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  1. I am sending emails to a couple of local cachers to see if they can help




    It looks like this is not only a case of abandonment, but littering as well!! Someone archives the cache saying that they can't maintain it, and just abandons it in the field??


    Anyone for a free premade cache in the Saint John NB Area?




    I or for that matter any premium member I know is aware of the ability to change the distance on that default " closest to home" search list. Could someone point out where that can be done? :D


    I looked but can't find how to do that

  3. if you can swing it premium is great.


    Also welcome to caching in Nova Scotia. If you have any technical question you don't get answered here we have some very knowledgable people on www.atlanticgeocaching.com that can help you.



  4. looks awesome, it is just the way geocaching is going unfortunately. Hide a nice cache in a nice area and no one comes, hide a film canister next to a dumpster in a parking lot and a 100 people a week visit it.

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