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  1. I'll give traveling a shot. Traveler comes up with 4 pages, but many of these are TB hotels and that type of thing. Thanks. F_M
  2. I understand that movable caches are no longer allowed, but I know there are still some out there. Is there a way I can search for these caches? I've done a keywork search on mavable, moving, traveller and traveler. Any other key words I should look for? F_M
  3. Congrats and condolences. But this could be your golden opportunity. Yes it will cut into your geocaching time, but think of what a god send this it. You can make use of their supplies to make up signature items. You could become Mr. Swingline. A stapler in every cache. Or better yet, make up caches to hide using their stuff. You can probably get away with this for 90 days or so. You will be collecting a pay check to make caches to hide, to create your sig item, and don't forget those LONG lunch breaks. Steal stuff from work. It's the duty of the oppressed worker. Just think, by the time they catch up with you, you could have hundreds of caches all ready to be hidden, and an awesome sig item that they paid you to make. Then when you are once again out of work, you have all those sig items and caches to hide. It's a gold mine. F_M
  4. Maybe not, but they are pretty cheap. Can put out a fifty or a hundred. Then after the cache date, use them as a sig item. Just thinking of some good ways to use a bunch of pencils. F_M edit: Forgot to add that I recal seeing some sort of printing press to emboss things like pencils. Kind of along the lines of those golf ball monograming presses.
  5. Why get smaller quantities. At that price you can afford to put them anywhere. How about this, get them printed with coordinates and a web page. People go to the page and find the date you will hide the cache at those coordinates. Just prior to that date, make your drop of the next clue in your multi. No listing on the site or anything. Keeps the cache around the locals. Just an idea of what to do with these. F_M
  6. I say bad idea. That's not what the owner had in mind. There are some TBs that have a mission something like that. We have one in this area that says it's to pick up pieces from the cache it's currently in. If you want to add something to a TB, don't do it untill you verify with the owner that it's ok. F_M
  7. As others have stated, the forums are the best way to pick up the rules. You have it, do unto others. You are putting a item out in the world. It will spend it's time by itself in caches. There's no way to enforce any rules, so the only things you can really do are follow Snoogan's Longevity clinic and do what you would like others to do. Maybe there's something to that whole karma thing. F_M
  8. Welcome to the obsession. It's awesome isn't it? As others have said, you are basically right. But you don't need to place it in the next cache. If it's got specific goals, try to get it into a cache where it's closer to it's goal. Avoid keeping it a long time. If you do plan on keeping it over about a week, drop the owner an e-mail letting him know that it's alright and the bug hasn't gone missing. If for some reason you accidentally keep a TB for a long time, like you find it laying in your trunk 3 months after it was picked up, let the owner know about this and get it back into circulation. I'm convinced that many bugs are lost when an experienced cacher picks it up and loses it somehow. Then when they finally find it, they are too embarassed to log it. I figure it can't be just 1 time cachers taking them, and newbies tend to be very into the "rules" of the game. F_M
  9. I used this one. I love the Texas Geocaching page. Great tools, documents and information. I use it often. F_M
  10. If you aren't able to track them down, activate it yourself. Do you remember anything about the TB listed in the log? Did they list the goals? You could send the guy on his way to the goals that the owner whated in place. F_M
  11. Well, I always put in my Fritz coin, a frog pencil topper and a sticky frog. These are my signature item. I grab stuff while in the store check out line. I'm worse than any kid. Favorite place is Home Depot. The other items I'm currently carrying are: Energizer squeeze lights Mini caribiner key chains Caribiner flashlights Caribiner flashlight Mini spring clips That's about it right now. F_M
  12. I agree that it should probably be a 1.5. A 1 star seems to indicate that it would probably be paved paths. I ran it thru Clayjar's rating calculator The only thing I changed was the trail type. It returned a 2, but I don't know if it does half stars. F_M
  13. Has anyone else noticed that multiple times it's come up that this is a marine products supplier and that the GPSr is not waterproof. Does that sound strange to anyone else? Why would a marine company put out an electronic unit that's not waterproof? Is this a bit strange to anyone else???? F_M
  14. I agree with Briansnat. A 1 or 2, no big deal. Anything harder, I'd ask the person to remove the link. I don't care if it says it's a spoiler or not. If the hide was meant to be difficult, let's keep it difficult. F_M
  15. Guess I should have read the whole way down before posting. I like that design. Love the simplicity of it. I'll definately keep an eye out for that sig item if I'm ever caching in your area. F_M
  16. I think I'm going to have to work that term into my daily conversations. That's and AWESOME term. F_M
  17. Ain't that the truth I recently had one like this. Searched everywhere I could. Decoded and searched everywhere that the hint pointed. Gave up, turned to leave and caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. F_M
  18. Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to attach a passport to it. On the passport, I'm also going to put the goals. If the bug does well, I will change the goal to bring it home again. Hopefully I can get this far. FYI, the bug is a VW Beetle Hot Wheels car. The goal is to have it's picture taken with other VW Bugs. Name is Punch Buggy Yellow. F_M
  19. Thanks for the offer. I made up a goal sheet using shrinky dinks. Ended up a little bigger than the TB tag, but not much. I read over Snoogan's longevity thread again. I printed off a pasport for my bug. I didn't think about people not knowing what to do with it. I'm probably not going to leave the part where people can sign off on it. I will laminate this pasport. Any other suggestions? I took pictures, but I'm having trouble focusing the digital camer for macro shots. I'll have to play around with that. As for the bag, I probably won't be doing that. The bug is a Hot Wheels car. Should stand up to the elements. F_M
  20. OK folks, I'm getting ready to release my first travel bug. I've drilled a hole in it to destroy any colletor's value. I have a tag attached with the goal on it. This was done on shrinky dinks. Anything I'm missing that can cause problems for my soon to be released bug? F_M
  21. There's really no such thing as too hard. There will always be a cacher that wants to try it. I'm not one that would do that cache, but there are MANY die hard cachers out there. Locally we have a cache that's in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. No way to it other than boat or I guess helicopter. There are underwater caches that require scuba. There are caches placed in a crack in the face of a cliff. The only way to it is either climb up, or rapel down. Make the hide and don't worry about it being too hard. Just make sure that you rate the terrain and dificulty properly. Don't want to have someone get hurt going for it because you rated it wrong. If you hide it they will search. F_M
  22. I don't have the Garmin Etrx, but it sounds like you need to change the display you are looking at. In the manual, there should be a button that says something like display or view. That may switch you to a different screen. Sorry I can't be any more help, but I've got a Magellan, so don't know Garmin's buttons. F_M
  23. I didn't know about changing information with EasyGPS. I'll have to give that a try. The name thing in the Etrex is one of the big reasons I didn't buy a Garmin. I went with the Magellan SporTrak Map and it shows you the GC# and actual name when selecting it out of the database. Wish I would have seen this thread sooner, I had run into the can't download waypoints problem. I clicked all over until I noticed that I wasn't logged in. Logged in and it worked fine. One thing to keep in mind. If your GPSr says that it can store 500 waypoints. It can, but the more that are in there, the longer a search will take. And if you are at the maximum, any notes you have in there could be overwritten. Keep the local caches in there and if you are going after a batch, put them in. I always delete the waypoint once I make the find. F_M
  24. The rain has me away from Little Nasty 4. I'll try tomorrow. In the case of LN4, the clue won't do you any good. It says, "There will be no hints for this one until the first 5 cachers have logged it successfully! After that, drop me an email for a clue. Good luck all! If you find it, please do not give out clues!" About says it all, doesn't it? F_M
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