint to navigate to it there is no distance on the Compass screen. This only applies to waypoints that I have set up in the past few months, previous ones are all still normal. I reviewed the point and all seems ok, coordinates and distances are perfect. Then I noticed that when I select the waypoint from the list, the next screen is the map screen where you then select "GO" to start navigating to the waypoint. I then noticed at the top of the screen shows that I am over 7000km away from the waypoint on the map screen. Oddly when I go in to edit the point or select it from the list of waypoints the distance is perfect. Obviously there must be a setting somewhere that has gotten my newer waypoints messed up but I just can't seem to find where I have went wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Very odd way of becoming a reviewer. How do they know if you are interested if you don't ask?
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