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  1. Just my personal little opinion here but - I enjoy cemetery caches. One of the things I like most is looking at the graves and paying respects in my own way. I'll wipe stray leaves or grass blades off of a headstone, straighten a fallen flag, and just acknowledge these peoples' lives. Especially in old cemeteries, where it's unlikely that these people have any living relatives that visit. I may not be much, but I'm there - and I'm thinking of them. I would never do a cache in a cemetery that I felt was disrespectful in any way. I've also never, in the many cemetery caches I've done, seen a disrespectful one. Cemeteries aren't created for the purposes of placing people there... and then NEVER SEEING OR THINKING OF THEM AGAIN! GOSH! HIDE THEM FROM THE CHILDREN! haha There's nothing wrong with being in a cemetery, even if you're there to find a box containing a piece of paper. When I end up in one, you're all more than welcome to come visit me.
  2. As the guidelines are written, and apparently confirmed by the many responses like those above, PMO's are intended to keep the casual user who is not a PM from VIEWING the cache details. Some believe this protects the cache from being muggled. Some believe it has no real impact on that. In either case, it is not designed to keep non-PM's from logging the cache which is why the backdoor exists. When caching as a group or with friends, it is not always clear it is a PM until you go to log it. As it is, it appears to be a minority, however vocal, of the PMOC owners who have an issue with a non-PM logging the cache. Caches are meant to be found. If someone wants to give back to caching, hide quality caches. If you want to support gc.com, become a premium member. Neither is required, both are desired. So they want them to be able to log the cache... but not see it? Seems strange to me. If everyone can log it AND there's an approved back door... why not just let everyone see it? I don't get it. But there's probably some aspect of it that I'm just missing. In any case - thanks for the info!
  3. So what's the point of setting up a member only cache in the first place? I'm confused.
  4. I have several reasons for wanting to change my username. I'm not sure how to do it or if it's even possible. I have a paid account, but wouldn't be able to afford another just to get the name change. Is there anything I can do? Thanks for any help!
  5. Oh! Wouldn't have thought of that. haha Thanks a bunch!
  6. I always cache with my cache-partner Your Humble Narrator. So, obviously, if there's a travel item in the cache, we both find it. Is it okay if we both claim the find? We both like the coin icons, and would enjoy collecting them on our profiles. Same goes for claiming TBs. We're also always together when the items are dropped. Would it even work? And, if so, is it okay? Thanks for any help!
  7. Grey pirate t-shirt, camo cargo pants, a Smokey the Bear bandana I found in a cache and black flip flops. Yep. Flip flops! I have no regard for mah toes! That's my usual caching apparel. I usually only get to cache on Saturdays, unfortunately.
  8. Aww. That's a wonderful story! It's great that you decided to keep the ittybittykitty. And the way it all happened...seems like fate! On behalf of all cat-lovers: Thanks!
  9. You...you'd kill a spider? Monster! I love spiders to death. Spiders are our friends! Charlotte!!! Stop being such a sissy and put them outside! Okay, I'm kidding. But really - *sniffle* I adore spiders.
  10. I recently recalled finding, on a hike to an old Civil War Cemetery, in the middle of a bunch of brush, a tipped over box. Tupperware, if I remember correctly. The contents were a bunch of toys, patches and sticker strewn all over the ground. I had never heard of geo caching. This was in or around 2002. It was fall, close to Halloween, and the woods always seem creepy at this time to me anyway - and something about a bunch of toys scattered around in the absolute middle of no place really made my skin jump for some reason. It was just so unexpected and out of place! I remember snapping a shot, and commenting on it to my friend from time to time. "Remember the creepy toy scene we found in the woods that one time?" Looking back on it now - I'm almost positive it was a plundered cache! Seems very surreal to me. Ever had this kind of experience before? Something you had no idea was a cache until much, much later?
  11. I also found a hotel room key. Room #3 at a local Dollar Inn, I believe. Traded for it because, well...how weird is that!? xD Also found a bag of neon yellow slime. I'm guessing it may have once been a squishy toy that melted. (God, I HOPE that's what it was! ) Trashed it out. Could've turned in to a really slimey, fluorescent mess!
  12. Ouch. I've had a few nettle encounters, but all pain ceased after about 5-10 minutes without any kind of treatment. Are there different kinds of nettles, I wonder? Some more toxic than others, maybe?
  13. I always leave a small sealed baggy containing my signature wooden coin, a tiny rubbery worm (about the size of a dime) and a geocaching button. I admit - I had a hard time parting with many of the buttons! I loved them all! The one that I did keep has Edvard Munch's "The Scream" on it. The text says "The DNF". Well, I thought it was funny! xD I also bring some nicer things - nice jewelry, collectible things like beanie babies (sealed) and other more moderately priced things in case there's something especially nice in a cache I'd like to trade for. I LOVE finding sig items of any kind, interesting coins, patches and any sort of jewelry. The sillier the better. Even Mardi Gras beads are great in my book! Finding garbage-water broken McDonalds toys makes me a sad wurm.
