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  1. Seen mention of a fake pile of dog doo. Coolest I've found was a hollowed out bolt. F_M
  2. It's strange, I have a harder time on traditional caches than I do on micros. I think that on a traditional, I look for places that the container can be hidden. I know that a micro can be anywhere, so it makes me search better. As for urban micros, there's only so many ways to hide a film canister or magnetic key safe near a guard rail. Although, some of the guys around Baltimore are getting pretty tricky. F_M
  3. Metaphor, Just e-mailed a friend that's leaving for England next week. I asked him to look in on The Old Line State TB. You want it back in the States? F_M
  4. Do you know their username? If so, go to the search page and at the bottom is a box to search for caches found by that person. Then just click on their name. F_M
  5. It could just be his personallity. I've taken many customer service courses and he would be what's refered to as a 4%er (4 percenter) Of all people that will ever call a help desk of any sort, 4% exsist for the sole purpose of making everybody around them miserable. F_M
  6. Since you brought it up, anyone ever use a sextant?
  7. 15??? I was thinking a bit younger. I'd like to know what he feels he's accomplising. Anyone who's ever worked out an issue with an authority figure knows that you don't start the conversation out with something like, "We are going to have to agree to disagree... and that you are a liar." Nothing could possibly be worked out like that. It's pretty obvious that he's just interested in causing trouble. What ever happened to all of us ignoring him? F_M
  8. Where are all these old topics coming from? Someone dreaming about the good old days? Or is there a problem with the forums? F_M
  9. There are many reasons to watch a cache. I have several on my watch list. I have 2 TB Hotels, pretty obvious why I'm watching them. I've got 1 that was placed in July and nobody has even attempted it, I want to see if anyone ever does. I have 2 that are pretty difficult and there's a group organizing to go after these this weekend, I want to see if they succeed. The last one is a fairly new multi that I started watching when it first was posted to see if anyone found it, it's also one that several pretty experienced people have looked for and got confused on it, just want to see what people have to say about it. I've also watched caches that I've found particularly interesting or difficult. So there's 5 different reasons for me to watch some caches. As far as I know there's no way to tell who is watching them. You could try posting a note to the cache page asking them to contact you. Then just ask why they are watching it. F_M Got half way down the thread without even reading the date. Guess I'll have to make a point of reading them, huh?
  10. That's a big assumption. My library did away with the cards a couple years ago. Don't think they even have them as a back-up. F_M
  11. Not as far as I'm concerned. He's infringing on my rights to enjoy the forums. Also by stealing caches, he's robbed my of my right to find them. I say he's forfeitted all rights at this site. Anything that he's provided to TPTB should be up for grabs to anyone that wants it. F_M
  12. Being a newbie, I can say that I would have probably not joined in on the fun of geocaching. Now I consider myself addicted and after only a month. I'd hate to see the newbies punished for one person's actions. It could eventually come to that, but I hope not. Don't know if this is possible, but could you limit a newbie and allow him to post only to 1 forum? As for this guy, why not post here his e-mail address (espescially if it's a work address), IP and any other personal information that's around. That would surely be an incentive to knock off the immature actions. F_M
  13. Welcome to the addiction/sport. Like you, I love the hunt. Find some before you make your hide. I know that some places I'd have considered good hiding places, no longer look that way. F_M
  14. How about non-waterproof boxes? I guess I could do the plastic bag thing. I recall seeing plastic cigarette boxes many years ago. They weren't waterproof, but the halves fit very snug and at least made it somewhat water resistant. F_M
  15. All I can say is good idea. Wish I thought of it. No just have to hope it doesn't get muggled. F_M
  16. Nope, that's a bit too big. Needs to be at most the size of a pack of playing cards. F_M
  17. I agree that some will love it and others will hate it. I doubt that I would do it, but just because I'm not overly interested in the puzzle caches. I think it's a pretty cool concept, though. Here's a pretty tough looking puzzle cache near me. It's been done by a couple people, but not many. After I'm further along in my caching career, I'll probably step up to the challenge of this. F_M
  18. I need a couple fairly small waterproof plastic boxes. Needs to be about the size of a deck of cards, or maybe even one of those 2 disk floppy cases. Anyone know a good source of these or any other miscelaneous plastic boxes? F_M
  19. Don't have a thread, but here's a link to the Logo Usage and Trademarks page. F_M
  20. What's the zip of Myrtle Beach? I'm going there for the first time this summer. F_M
  21. My first was Carrot Top on December 13, 2003. Started with a real easy one. F_M
  22. I rarely take anything unless Fritz Jr. is with me. If there's room, I always leave my sig Fritz Coin and usually a frog of some sort. I'll take a sig item if I recognize it as such, but since I'm pretty new, I usually don't recognize them. To date the only thing I've kept is a Spitwinkle key chain. I did get a geocaching key chain yesterday, but that will probably make it's way into the next cache I hit. F_M
  23. Thanks for the input. I'll start gathering some additional stuff. F_M
  24. How about something like Map Seal? Anyone ever use this for logs? Supposedly it remains flexible and you are able to write on it with pen or pencil, no special markers required. F_M
  25. Know what would be a great sig item for a jailer? A mini ball and chain. I bet you could make these pretty cheap and look good.
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