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  1. Now this is good. Adding the cache hidden inside a stuffed cat is funny as heck. F_M
  2. I've been known to walk thru the trees with the GPSr held high above my head to improve the satelite reception. Doesn't seem to work but it does have the added affect of keeping muggles away from me when I'm searching. F_M
  3. E-mail on the web first so I can delete anything I don't want on my computer. Then on to gc.com to check for new caches in the state. Then into mdgps.org for their forum. Then to the forums here. F_M
  4. Fritz -- I think I know the cache you're talking about (LN4?). If so, I think the posts are not too bad. They do reflect some frustration, sure, but that's not unreasonable after hours of unsuccessful searching (with a very experienced team of cachers). Here are some of the questionable quotes: "Coords may be the culprit here -- recommend a verification check to preserve the sanity of those who have gone away with no joy" "Maybe someone needs to independently verify the coords." It's not unreasonable to assume the coords might be off a bit, when you have 35 DNFs logged (and no finds yet). Anyway, I know some of the posters, and they're good folks -- I don't think they meant to insult the hider. In fact, they'll be the first to sing his praises once they find the cache. That's the one. It may not be meant as an insult, but the hider has taken it as such. A read over the previous logs would show that there have been at least 11 GPSr's that point to the same place. Also, the hider is pretty experienced, 800 finds, so it's a bit less likely that he'd have the wrong coordinates. I think the logs are the least of the issues here, there have apparently been e-mails sent to him that indicate that he's the one at fault, not the searcher. It's in the presentation. It's rated as a 5 star for a reason. It's VERY hard. F_M edited to remove "emotional outburst" P.S. This cache was found today.
  5. If you do end up with a truely difficult micro, be prepared for the insults. We have a cache nearby that's a 5 micro. The hider has more than 800 finds. He's hidden several other really difficult micros. Well lately there have been some very experienced cachers looking, one has almost 1000 finds, and these have accused the hider of not having correct coordinates. The tone of some of the logs sound like they are saying that if they are unable to find the cache, it must not be there. No chance that it could be THEM. Some of the logs are bad and apparently he's gotten e-mails that are worse. The messages I've read from him sound like he's ready to quit all together. So, make the hide. Make it as difficult as you can possibly make it. Just be ready for someone to insult your GPS abilities and possibly accuse you of not really hiding it. F_M
  6. Well, I had one just last week rated as a 2 star and it eluded me for over an hour. But found a true 4.5 star in about 30 minutes. Lately I've been taking longer. I think that I'm starting to get a little too sure of myself. When this happens, I try a cache like Little Nasty 4. It's been out there for quite a while and no finds. It's definately there. There are multiple very experienced cachers that have MANY hours on this. I've only got about 2, but I'll be back over there. F_M
  7. Now this is a great idea. Wonder why nobody thought about this before. We could have this database keep track of the people that find these caches. And even better, the finders could write a little note about their experience finding the geocache. But what to call it? geo something. Hmmm. Can anyone help with a name for this??? F_M
  8. I would have to agree. Unless size is the deciding factor. Also the screen quality on the Etrex series is a big improvement over the Gecko line. A friend of mine bought the 201 strictly for the color. And no, I'm not joking.
