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  1. I'm playing around with ideas for some caches and wondered how high off the ground is too high. For instance, if I'm 6'6" and put it an arm's length up, that's going to put it out of reach of someone that's 4'5". So when I place something up high, should I make sure that it's not too high, or place it and put up a hint or something pointing people that direction? My main caching partner is about 5'3" and I wouldn't want to cut her out of finding the cache. F_M
  2. As long as I spent a fair amount of time on the cache without finding it, I log a DNF. Only had 2 that I didn't log as a DNF. One was the park was closed. I posted a note on this one. The other I went after on an extremely cold day. Was crossing the creek, and my dog fell in the water. Didn't want her freezing to death, so called it quits. Never even started looking for the cache. Didn't log anything on this one. F_M
  3. I agree with this entirely. We have this carrier and love it. I haven't carried the baby in it caching since she's not able to sit up on her own, but her brother was in it while we were walking the boardwalk and beaches when he was an infant. You won't know until you try some on. This is great for me, but a friend tried it with their daughter and it didn't fit comfortably. F_M
  4. Great, thanks for the replies. Since my question has been answered, I'm closing the thread. F_M
  5. As it says above, I'm ready to send off my first TB. To send it on it's way I need to click to activate the TB, correct? Will this then send me to a page to define the goals of the TB? Thanks in advance. F_M
  6. After all, we all know the volunteer reviewers have nothing else to do. F_M
  7. Looked today for these. The nearby Target is sold out. So is the Toys-R-Us. Toys-R-Us at least has the oven, but I just want the sheets. F_M
  8. I've had 4 in one day. All were by the same hider, and were basically right down the street from each other. 2 were urban micros 1 was an offset cache 1 was a micro in a small patch of pine trees. F_M
  9. If you launch more of these, you should mail them all over the country to be launched different places. I'd love to get in on this. Let me know if I can help. F_M
  10. Do you have only 1 copy of the CD? I'm guessing that the band is undescovered, right? You probably know the members personally? If this is the case, I'd ask if you can make some copies of the CD. Then if it's damaged, you could have a message in the case saying to contact you for a replacement. As for attaching it, jewell cases are too fragile. I have a CD case that's a softer plastic. It's slightly larger than the CD and round. You could attach the TB to the case. I've seen some CD cases that are made of neoprene. If you could track down a case that holds 1 CD, that would protect the CD enough to use as a TB. I just think that it's probably very unlikely that the CD will survive more than 3 or 4 caches. Give it a shot, though. F_M
  11. You can change it to a note. Just go to your cache page and click where it says "view/edit this log on a separate page" It will allow you to change the find to a note. F_M
  12. Let's not forget that anything that's disagreed upon must immediately be refered to as lame. F_M
  13. Local person that took about 3 weeks to respond. Told me that he'd check it out that weekend. That was 4 weeks ago. This is on a cache that he put as temporarily unavailable in August. F_M
  14. So, you never decrypt before going? And I agree, putting "You don't need a hint" as the hint is pretty annoying. I wish that if the hider was going to leave a worthless hint, they would just leave no hint. F_M
  15. This came up in another topic. Someone said that many use the hints from the get go but won't admit it. I'm curious how many do this. If I see a page where there's a long hint, I'll print out 2 copies of the page and staple them together with the decoded hint in the back. I don't want to get out there and try to decode the hint with muggles all over or it raining on me. I'll look for the cache for about 20 minutes before I think about decoding the hint. Usually if I haven't found it by that time, I'm not going to find it without the hint. About 70% of the time I've done this, the cache is literally at my feet. I'll also start decoding the hint if I'm caching with someone that seems to be getting anxious to get moving on or get home. So, how do you use the hints? F_M
  16. Thought he wanted to keep the price a bit down. Not with the VW. F_M
  17. How about the Honda CRV? A friend has one and she loves it. Might be another one to look at. F_M
  18. Great. Thanks for the quick response. Now how do I close this thread???? F_M
  19. I'd like to make up a FTF prize for some of my future caches. However, I'd like to put the cache name and GC # on it. If I put in my cache submission form and unchecked the "Yes this cache is currently active" box, would I receive the GC# when it's approved? Would this show as a temporary unavailable cache? Would it show up at all on any listings? Thanks F_M
  20. I'm still fairly new, 2 months now, and I'd recommend that you see if there's a caching organization in your area. Contact them and hook up with an experienced cacher. Have them show you the ropes. That's what I did and it really helps you get into it. By getting someone to help you out, you get rid of that frustration on those caches that are a little beyond your current abilities. I contacted the MDGPS folks and went with one of them. Had a blast and mrkablooey pointed out techniques, and offered suggestions to finding the cache without actually finding it for me. I learned tons. Just my 2¢ F_M
  21. Folks, Thought I'd let you know that I was able to log this cache. I contacted dak's Emu Mob and he got this for me. I'd like to thank him here. Also, thanks to Biggles Bear for the offer. Even though I didn't take you up on the offer, I really appreciate it. F_M
  22. What kind of perv... uh, nevermind Very funny Saxman. And to think, I used to like you. F_M
  23. Best idea yet!!! Make them reallize what they are potentially missing out on. Only thing that could top this is to organize a fundraiser to build a new pavillion or other building for that park that does allow caching. F_M
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