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  1. Here's the link to what Jeremy feels about these rules. I agree with him. However, I do understand the hotel owner's view. Who wants to visit a TB hotel if there aren't any TBs in it? Exactly the reason it shouldn't be just a hotel. Make it a cache as well. F_M
  2. It still stands at 7 DNFs and nobody has found it yet. There's probably a couple people looking for it right now, even though it's raining. I'll try for it tomorrow. I wasn't going to look for a while, but my wife wants to find it. I think she just wants the $20 bill FTF prize. I'm actually looking for the most DNFs before the first find. A previous Little Nasty cache, one cacher puting approximately 40 hours looking for it. And since that's a husband/wife team, that's 80 (wo)man hours. These Little Nasty caches are something else. I found the first 3, but only with additional hints. Nothing to blatantly give it away, but things like reminders of previous caches or you might want to take another reading on this one. Extremely tough. F_M
  3. I'm in the 20 minutes to a half hour crowd. At that point I'll hand the printout over to my caching partner. She's usually ready to decode before I am, that's why I hold onto the printout. That is unless it's like this. If there's a long hint, I'll decode before I print. Once I go paperless, then I'll decode when I reach the half hour mark. F_M
  4. If we stick to the Twinkies, future generations will be able to eat when out of work. Those things will out last the cockroaches. F_M
  5. Personally, I would contact the cache owner. If the cache in question is obviously something that WILL cause a lot of problems down the line, I might contact the local approver, but probably not. I feel that it's the hider's responsibility to make sure that it's not in an area that's likely to cause problems. My thinking is that the ranger, land manager, etc, will eventually hear about geocaching and might just be interested enough to see if there are any caches in their park. If it's a problem area, that land manager could push it up the line to get geocaching completely banned from that park. F_M
  6. So far I've introduced 4 people to geocaching. One is the person that I cache with the most now. We work together, so can grab a quick lunch time cache. We attend the same classes for work, and grab a cache going to, coming from and occasionally at lunch. Two others we took caching and they immediately went out and bought a Magellan Meridian Platnum and a Meridian Color. Neither has been out since. One will probably use his because he does a lot of hiking. The other will put the GPS in the closet and forget about it. The fourth I've never taken caching, but he heard me and Spunki_Red talking about it and asked what the heck we were talking about. This was right before he took a trip to Europe. He borrowed his father's GPSr and found a couple TB hotels. Took 3 TBs on their mission to Europe and brought 2 back safely. The other couldn't complete the mission, so he put it in a cache over there. He will stick with it. He probably won't be a huge numbers person, but will hit a couple here and there. Not bad for 3 months, huh? F_M
  7. Anyone know what the record would be for DNF for a cache that's known to be there? We have a series of caches in the area that are deffinately 5 star difficulty. The Little Nasty series. Little Nasty 4 was just approved March 4 and now has 7 DNF logs without the first find. There's probably 20 hours of searching involved in those 7 DNFs. Anyone know of any other real difficult caches that have a lot of DNFs before being found for the first time? F_M
  8. That added bonus of the free micro cache caught my eye. That's the same magnetic key holder that I use. Get them at the dollar store. Two for a buck. The picture with the knife is still there. F_M
  9. Now this is a good idea. Little to no chance that it's going to be plundered. And in the instance of an assassin, at least there's a possibility of being spotted, so I would guess that it would be safe from them. F_M
  10. An hour away isn't terrible. Is that an area that you get to frequently? I wouldn't think that it would be too difficult to do maintenance on it. How close is it to that other cache? I've found some that were under the .1 mile rule. Of course if it's 150 feet, that's probably out of the question. Unless there's a gorge or something in the way. F_M
  11. I'm still fairly new. I don't really mind TB hotels. Of course, I don't have any TBs out there traveling yet. I do keep an eye on the hotels in my area and if I see a bug sit there for a long time, I'd grab it. I haven't needed to do this yet. If I came across a hotel that had limits as to how many were to be in it, I wouldn't stick to those rules if there was a trapped TB. I also really like getting TBs moving. To me, that's a big part of the fun. Seeing this character move a little further along to it's goal. Being like this, I rarely pass up a TB. I'm probably wrong in doing this sometimes. I usually have no idea what the TBs goal is before I grab it. I do try to get it moving in the right direction, but it doesn't always work out that way. F_M