  14. I'm not premium yet, but will be after rent's paid! (Kinda excited about it, really.) Too bad you have those bags and bags of available cash, yet refuse to pay to help support an activity that you enjoy. I don't really get it. But I'm not rich - what do I know? Kinda nice, though, that the person who paid for your membership ticked you off so badly. Mission accomplished, eh?
  15. Oddly enough, my brother-in-law insists it's a "girly" activity. Yeah. Figure that one out.
  16. Wait isnt that the cache in the upper right? No. Just a piece of junk. The actual cache was about 50-60 ft from this spot in some trees.
  17. Nice poem. Now that is something I can understand. That's not a "nice poem". Those are the opening lyrics to Led Zepplin's song Kashmir. I believe just a few post previous you even claimed to be familiar with that song. Someone once told me that "Kashmir" is evidence that Led Zep is satanic. The reasoning went: Kashmir sounds like "cashmere", which comes from goats, and of course goats = devil. I'm not making this up. So, is it wrong to leave copies of "Houses of the Holy" in a cache knowing that some people might see it as pushing a religious view (never mind the naked bums all over the cover)? Oh they got the satanic rep for a lot of reasons. I haven't heard that one before, Just because something sounds like something that comes from something that sometimes look like the devil, that isn't enough of a reason to equate it with the devil to me. I guess some people have to really stretch in order to prove a point that they otherwise couldn't prove. I wonder if these folks would mind if I left a copy of AC/DC's album Hell's Bells in a cache? They have a bad rep too. Hey now, that's something I'd like to find!
  18. The only person I know who doesn't seem to get it is my brother-in-law. But let me explain the irony. He won't participate because this game is, and I quote, a "girly" activity. Yes. Because hiking, bushwhacking, survival knowledge and being outdoors is inherently "girly"? This from a guy who takes more time primping and grooming in the bathroom than my sister and I combined. Let's get real, bud. You don't want to get dirty. It's okay to admit it!
  19. Oh, I really like this idea! How fun.
  20. "I'm accumulating statistics on the "insert made up, boring sounding insect" for an entomology research paper." Completely uninteresting to people, and sounds too official to be a lie.
  21. Well, recently I tackled a very difficult shelter hide. My first difficult hide attempt. Many people with 4 digit finds had a very rough time locating this little bugger - so I was determined! Seemed to me that it might require a ladder. So on the second trip out I brought one with me. I was up and down that thing a million times. Looking in every possible location. I was pleasantly surprised to find a itty-bitty bat taking a nap in one of the rafters. I avoided his chosen camping spot. Didn't want to disturb the little fella. Came up empty handed. Went back an additional three or four times without the ladder. Racked up about 11 hours total searching. The last time I went back, was able to bring a ladder, and found it! Yay! Why hadn't I seen it before? Holy... the BAT! It was -directly- above where he'd been sleeping! I could even see the cache in one of the photos I'd taken of the little guy! If he'd picked a different spot, I could have found it on my second try and looked like a caching wonder! I would never dream of disturbing wildlife - but after this and one other attempt involving, what I can only assume, was a man eating spider, I'm convinced that critters guard caches. Beware!
  22. Well, I do a lot of insect photography. I adore bugs. Always have. Finding an interesting bug out in the woods, or in my backyard invokes the same emotions that finding the worlds most adorable puppy would. "Aww. Look at him! Aint he cuuute?!" I wanted an insect related name, but one that would put people in mind of something small and cute, rather than something creepy or scary. Wurmie seemed to fit just right! I've been using it for years elsewhere. Can't imagine ever going by another nickname.
  23. Like 'not for consumpation'. Not for children under 3. Don't stretch the baggie over your face so you can't breath. Stay out of California where these seeds cause cancer, but are ok everwhere else. Don't throw bags of these seeds at weddings else the birds will choke on them. Don't use them in slingshots or pea shooters... After planting don't eat the catapilars or drink the milk. Man this can get complicated. Had a good laugh at these. Especially the bit about not suffocating yourself. Good advice! xD Perhaps also WARNING: Will attract butterflies. Lepidopterophobics use caution.
  24. You nailed it. It's a themed cache. I for one would love those seeds as I find milkweed all over but never the butterflies or catapilars so maybe they are picky about what kind of milkweed. The moment you asked them to vote for the Monarch Party, or Donate to the International Monarch Fund then it would cross the line into agenda. Educational caches are entirly ok. Having said that I've also read silly over intrepretations of the "no agenda" rule in these forums so YMMV. Still it's a great cache idea and I'd love to find it. Well, good! I'll start the planning then. I plan on making this my first hide. I already have a lot of the swag I'll be using. Now to buy the seeds and find the perfect spot.
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