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  1. First, I have to agree with you about the size and shape of the Meridian. I have a SporTrak Map and it fits perfect.


    However, if I was buying again right now and choosing between the SporTrak Pro and the Meridian, I'd go with the Meridian. I've been stung with the upgradability thing too many times. You may not use the extra memory right now, but how about next year? I want to be able to upgrade my GPS when I want to, not have to because it no longer fits my uses.


    Hope this helps some. Might just be a different view of things.



  2. Well folks, I'm glad I started a pretty good thread for once.


    As for the poison ivy, it's healing. I layed around for 2 days. (It's really nice when you are preparing for a new job and burning leave) I read these forums and used some of the suggestions.


    Whether it is good or not, I found the really hot shower feels great. I used that each morning. Also did this in the sink periodically thru the day on the wrists.


    The only real weeping I had was on my stomach. I layed on the floor for 3 hours and kept it covered with Calimine. When one coat would dry, I'll do it again. I wish I would have done this sooner. Stopped the weeping in 1 evening. Of course getting this caked on Calimine off me was kind of painful. I'm relatively hairless, but I quickly found that while you don't see them, I've got LOTS of tiny littly hairs on me. I think I pulled every one of these off my stomach. I can't believe women pull hairs our of their body for beauty's sake. I wouldn't be able to do it.


    Thanks for all the suggestions. I see that I'm going to have to do some shopping. I need to get some of these products for future outbreaks.



  3. I agree with all the advise given. The biggest thing to remember with snakes in North America is that they aren't interested in attacking you. Venom is too precious to them to waste on something that they can't eat. If a venomous snake bites you, it's because you put yourself in the situation where it sees you as a threat. It's just defending itself.


    If you get bit, try not to panic. (I know, easier said than done) Snake bites from native North American snakes are rarely deadly. You will hurt for a while. You won't enjoy yourself. You will probably be pretty sick. But you probably won't die. Try to pay attention to the snake so you can describe it, and get to the hospital.


    As for Rooboy, you have the good critters down there. A friend went TDY to a base down under. The first thing he needed to do when he arived was get a class on what could kill him. The class was basically, if it's a spider, it can kill you. If it's a snake, it can kill you.



  4. I agree entirely. Too many people are stuck on the trade even mindset. That's really the way to go, but occasionally common sense must prevail. If there's nothing in there, leave something. If there's too much, take out something. If you take something when you would normally TNLN, then leave it in the next cache you hit.


    I found a cache where the lid was held shut with a rubber band. Not because the clasp was broken, but because there were 4 golf balls. To me, used golf balls are useless. I took each of these. I tend to take any golf ball that's in a cache. They are worthless and take up a relatively large amount of space. I get back to the car and dump them in the trash.



  5. Thanks for the info doc. I'm sure my insurance will cover this. B)


    My sister would have incredible reactions to it. We would have picnics down near the water and if the wind was blowing strong, she would get it. One year she had it so bad that she just ballooned up. Her eyes even swelled shut. She hasn't had it since.


    I'll have to take a look at the info. Thanka again for it.



  6. someone should get a list of all the caches in the world and put them on the internet somewhere. that way the bomb squad can check it.

    I think that Criminal had this idea a couple days ago. This is a pretty good idea. Then when people find the cache, they could post a log entry for others to read about their experiences. We could call it geo-something. Maybe someone will run with this. It could be international. B)



  7. I pulled a tick off Fritz Jr. just yesterday. Was climbing up his back. I pulled one off me back in February. We had a warm snap and they apparently came out.


    Light colored clothes make them easier to see. There are some repellants that seem to work. I've never hear the garlic thing, but I've heard stranger things than this.



  8. I think I am going to do the pink box thing. There are often times lots of homeless people in my area so I'd like to hid it well enough so they don't stumble on it.

    I like the pink box idea. I might give that a try.


    As for the homeless people. I've seen a lot of logs where people were weirded out because of some homeless encampments. I feel that if there are homeless living in a particular patch of woods, it's probably not the best place for a cache. For one, it could limit the people that could hunt for it. A female friend has passed over several caches because the area didn't feel safe to her. Secondly, this is their home, it's not much, but it's what they have at the moment.


    Just my opinion, take for what it's worth.



  9. and for goodness sakes, if you do get into it, don't just throw your sweatshirt in the back of the car, or next time you put it on, you will be re-exposed.

    Good point. I've basically gone thru everything that went caching with me and cleaned it all.


    It's bizarre. I have it on my forearm. That seems to be where it started. There's a patch across my forehead and down the right side of my face. Put there when I lie with my forearm across my forehead. There's another patch diagonally across my stomach in a perfect outline of my arm. When lying on my side, this is where my arm lays across my body.


    It's clearing up now, but really itches.


    Did I mention that THIS SUCKS?




    P.S. Riddlers, you will be past that tadpole label in no time at all.

  10. That sucks. You could alway hook up with some American and buy some thru them. I doubt that they would be in it for the money. If you know anyone in the US, see if they will buy them for you and ship them over.



  11. I also think that traveling caches are no longer permitted.


    I would agree that it probably isn't a big deal to have an unopened can of lima beans traveling. As for rules against food in caches, they are suggestions. There is merit in each of the rules, but they are merely suggestions. After all, how could you possibly enforce the rules in a game like this?


    Just my 2¢



  12. I know I got it while caching. Not sure of the cache, but have a general idea. I always bragged about it as well. Those days are gone I guess.


    For those that suffer, I've found a pretty good alternative to calamine lotion. It's a gel and goes on better. And it's clear.


    I've also seen mention of poison ivy wipes. Anyone ever use these? Do they work pretty well? If so, I'm going to have to add some to my cache bag.



  13. Welcome.  If you don't like the tadpole label, go into the other forums and post some.  There's a thread called abject silliness.  Put anything you want in there.

    Hey, abject silliness is not the dumping ground for meaningless posts. That's the test posting thread in the getting started area. Abject Silliness is where you are free to post about silly things that don't involve Geoaching.

    I guess you are right. But you have to admit there is some junk in there.



  14. When you are trying to download the file from this website into your GPS, be sure you click only on "OPEN" instead of "SAVE" the file. When your Easy GPS screen opens with the caches listed on it, then just hit "DOWNLOAD" to the GPS.

    This is cool. I didn't know it would do this. I'll have to give it a try. It makes sense, after all, EasyGPS is the program associated with loc files. I guess it's one of those things you don't really think about. THanks.



  15. Everyone has a warning meter. You can only see yours.


    As for tadpole. This indicates you haven't posted much in the forums. Once you pass that magic number you won't show as a tadpole. And I don't remember what that number is.


    Welcome. If you don't like the tadpole label, go into the other forums and post some. There's a thread called abject silliness. Put anything you want in there.



  16. Well folks, I'm in my mid 30's and have done a lot of camping. I've woken up after sleeping under the stars to find that I slid downhill a bit into a patch of poison ivy. I've fallen into it. I've grabbed onto poison oak coverd branches to help myself up a hill. And never have I ever gotten a case.


    Guess what I have now!!!!


    My first ever case of poison. There goes my carefree hiking days. Now I have to pay attention to what the plants around me are. Never again can I mappily say that I don't catch poison ivy.


    This sucks!!!!!



  17. I've never had any strange tastes from my Camelbak packs. You could also try baking soda.


    If you use bleach, just make sure you rinse it really well. Also, dry that thing out. Any water left in will start a nice little mildew colony.



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