  12. My dog has only been caching with me 2 times. Both times it was very cold, about 20 degrees. Both times she found the creek. Had to cut both of those trips short. I'm not a very good dog trainer, but I would think that tupperware would have a very distinctive smell to a dog. Might be able to work on the "they put food in those things" Just make sure you keep leftovers in nothing but tupperware. Start feeding the dog out of it, store her treats in them. Make tupperware a HUGE part of her life. F_M
  13. I wouldn't do the submit until you get a good GC#. Just trying to get some discussion going. I'll go ahead and submit 4 cache pages at a time. I'll make sure that it's not checked and get the caches placed. Recheck coordinates and put it in for approval. F_M
  14. I know that many in this area, if not most submit 1 or 2 at a time, I'm just wondering if 4 is too many. Don't want to "abuse" the site. Thinking along these same lines, I could be just looking for a cool cache number. You submit enough of these, you would eventually get something like GCTBUG Wouldn't that be a good identifier for a TB hotel? F_M
  15. Here's a thread about the brochure that CYBret made up for this type of thing. F_M Look at that, my first Markwell.
  16. I'm going to hide 4 traditional caches in the near future. I know that if I take the √ out of the box that says "Yes, this cache is currently active" the reviewers don't see the cache. Can I change everything on the submitted cache? Could I submit all 4 without really having the coordinates? Is it considered bad form, or am I breaking any rules by submitting 4 caches without good coordinates? What I'm thinking is that I want to make up a FTF prize for each of these. I can make 1 at a time, but it's more ecconomical to make 4 at a time. Thanks F_M P.S. I tried to do a search on this, but I'm not really sure what I'd search on.
  17. I really like the idea of doing something a bit different. I'm still not sure about the CD. I'd give it a shot if I'm in the area. I agree that it will limit your finders a bit, but as with micros, if you don't like it, don't look for it. Good luck with this and post a link to the cache when it is approved. F_M
  18. My max is 9. Done that 2 times. I've seen several in this area that are in the mid 20's for a day. F_M
  19. Seems like some of the "complaints" are that the CD could get broken. Y ou could make the TB a key to another cache. In this cache are multiple copies of the same CD. At about 10¢ a piece, you could drop a bunch in that cache. You could also have the TB carry a riddle on where the songs are. Have the songs available on-line and the TB hints at the URL without actually giving it away. I also like the idea about leaving a CD as your sig item for a while. Not list the cache and on the label of the CD allude to the cache coordinates being in the songs. I think that this thing could be extremely cool and a real mystery with some planning. F_M
  20. I like the looks of the stickers. However, of the 77 traditional cache finds I have, I've NEVER seen a sticker on one. F_M
  21. I wouldn't think it would work out very well. It would be kind of hard to keep it from getting all scratched up. I haven't done much with a scratched CD-RW, but I would think that a writer would have problems with it. Only thing you can do it give it a shot. F_M
  22. Anyone notice that they made sure that they avoided saying geocaching.com? The page that they showed on the computer was obviously based on gc.com. F_M
  23. Bravo Cherokeecacher. I don't mind an answer like this in the Geocaching topics forum, but this IS the Getting Started forum. This was the type of reply that I hated seeing those 3 short months ago when I was asking these questions. F_M
  24. If you go to the search page and select you state, it will show the most recent hides. I check this each day before leaving work. That way I can print off the page and manually enter the coordinates into the GPS. The one that amazes me is when I had a cache approved and literally 10 minutes later it's logged as found. F_M
  25. Well folks, I got the answers I wanted. So, if I place a cache fairly high, I'll make sure that the difficulty fits. I'll also allude to the height in the description or hint. I'm not going to come right out and say that it's about 7 feet off the ground. Seems that everyone agrees on this. Is this some kind of record? Since I got my answer, I'm closing this. F_M
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