  9. I've worked in customer service for about 15 years and I've come to reallize that most people that will insult others on the phone, in chat rooms and in e-mail are at heart cowards. I've had people tell me that they are going to kick my a?? on the phone because I'm having them do something the right way. I would immediately tell them I'm coming right out and the tone changes real quick. I do agree that there are many very thin skinned people around. This is just a game. There are hundreds of people in the forums, someone WILL disagree with your opinion. Get over it and enjoy the real game. F_M
  10. I know that some of the thru hikers on the AT will send themselves food and other supplies. You have to address it to the postmaster, I believe. Of course in today's world, you'd probably need to call the postmaster first to let him know it's coming. Hate to arrive at a post office only to find that the bomb squad blew up your supper. F_M
  11. I'll add my Wow to the pot. That's a great cache. Would love to find that in my area. F_M
  12. I tend to grab any bug that doesn't have it's goals attached to it. I'll take it home with me and look it up to see if I can help. If not, it goes with me to the next cache. If the cache hasn't been visited for months, I tend not to leave a but there. Don't want it to have to wait months more to get moving. F_M
  13. Looks like a form letter. I filled out the form to submit to Badlands National Park also. Haven't heard anything back from them. Anyone else get a response from yout messages? F_M
  14. I wrote a letter to National Geographic as well. Basically like the ones I've read here. This is the response I got from them. Don't know about anyone else, but sure seems like a blow-off to me. F_M
  15. Amen, sister. Couldn't have said it better myself. F_M
  16. I found 1 that had a full log book. I managed to squeeze my signature in it. But from that day forward, I carry some spare log books. If nothing else, it's a temporary replacement until the owner can swap it out. You can get them for about 25¢ each at Walmart, Target, etc. These aren't ones you want to put in your cache, but they work just fine as a temporary replacement. As far as someone calling you on it. Most of the caches that I've found that had un-signable log books, the owner is inactive. That's not to say that it doesn't happen to an active cacher, but for the most part, active cachers keep up with their caches pretty well. F_M
  17. First, the auto run thing. If you don't trust the creator of the CD's autorun.inf file, then just don't let it run. Hold down the <shift> key when you put in the CD and it spins up. That will keep it from auto launching. Second. There comes a time when you just have to trust your own judgement. If you don't trust the CD, then don't take it. It's as simple as that. On to Inspector Gadget's issue. I like the idea of doing a web page type thing. I also like the idea about the "secret" cache. You could put some great swag in that one. Or better yet, have the "secret" cache be an event. F_M
  18. While I'm not overly experienced, I'm also not terribly new. 3 months and just over 100 finds. Biggest piece of advise I can give it to see if you have a geocaching society in your area. Contact them and try to hook up with one of their officers. Barring that, take a look at some caches near you and contact some of the more experienced cachers that have found your local caches. You can't imagine the difference it made for me. I found 2 caches on my own before hooking up with MDGPS and going out with mrkablooey. He showed me some techniques. Also watched me and gave a welcome hint when he saw I was getting too frustrated. Never just gave me the answer, just tried to guide my thinking in the right direction. I know you have some great cachers in PA, but I don't think there is a PA organization. MD has a very active geocaching society. Hope this helps. F_M
  19. The ones that I use in my camera are 186 Meg and cost about $.50 a piece. Since what you got is a specialized product, I don't know how cheap you can find them. On-line is probably the best bet. I do think it's a cool idea. I'm not all that creative, so sorry I can't help with that part. Let me know if you do any caching in the Maryland area. I'll keep an eye out for those CDs. F_M edit: I looked at that link and I think I know where I'm buying CDs in the future.
  20. Cool. What's the cost of them? I like your idea about Inspector Gadget using a GPSr. How about just Inspector Gadget giving a good "Go, go Gadget GPS" I figure someone on here is good enough with graphics to slam something like this out pretty quickly. No way could I do it, but we have some talented people around here. How about some pics of your finds or hides. Maybe the best views you've found. That type of thing. F_M
  21. I've got a Sony digital camera that records on mini CDs, but they are 186 Meg. How big are these mini CDs that you found? 3 inch? It seems a bit low capacity if this is the same disk. I like the idea of a calling card CD. You know there are CDs available that are basically these mini CDs with 2 sides cut off. Makes them the same size as a business card. Seen some real cool uses for those. I've even had someone give me his resume on one of those. F_M
  22. Haven't found any, but here's some that I've been able to find pages for. 1977 AMC Pacer Traveler "Parker" The Traveler 50 State Traveler Klingon Bird of Prey Micro-Traveler Hoping to see some of these. An interesting twist on the game, espescially for newer players like me. F_M
  23. GPSKitty, That's the way I interpret it as well. I've always been told that it's not a find unless you sign the log book. I've seen people note that they used mud and a pointed stick to sign. F_M
  24. I started caching after the hunting season, so haven't come across any hunters while hunting. But I've run across them while hiking before. They have all been friendly and usually were just ariving at their site. If I ran into them at the end of a day when they didn't even see an animal, it could have been completely different. I've been lucky that I've only run into decent hunters while in the woods. In Maryland, there are many who never shoot a gun except for the week before hunting season. They are never in the woods, except for hunting season. I've met a couple of these types that have told me of shooting at a sound, or getting a glimpse of something and popping off a shot. I know these are in the minority, but they are enough to keep me out of the woods during hunting season in this area. Bow hunters seem to be entirely different, maybe it's that they require so much more practice to be deadly with a bow. It may be that they have to be so much closer to their target. Either way, I've never met an irresponsible bow hunter. F_M
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