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  1. Do you have to contact them in advance to have a lay over in their lot? I know they don't have hook ups, but anyway to hook up to water? F_M
  2. I placed a cache that I'm starting to think is kinda lame. I mentioned to a friend that I was thinking about archiving it. He told me that it would take away the finder's finds if I archived it too soon. How soon is too soon? He thought that 90 days was the limit. Is that the right time frame? I don't want to void out someone's find. F_M
  3. I've got the size smaller than this one, the CloudWalker. I wish I'd have gotten the larger TrailBlazer. Don't get me wrong, I really like the pack, just wish it was a little bigger. I saw mrkablooey's and it's just the right size. Oh well, I'll wait until the youngest is walking and pass this pack on to the wife. Will give me an excuse to get a new pack. F_M
  4. How about posting a picture of one of your coins. Never thought of this. F_M
  5. Another question is how many weeks is several? I picked up a TB 3 weeks ago and just put it back into the wild. I've seen a couple disappear, only to turn up a couple weeks later. I spoke with someone I knew picked up a TB and he didn't know it was supposed to be logged upon taking it. So, hopefully they will show up. F_M
  6. I agree. This is a great tool. Another that I have is the Bucktool. I like the comfortable grip. Gerber is also comfortable, and once it loosens up, you can open the pliers with 1 hand. Not essential, but convenient on occasion. F_M
  7. Good idea bringing them in just how you want them there. Sounds like it's probably the best way to make sure that people see just what you intended them to see. Even with my couple micros, I enjoy reading what people have to say. Can't imagine how someone has 800 hides, lots of work. Also can't imagine having 4460 finds, but that's what the CCCooperAgency has. Some people are just amazing. F_M
  8. If you do this, add a note explaining why it's unavailable and tell people that it will be available after the flooding season. Got one local that's been unavailable for 6 months with no explaination. Kinda annoying. F_M
  9. Welcome. I'm from the Magellan side of the house, but from what I've read on them there's really not that big of a differance. Go hold some and one will feel right. For me, the Garmins didn't feel comfortable to me and I didn't like the little stick thing. Magellan felt right and I like that it keeps the name of the cache also. I was in the Navy also. Aviation Electronics on the USS Forrestal. The Mighty FID! Get started and when you get to your first ship, take it with you and pick up some caches overseas. F_M
  10. Once again Gallahad shows that Chivalry is not lost. And speaking as a husband, you would not be the first to do this. I carry EVERYTHING, including the baby, when the whole family goes. Bought a Cloudwalker and it's nowhere near big enough. F_M
  11. Congrats. So far, I've only hidden some urban micros. I've see a lot of cache pages that explain in great detail why that particular place was chosen and a history of the place. Might relate a story to it. Do what you want with it. I feel that if the place holds a special place in your heart, you should share it with the cachers that find your hide. Just adds to the game. Gives an insight into the hider. Before someone else asks, here's the link to The Brickyard I'm impressed, started out hiding a multi. F_M Edit: Might want to close out those other 2 topics. That submit button sometimes gets away from you, huh?
  12. Did I miss something? I thought he was jsut talking about the link on the cache page that says see map. Didn't think he was talking about a different program. Thanks for that info, though. Might just have to get some software. F_M
  13. If there's more than 1 cache within the confines of the map, it will display each of them. For example, this is Mt. Gretna. I plan on getting here some time, hopefully. F_M
  14. Ewww. Freaky. Not sure I'd hang around there. I've never found anything all that unusual. F_M
  15. Will that hamper my caching at all? Will the reception be affected? F_M
  16. If you find that's the case, I like my SporTrak Map. Magellan also had a $30 rebate going, but don't know if that's still on. Mine ended up being $128, $140 with shipping. F_M
  17. I might be off on the numbers. It could have also been a pack of batteries that my son put in the drawer. Who knows. I'll have to keep an eye on this. I did have it in the car a lot lately. Does taking the temperature from 70° to 30° and back to 70° kill batteries? F_M
  18. On my SporTrak Map, I tend to end up 10 to 15 feet away from the cache. I tend to not trust the receiver as much as I should. I start looking when I'm about 50 feet out. Is WAAS the reason that my unit is going thru the batteries so fast? I put a new set in 2 days ago and have used the unit for about 3 hours and the battery indicator shows about half power. F_M
  19. When I was shopping around for my GPSr, I looked at some other brand receivers. I don't remember if I looked at the Cobra, but know that a couple are not waterproof. Is the Cobra? I would think that it would perform about the same as all the others in that price range. F_M
  20. I prefer the hint to be somewhere in the middle. I don't want to know exactly where the cache is, but I also don't want a hint like you got. There seems to be an art to writing hints. It's very hard to give enough information to help without giving so much that the fun is removed. Just my 2¢ F_M
  21. Looking thru the logs, the cache was found 2 times after it was disabled. Some work has been done on it by a cacher just earlier this week, not the owner. Would it be considered bad form to go out, find it, and log it as a find? How about if I went back the next day with a replacement container and log book. I know others have done this, but the ones that I know of have always known the owner, or contacted them beforehand. F_M
  22. Thanks for pointing out the "Should be archived" option. I just e-mailed him yesterday, so it's not time to treat this as abandoned. Don't need to place my cache in this park that badly. F_M
  23. Big difference! Temp disabled and archived are not the same thing. Disabled means there is a problem with the cache, and the owner intends to repair or replace it. A disabled cache could potentially interfere with your new cache. That's why I e-mailed the owner. The first post was based on what I remembered from the cache page. I went back and found temporary disabled. Should have looked prior to posting, but didn't. My bad. Is there a time limit on how long a cache can be temporary disabled? This one's been disabled since August. My thinking is that this is no longer temporary. F_M
  24. The cache is listed as temporarily unavailable. It's been that way for a while, so I've e-mailed the owner. Asked him if he was going to replace it. Haven't heard from him yet. F_M
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