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  1. Just a quick note on the insurance topic..... I know that as a group... basic personal & liabilty insurance can be purchased and given to all members. The logistics might be a headache, but it might be a thing to do. Most Prov. wildlife federations, groups, org. etc work it in to there yearly membership costs and provide each member the insurance. The Sask. Wildlife Federation is set up with AIL insurance and it is actually a good deal. parker2
  2. parker2

    Parks Canada

    Excelent post bobbarley. Im sure this will trickle down to the provincial level in the future. It is nice to see a SERM employee giving there view on the subject. I have been on my home town branch of the SWF for a few years. I was going to chat with our SERM reg. parks manager (who is also on our exec.) about his view on the subject, but due to SERM business, he could not make our fall reg. meeting or our last branch meeting. lol What dept. are you in? What location? Do you know if there is anything with SERM and geocaching? Feel free to email me at "geocaching@parker2.com" parker2
  3. Well to make a long story short, I can not actually count the number of DNF's that I have had. I have found 43 to date with 10 DNF that are listed. When I first started out 2001, I did not have an accurate GPS and not too good at using it. lol Every DNF that I have had in the last yearhave been archived so I have not had a chance to go back and get them lol parker2
  4. Wow... what a great look back at geocaching. When I looked at the webcaches of the site, It brought back memories of the site as it was when I joined. lol I wished I would of picked up the first Saskatchewan cache back then with my garmin 12 (that I still use at times when I have my kids along), but I will get that one for my 50th find as kind of a milestone. It is great that it first Alberta cache has been found and reinstated, hopefully it will be around for the long run. As we all know, some caches and cachers just disapear as quick as they show up. I think next summer I might have to go on a road trip to find some of the oldest caches in Canada. parker2
  5. While caching and hiking (or almost any trip), I carry a can of bear spray. I also have a bear bell (w/ silencer for muggles) on my caching pack. Anyone venturing outdoors, away from populated places should travel with a couple of people, and carry everything and anything that "MIGHT" be needed for that just in case situation. parker2
  6. Exactly..... thats what were all here for is to help the new peeps as well as the elderly. lol
  7. parker2


    If my count is right there are over 200 members in sask. I have been compiling a list of Saskatchewan cachers and there locations. I still have to add a few more of the new members. Hopefully by the spring we will have 50% more members and caches out there. parker2
  8. Well I beleave he is an ham operator. "ve6" is the call sign for Alberta... so all you need is find the last part of his call sign and you will find him. To shorten things up a bit more, Hopefully his first name is "Dave", so it should make is call "ve6d??" So give google a search with "ve6 Dave" or "ve6d" and see what ya come up with. Good Luck parker2
  9. I'll be most likley working on the 1st, so I don't think I'll be able to catch ya near yorkton.... but ..... I've been trying to get a TB drop™ cache setup in Yorkton. Hopefully I'll get it up before the 1st. I'll post it here if I get it in place on time. parker2
  10. What route are you taking between the Saskatchewan borders while going East? parker2
  11. Good Luck...... Hopefully all will go well. I will be watching your site daily to keep up to speed with your journey. Hopefully the winds around here help instead of hinder. I will try to make it out somewhere on your journey to meet ya. parker2
  12. parker2

    Parks Canada

    I have seen both the full CBC article as well as the one posted in the "The Humber Log" (Corner Brook, NL weekly paper) Both actually never said anything bad about Geocaching, but the fact that we are working together to come up with a fair policy for all that are involved. It would be great if we could get more positive media on the policy as well as Geocaching in general. parker2
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    Hey Marvin.... By chance do you have a white minivan with a geocaching sticker in the drivers side rear window? parker2
  14. LOL I did the same stats thing last year (caches/km) just for my own personal info. I should of posted it back then. I should try and figure out the cache density for the major cities in Canada next. lol parker2
  15. In my opinion it would be nice to have 1 aprover per province or state. Even when things get busy or an aprover needs time away, one of the aprovers from the neighboring area can cover. It would also facilitate caches being aproved quicker than some have been and would also help out with the soon to be implemented policies affecting federal, provincial, municipal, etc... lands. parker2
  16. parker2


    Well I am looking at setting up a Meeting or two in the near future for all Geocachers in Saskatchewan. I was thinking of setting up a couple of event caches in a few of the major cities (Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton, PA or where ever). If anyone would like to help, please contact me at geocaching@hotmail.com parker2
  17. Yet another cache for me to grab on my next trip to Regina parker2
  18. In Saskatchewan, there is no group as of yet (or a small on at that) lol. I have started a msn group Saskatchewan Geocaching and started to point Saskatchewan Cachers to the site. There are approximately 150 active cachers in Saskatchewan with the bulk of them in the two major cities. Once I get a chance to contact a few more cachers, I will be setting up a meeting in both cities and getting the group off to a good start. Hopefully before the snow flies, we will have a web site up and running and a executive to have a quorum with. parker2
  19. Some areas might be more ecologically sensitive than others. A 160m cache placement might work in a inhabited area of a park, but other areas like breading habitat, riparian zones, nature preserves might need over a km radius to protect the land. parker2
  20. Thanks for the post Chillibusher.... I'll have to watch the outcome very carefully as i know there is going to be a future policy here in Sask. I know and have chatted with many of the CO's here in Saskatchewan on various levels, and I think that both SERM and Gc's will be able to hammer a good policy out. And for the previous post by BQ, I'm not nor have I ever said anything about your help with the Fed. policy. You, along with others from the OGA have done what you could with the shotgun interm policy that I am sure was drawn up prior to any input that was asked from them. I was just stating the issues that are going on now trying to get phyisical caching back into the Fed. parks. It would of been nice if someone would of handed the Feds. a bit more info prior to them even thinking of putting a policy in place. Hopefully the emails are still continuing to flow in to PC and the talks are continuing or it will be a lost battle. parker2
  21. Knowing this will be a good tool for the remaining provinces to follow. I have a good idea that once the Federal policy is out, all the Provincial parks are either going to follow suit or look at implimenting there own. Hopefully when that happens, the Provincial caching groups are ready, unlike the issues that are happening now with the feds. parker2
  22. with the 1watt Gmrs I can get at least 1km in town if not better. Out in the woods, aprox 2.5km and on the water I can get over 8km. parker2
  23. Excelent units.... I presently own 2 Rino 120 and in the process of purchasing a 130 in the fall parker2
  24. Just ordered 4TB and A GeoCoin on Tuesday, small mixup Tuesday night with email payment that I fixed up Wednesday night, In the mail today. Now its up to Canada Post. lol Would recomend GPS Central for interact email payments (have not delt with GPS City yet ) parker2
  25. I know wolf..... It wouldn't have to be too much. A couple of pages with info from the background, placing, hunting, aprox. # of caches & cachers (local, national, & world wide). Basically a shortened form of the hide and find guides with a bit more info to spice it up. The rest would have to up to the local cacher to add. parker2
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